Denominationalism (Don Blackwell)

You know it used to be that there were certain things that if a building had a sign that said Church of Christ on the door there are certain things you can count on you knew that if you went inside you were going to hear them preach baptism for the remission of sins you could count on that you knew that you could count on the fact that they would teach that there is only one church and that a man cannot be saved in a denomination you could count on that you knew they would not be using instrumental music you knew that they would preach against that you knew that the Lord’s Supper would be taken every Lord’s Day every first day of the week you knew that they would teach the truth about marriage divorce and remarriage and that there’s only one reason one can put away a spouse and that is fornication we insisted on book chapter and verse preaching in fact it used to be that sometimes members of the Lord’s church were nicknamed they were called walking Bibles because they so well knew the Word of God that it just exuded from them and if and when you went into a congregation and did not find these things you were certainly surprised and and that congregation would be unusual but you know it is sad that that’s not always the case anymore and when you travel you’ve got to be very careful sometimes people will call me and they will say Don I’m going to be in such in such area can you recommend a sound congregation why are they saying that because they know there we’ll be a churches that don’t hold to the truth and you may have had an experience like this yourself where you go into an area and you look on the internet and you find a congregation and you walk inside and you sit down and you begin to see strange things in fact you feel disturbed maybe even to the point some people here had even told me to the point that they had to get up and walk out because they felt like I can’t partake of this this is not scriptural brethren it’s obvious to us that many congregations of the Lord’s Church are weakening many of them have left off preaching the basics they have moved on to to what would be more lofty sounding topics they have stopped preaching on book chapter and verse and instead there’s a lot of quoting from philosophy and psychology and literature and and books written by denominational people it’s a strange thing to me but many congregations of the Lord’s Church are using as their classroom book on Sundays and Wednesdays books written by members of denominations I did a sermon a while back in which I showed you a video clip from the Providence Road Church of Christ in Charlotte North Carolina where they were using instrumental music I showed one not long after that a video clip of a church in the Nashville area that had a female preacher I talked to you about the Hendersonville Church in Tennessee that had the various departures but you know what is very tragic is in the in the Lord’s Church in many places we have been infected by two letters PC political correctness in fact our lectureship this year in July we are going to have the theme the theme is the politically incorrect Church of Christ but you know what political correctness is political correctness is the idea that we don’t want to offend anybody political correctness says you can’t ever say that someone is is wrong morally you can’t ever state that a person is living in sin and political correctness has infected our schools it’s infected the government it’s infected university is it certainly has infected the news media it’s infected the the marketplace and political correctness leaves no room for absolute morals if you say there is a moral absolute or there’s authoritative truth people get very upset about that and it has gotten so bad that sometimes Christians members of the Lord’s body are afraid to say we are right because if they say there is a way that is right and we have found it and we want to show it to you they’re afraid they’re going to be labeled as bigots or somehow narrow-minded brethren I want to tell you this morning what we need is a big dose of Christians who have a backbone I want to tell you as we begin this sermon I am sick to death of wishy-washy preachers who are afraid to tell the truth because they’re afraid they’re gonna offend somebody or they’re afraid they’re gonna lose their job or maybe they just want everybody to like me I don’t know what it is but I do remember what the Lord said and Luke 6:26 he said woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you so so did they’ve your fathers before you who were false prophets the Lord said if you’re getting along with everybody and you’re not offending anybody by the things that you’re teaching there is probably something that is wrong with that you see what we need today is Christians who care enough about people’s souls to tell them that salvation is found in only one place and that is the body of Christ we need Christians who care enough about the people around them that they will tell them how to become a part of that one body that there is absolute truth and that you have to obey it we need preachers who are determined to preach the basics to preach the first principles over and over again we need preachers who will do what Paul told Timothy to do in first Timothy 4 and verse 6 and that is put the Brethren in remembrance we need preachers we need brethren who remember the lesson of Judges chapter 2 Judges chapter 2 says that the people serve the Lord all the days of Joshua and they serve the Lord all the days of the elders that outlived Joshua but then there arose a generation of people who knew not the Lord nor the things that he had done in Israel you know what that means you had a generation of people who were faithful to God during Joshua’s life the next generation faithful to God the third generation totally departed how does that happen in one generation you go from a faithful people