A BIBLE ANSWER: Episode #421

Panelists: B. J. Clarke, Wade Webster, Mike Hixson

  1. Some couples wear the Mizpah necklaces, one for him and one for her. The coin is split in half with the saying “THE LORD WATCH BETWEEN ME AND THEE WHILE WE ARE ABSENT ONE FROM ANOTHER.” When apart the two pieces will not make sense, but once fitted together the saying is once again complete. Would you advise this use of the benediction? I have also heard it used in closing a meeting.
  2. Where are the headquarters of the Church of Christ?
  3. Could you please discuss the idea being espoused by some that 21 December 2012 could mark the end of the world?
  4. What is referred to in Acts 3:21 by the phrase, “the times of restitution of all things?”
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