to an unfaithful people we don’t need to forget that lesson I want to talk about something today that some people might consider politically incorrect some people might consider to be offensive I want to talk today about this sin of denominationalism now you might say well done I’m visiting I I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say denominationalism what we mean by that is this the idea of denominationalism is that there are a lot of different churches who have different names and teach different things and practice different activities but they all profess to be Christians and they all profess to be pleasing to the Lord that is the idea of denominationalism that’s what we’re going to talk about today and I want to say at the very beginning this lesson is not meant to be offensive it’s really not this lesson is meant to teach people and instruct people and it’s being preached because we care about people this is quite the contrary of being offensive we’re preaching this because we want people to go to heaven and as we begin the sermon I want to emphasize the fact that a person cannot go to heaven in a denomination you know Acts chapter 2 and verse 47 says and the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved now that verse teaches us that all of the saved in the Christian age are members of the one church that was established by the Lord on the day of Pentecost but you see there’s a problem because in the Bible there’s only one church you read about one church they were all part of the same church but since that time in the last two thousand years when you look around today you don’t see one church you don’t see two churches you don’t see a hundred in fact the last statistic eyes looked at when I did a Google search was 43,000 churches that profess Christianity they teach different things they believe different things they worship differently they’ve got different doctrines but they all say we are pleasing to the Lord that can’t be right how did we get from the one church in the Bible to the 43,000 that exist today but I’m gonna tell you a secret in building counterfeit churches Satan has found a great tool now I tell you why I say that because when people will look at a denomination that is similar to the Lord’s Church in many ways they stopped looking for the truth they think I found it they no longer pursue what is right they have their conscience sad they think everything is okay they hold to it they become entrenched in its its traditions and they have zeal and fervor to it and it becomes a generational thing that passes on to their family and then they die lost and they go to the judgment and they are shocked when they hear the words of Jesus Matthew 7 2 verse 22 it’s a scene from the Judgment Day Jesus says many will say unto me in that day on the day of judgment many will say to me Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name and thy name have we not cast out Devils in thy name have we not done many wonderful works that is you can hear these people who are members of various denominations who believe that they are serving the Lord you can hear the shock in their voice Lord didn’t we do these things and then he says I will profess unto them depart from me ye that work iniquity I never knew you ladies and gentleman on the day of judgment there are going to be people in fact the Lord says there gonna be a lot of people who thought they were serving the Lord but who were not hold off on that for a minute we’ll get there in a second there will be a lot of people who are going to believe that they were serving the Lord but they were not I don’t want that to happen anyone as members of the church we don’t want that to happen anybody you know there was a day when members of the Lord’s church earnestly proclaim we clearly taught the message that denominations were sinful and wrong and the reason was we did not want anyone to be fooled about this and think that they’re okay and be shocked on the day of judgement when they found out that they were wrong about this and so that’s what that’s why we’re going to talk about this today sometimes today even Christians will say you shouldn’t preach a sermon like this because if you do it might offend people if you preach a sermon like this these people might get mad and they might go away lost I want to tell you if that’s your thinking there’s a problem with that if you’re thinking they’re gonna hear the truth and get mad and go away lost they’re already lost you see the only hope they have is to hear the truth and if we don’t teach them the truth they have no hope of anything but being lost that’s Romans chapter 10 and verse 14 how shall they hear without a preacher if they don’t hear they can’t be saved and they can’t be saved without a preacher that is somebody has to tell them we’re going to talk about denominationalism this morning and we’re going to notice three points in this lesson point number one is this is the Church of Christ a denomination you know it’s not unusual for members of the Church of Christ to be asked the question what denomination are you a member of think I’m going to see a show of hands how many of you have ever been asked that question before what denomination almost every hand in here is going up it is not unusual when we live in a world today where there are 43,000 churches that someone would ask you what denomination are you a member of and then the next question of course is is the Church of Christ today a denomination and the answer to that is no in Matthew chapter 16 and verse 18 jesus promised upon this rock I will build my church it is his and it is singular and on the first Pentecost following the resurrection of Christ from the dead he built that church that church is his church it is the only Church dear friends the Church of Christ is the Church of the New Testament it is the one that Jesus built it is the institution purchased by the blood of Christ it is the body wherein all of the saved are located now to help us understand and answer this question is the Church of Christ a denomination I want to explain something the word church is used in two different senses in the Bible sometimes it is used in the local sense and sometimes it is used in the universal sense now when the word church is used in the local sense it refers to a local congregation a congregation in such-and-such City a congregation at this specific location for instance the South Haven Church of Christ we are a local congregation of the Lord’s body biblically here’s an example Acts chapter five and verse eleven and great fear came upon all of the church that doesn’t mean the universal Church that’s talking about the church at Jerusalem some other examples Acts chapter 11 and verse 26 talks about the church at Antioch 1st Corinthians 1 and verse 2 talks about the church at Corinth Philippians 1 and verse 1 talks about the church at Philippi all of these are examples of the word Church being used in the local sense now the second way the word church is used in the Bible is in the universal sense I’ll give you an example of that in Matthew 16:18 jesus said upon this rock I will build my church he’s using that in the universal sense he doesn’t mean specifically the Southaven Church of Christ he doesn’t mean the Philippi Church of Christ he means the universal cent the universal Church all of the Churches of Christ all of the congregations all over the world I’ll give you an example in the Bible he’s in chapter 1 and verse 22 Paul wrote God gave Christ to be the head over all things to the church it’s not a local a local congregation it is the universal congregation the universal body now why is that important why do we need to know this rather than the reason we need to know this is because we need to understand that nowhere in the scriptures is the word Church used in the denominational sense Church is used in the local sense is used in the universal sense it is not used in the denominational sense I’ll tell you why that’s important in a minute here’s our question is the Church of Christ a denomination now somebody might say well what’s a denomination can you define that listen very carefully to me this is the definition of a denomination a denomination is a religious organization larger than the local church but smaller than the universal Church that is it falls somewhere in between the two ways the Bible uses the word Church a denomination is neither all of the saved universally they’ll say we’re not talking about all of the save and we’re not talking about a specific congregation they would say it’s a division that falls somewhere in the middle and what I’m telling you today is the word church is never used that way in the Bible there’s no sense in which the Lord ever references something in between those two usages and so when we answer the question is the Church of Christ a denomination I tell you the answer is no I say it respectfully but firmly is the Church of Christ a denomination it is not there are no denominational churches found in the pages of the New Testament you know in the New Testament it was not the case that John was a Baptist and Peter was a Methodist and Luke is a Catholic it wasn’t that way all of the members of the church were part of one church they taught the same thing they practice the same thing every denomination that exists today came into existence hundreds of years after the close of the Bible so I want you to explain something to me if it is the case that in the Bible one church existed all save people were a part of that one church why would a person think that it would be okay if five hundred years later some man came along and said I’m going to start my own church when I change some things we’re going to alter the plan of salvation a little bit we’re gonna alter the worship a little bit and you can be a part of my church and go to heaven why would a person think that princess not it doesn’t make sense logically and it doesn’t make sense biblically he is the Church of Christ a denomination that’s point one the answer’s no here’s point number two how to recognize a denomination you know if a man works in a bank if you are a bank teller you have to know something about the difference in genuine money and counterfeit money why do you have to know because you’re going to be in trouble if someone gives you counterfeit money and so what you do is you study the marks of genuine money and you would look at it and nowadays you can hold it up and there’s a strip that goes through it and you would say that’s genuine and they’ve got these pencils or these markers and you can color on it with a highlighter and real money is made out of the right kind of paper and you go through the steps and and you say these this money has the marks this hundred dollar bill has the marks of real money and if you come to another and it doesn’t have the marks you know that it’s a fake you know that it is a counterfeit so if you’re looking in the Bible and there’s one church and there’s 43,000 counterfeits today how do you know the difference and the answer is you’re gonna go through a test you’re gonna look at the marks what are the marks of a counterfeit church number one one mark of a counterfeit Church is an unscriptural name and the Bible the Lord describes his church in various ways sometimes he calls it the church sometimes it’s called the Church of Christ Romans 16:16 sometimes it’s called the Church of God sometimes it’s called the Bride of Christ there were several god-given biblical designations such is not the case with denominations when you read about the Methodist Church or someone talks about the Baptist Church or the Lutheran Church Catholic Church Jehovah’s Witnesses Mormon none of those are designations that are found in the Bible and so when I look at the name of the genuine church and I look at the names of these counterfeit churches I see they don’t match that tells me there’s a problem a second mark of a counterfeit Church and incidentally a counterfeit only has to have one mark wrong if a if you’ve got someone might steal the right type of paper to print a hundred dollar bill but then they they print it in it’s fake you say but the papers right yeah but this person you only have to have one of the marks wrong for it to be counterfeit a second mark of a counterfeit church relates to its founder the one Church that we read about in the New Testament has has its founder Jesus Christ such is not the case with denominations the Methodist Church has as its founder a man named John Wesley the Baptist Church John Smith the Lutheran Church Martin Luther the Catholic Church is oftentimes has listed at as its founder Boniface the third in 606 he was actually the first pope the Assembly of God has as its convention chairman en Bell the Jehovah’s Witnesses were founded by Charles taze Russell the Mormons Joseph Smith a third mark of a counterfeit church relates to the time and place of establishment ladies and gentlemen the one Church of the New Testament has as its time a t-33 and its place Jerusalem any church that was not established in a t-33 in Jerusalem is not the one Church of the Bible now if you consider denominations the Methodist Church was founded in England not Jerusalem in 1729 not a t-33 the Baptist Church was founded in London not Jerusalem in 1607 not a t-33 the Lutheran Church was founded in Germany in 1517 the Catholic Church in Rome in 606 the Assembly of God in Arkansas in 1914 the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Pittsburgh in 1872 the Mormons in New York in 1830 not yet hold off a minute I know you want to show that slide I’ll tell you when Thanks it’s a good slide and it fits I know why he put it up right now here’s a fourth mark of a counterfeit Church and it’s this unscriptural organization the church we read about in the Bible was organized with elders who were overseeing individual congregations working under them they had deacons and they had evangelists that worked under their oversight when you see denominational churches you see different organizations you see things such as a Pope you see Cardinals you see bishops who are in charge of certain diocese you see presidents and you see a one-man pastor system a one-woman pastor system a Board of Deacons who oversees the church you see a clergy laity system but French you can search from Matthew to Revelation you will never find the word Pope there is no Pope in the New Testament that is something that was created later and that all don’t stand out here’s a mark this is a counterfeit this does not match what I read about in the Bible a fifth mark of a counterfeit church is unscriptural worship now when we read about the Church of the New Testament there were five acts that they engaged in in worship they were preaching giving the Lord’s Supper prayer and singing a denomination can give itself away as a counterfeit very easily if you see them using instrumental music if you see solos taking place if you see choirs performing none of that fits with the description of the music that existed in God’s church Ephesians 5:19 Colossians 3:16 we’re to offer to God the fruit of our lips it is a cappella singing we’re to sing and make melody in our hearts you never ever read about the Church of the New Testament using instruments why that’s not what God asked for they gave him what he asked for if you see a church that omits the Lord’s Supper on the first day of the week you read Acts chapter 20 and verse 7 and say that doesn’t work there’s a problem if you see a church teaching tithing instead of freewill offering according to 1st Corinthians 16 verse 2 you say this is problematic if you see a church that is teaching from a Creed book instead of the Bible which happens in a lot of them you know this this is not right if you see them having an altar call search your New Testament you’ll never find an altar call and Friends one of the very obvious marks of a counterfeit church relates to the plan of salvation when you read the New Testament every single person who was saved to become a Christian did it the same way faith repentance and baptism they heard heard the word of God they believed it repented of their sins confess the name of Christ and were baptized in water for the remission of the shins every person did that but you see denominations will teach alternate plans and imagine how the devil likes that if the devil can get you to believe you’re saved in a different way and you stop seeking to be saved he’s won and you feel good about it denominations will tell you if you want to be saved say a prayer and ask Jesus into your heart I have many times over the years extended a challenge to people saying this I want you to find an example of that in the New Testament we have lots and lots of examples in the New Testament of people who became Christians show me one single time where a person asked a prayer said a prayer and asked Jesus to come in their heart to have their sins forgiven there is not one and all the years I’ve asked that not one single example has been given because there are not denominations sometimes we’ll say what you need to do is pray through they’ll say what you need to do is to baptize your baby what you need to do is just be sprinkled or just have faith only as long as you have faith only it’s not what we see and all the examples of conversion in the book of Acts but that’s what they’ll say they’ll say baptism is not essential even though many examples listed in the scripture say the opposite you see when they are teaching something that is opposite of the plan of salvation you immediately can mark them off of that list and you can start going down and say this is not genuine now friends listen to me let’s go ahead an up the chart the chart now any church that was established in any place other than Jerusalem any church that was established at any time other than a t-33 by anyone other than Jesus Christ is a denomination and it is not the Church of the Bible now I put this chart up here we’re not going to spend time to go through it but I just wanted you to get a glimpse of it now after we’ve gone through these things you see on the left the name of the institution and then in the middle you see the place it was established only Jerusalem the one Church of the Bible is established in Jerusalem look at all of these examples what’s the first one here Massachusetts that’s not Jerusalem then you see the date the one Church of the Bible was a t-33 you see the dates you will not see a t-33 in the list then you see the the founder if it’s not Jesus Christ then it’s not this let’s go to the next slide here here’s another sampling I told you there’s 43,000 of them obviously can’t list all of them but I wanted to give enough so that you could get a sampling of this sometimes this is easy to figure out because you can look at these marks you can look at history you can see what they’re teaching and what they’re practicing and you can say that is a counterfeit and this is what I want to tell you today no matter how sincere you are you cannot find salvation in a counterfeit church again acts 2:47 says and the Lord added to the church all that were saved such as we’re being saved if in the first century all of the saved were in the one Church why would I think it would be different today now here is the third point let’s leave that one up there for just a minute here’s the third point why don’t we fellowship denominations somebody might say none I don’t understand why are you not a part of the ministerial Alliance why don’t you participate in the ministerial conferences and in the pulpit swaps between the Lord’s Church and the various denominations why don’t you do that I want to give you several reasons number one we don’t do that because they are counterfeit churches you see many of these in many ways look like the Church of the Bible but they are not and you see that is very dangerous in fact this is not a new technique of the devil I want you to listen to this passage 2nd Corinthians chapter 11 and verse 13 Paul says this for such are false apostles and deceitful workers who transform themselves into apostles of Christ and no Marvel that is don’t be surprised about this listen why for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light you see what he’s saying he says the devil makes himself look like one that’s holy and so they’re gonna be false teachers and they’re gonna look like they’re holy he said don’t be surprised about this this is an old time tactic of the devil that’s why Matthew chapter 7 and verse 15 says beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing that is if they look like the devil you wouldn’t listen they look like a sheep it’s gonna be different he says inwardly they are ravenous wolves Satan oftentimes disguises evil as good and the Lord warned us why don’t we fellowship denominations because they’re counterfeit the Lord only has one church he only has one bride imagine the implication if the Lord had 43,000 brides that would make him adulterous Bible doesn’t teach that number two why don’t we fellowship denominations because we don’t want to bid Godspeed to evil listen to this passage this is 2nd John in verse 9 the Bible says whoever transgresses and does not abide and the doctrine of Christ does not have God friends I want to tell you in a kind way that that describes denominations when they change the doctrine of the one church when they change God’s arrangement for worship when they give a different plan of salvation he says whoever doesn’t abide who doesn’t follow the one doctrine of Christ he doesn’t have God now listen to verse 10 because this is the clincher he says if there come any unto you and they bring not this doctrine that is the one doctrine of the New Testament if they bring not this doctrine receive him not into your house neither bid them Godspeed to bid we don’t use the term Godspeed so much anymore but to bid someone Godspeed means you wish them good it means that you hope blessings come to them and so you’re saying go do your work I’ll pray for you hope that thing’s good I hope that you prosper I don’t want in any way to offer my help my assistance my prayers to an institution who has offered God’s who has altered God’s plan of salvation or who is a rival to the body of my Lord now listen to verse 11 because this really drives it home he says don’t bid Godspeed to him here’s why verse 11 for he that biddeth him God speed is a per taker in his evil deeds we don’t contribute to we don’t encourage the efforts of denominations he says because if you do the Lord says you are a partaker of it not only is he doing evil but you’ve got part in it now that’s why we don’t fellowship denominations number three we don’t support denominations we don’t fellowship denominations be it would be supporting division and the Lord condemns that now our scripture reading this morning was 1st Corinthians chapter 1 in verse 10 this is what Paul says I beseech you brethren so what the King James says it means I beg you I beg you brethren by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing friends that’s not what’s going on in denominations they don’t teach you got 43,000 different doctrines and then he goes on to say that there be no divisions among you that’s what a denomination is by definition it is a division Bible says no divisions but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and the same judgment notice those key things speak the same thing no division perfectly joined same mind same judgment you know in John 17 20 through 22 jesus prayed to the Father for oneness he prayed for the unity of believers but denominationalism perpetuates division it perpetuates splinters and indifferent doctrines that’s why we don’t fellowship it number 4 why don’t we fellowship denominations because the Lord said not to this what the Lord said the Lord said mark and avoid them listen to the passage Romans 16:17 Paul says now I beseech you brethren again I beg you brethren mark them that cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have received and avoid them he said when someone comes along and they teach a different plan of salvation when they teach something different about the one Church he doesn’t say fellowship with them he doesn’t say hold their hands up he says mark them and stay away from them Ephesians 5:11 why don’t we fellowship them because Ephesians 5:11 says have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them all right let’s go to the third slide here I want to make a contrast from what denominationalism says verses what the Bible says denominationalism will tell you that one church is just as good as another the Bible says there is one body Ephesians 4:4 denominationalism will say one way is just as good as another the Bible says there’s only one way Jesus is the way john 14:6 denominationalism says one faith is just as good as another visions for five there’s one faith denominations will say doctrine doesn’t really matter you you know you can have your doctrine will have our doctrine we can just get along second jhana verse 9 says abide and the doctrine denominations say we’re all going to the same place it’s just different routes to get there Jesus said not everyone who says to me Lord Lord but he that doeth the will of my father Matthew 7:21 denominations say just believe you don’t have to do anything else Matthew 7:21 Jesus said he who does the will of my father denominations will say well we can’t understand the Bible alike you just can’t understand it alike Ephesians 5:17 says wherefore be not unwise but understanding what the will of the Lord is we can understand it we have to understand Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free that means we can understand the truth and we have to understand the truth if we’re going to be free denominations say fellowship everybody visions 5:11 says have no fellowship denominations say it’s wrong to judge John 7:24 says judge not according to appearance but Judge righteous judgment denominations say it’s not the church that’s important Ephesians 5:25 says Christ loved the church and he gave himself for it Jesus died for that church which is his bride ladies and gentlemen more than anything we want to go to heaven and we want you to go to heaven and we want you to investigate the Bible we want you to check it out for yourself we want you to obey the gospel somebody might say well Don I think this is a very narrow-minded exclusive type of sermon you’re preaching today I guess in one sense it’s exclusive because there’s only one way but it’s not exclusive in the sense that anybody can be a part of it the invitation to the Lord is that any person who chooses to obey Him and submit to the gospel in humility can be a part of it I want to be a part of the one church I read about in the Bible you might think well it sounds like you’re saying you need to leave our denomination and you leave your denomination join our denomination because our denomination is better than your denomination for ends that’s not what we’re saying at all what we’re saying is in the Bible there’s no such thing as a denomination we are saying leave all denominations and just be a part of the Church of the Bible let’s just do what they did let’s be Christians and only Christians not hyphenated Christians somebody might say well you know this sermon is offensive it seems rather hateful friends I want to suggest you it is very much the opposite how much would we have to hate someone to know that they had been fooled by the devil and they thought they were going to heaven through a counterfeit church and not say anything to them and let them go to the day of judgment and be amongst those who will say Lord Lord to have that shock on the day of judgment and imagine looking back at that person and saying why didn’t you say something to me it would be an intense hatred or a fear that can’t be justified in the sight of God that would allow us to do that to a person maybe you here today and you say I have never heard this I you better be ready to open your Bible and show me book chapter and verse I would be so very happy to have a study with you this week about these subjects we’ve got elders here we’ve got preachers here who would be delighted the Deacons here would be thrilled to sit down and have a study with you about this and it’s important because eternity is in them maybe you’re mad and you say I’m just gonna walk out of here I don’t want to hear anything more about this listen eternity is in the balance you don’t want to take a chance with yourself you can get over your anger but don’t take a chance with your soul open the Bible and let’s look at it if it’s legitimate accept it if it’s not then walk away but look at the Bible to see what it has to say this morning if you’re here and you’re not a part of the one church which is the body of Jesus Christ we want you to be a part of it the Bible teaches to be a part of that institution where in all of the save are located a man must hear the gospel believe it repent of his sins confess his faith in Christ and be baptized in water for the remission of sins maybe you say I know that and I am ready to do that today we would be pleased to assist you maybe you’re here and you say I need to study let’s make it happen maybe here’s a Christian but you’ve been unfaithful and maybe this morning you need to repent publicly for public sin we would count it an honor to go to God and pray on your behalf this morning if you need to respond to the Lord’s invitation won’t you comes together we stand in saying the invitation song

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