A Church Building Security Plan

In Acts chapter 14:23 we find where Luke recorded facts that the elders were appointed in every city. I want you to consider that a shepherd does one thing, he protects the flock. We normally think about protecting the flock the church from false doctrine and rightfully so but what about protection physical protection maybe we just need to think about that especially in today’s world in 2020 brethren I do not want any thing that I say in this presentation for you to consider as legal advice or as law or as that this is what you can do it’s your congregation your city your state because every congregation is is different the layout of our buildings is different the interests isn’t X’s is different every state law is different so don’t take anything that I say as your legal advice but this does not mean that anything that I say can’t start you to to think and to begin thinking about a better security team or if you want to have a security team because these things that we talked about today and and just for food-for-thought can start you in that direction but may I suggest that even before you do that that you consider what the Word of God teaches what it teaches us about safety self-defense and that revenge is something totally different we in the church sometimes mix those two in revenge and self-defense it’s totally opposite let me quickly give you a few verses for you to later and if you don’t have your pen get your pen ready I want you to go and study as I have done in others and I believe brethren that when you’re looking at all what the Bible says on this subject that you will come to the same conclusions that I have and many others have and that we as children of God can in fact defend ourselves not revenge ourselves but defend ourselves you know if we want to know what the Bible has to say about faith we must look at every verse in our Bibles especially the New Testament that teaches about faith what about grace let’s consider all the verses that God has given us about grace what about baptism what about worship we have to look at the sum of what he’s taught the sum of his word to to fully understand a particular subject well it’s no different with self-defense let’s consider everything not just scoping on one verse and say well that’s it that answers all my questions because may I suggest it does not I want you to consider exodus chapter 22 verses 1 and through 3 even during that Old Testament period God was laying down his law in regards to what you find there man’s breaking in and he’s calling the act if his blood is shed there shall be no blood shed for defending against that man but if the Sun has risen on him other words if he’s escaped and it’s a few hours later we can’t revenge that would be if we track the man down and if they would have done that in in that time god prohibited that and he even prohibits that today consider Luke chapter 22 what Jesus said in verses 35 through 36 look at that Jesus here the son of God said arm yourselves brethren that’s powerful we could stop right there and not go any further swords weapons of death think about that what about Romans 13 verses 1 through 4 where God established establishes governments and I’m not talking about a wicked government but just the framework the the government of that where our laws are established and enforced consider those verses and notice in those verses how God is the Avenger how he avenges and sometimes that’s through the hands of men military god bless our military and police officers god bless our police officers we need more Christians in law enforcement more Christians in military more Christians in anything don’t you agree but especially this topic that we’re talking about here what about in Acts chapter 25 verse 11 of what Paul says about execution now the word execution is not found there in verse 11 but I just want you to look at that verse and ponder that think about that what Paul is what we can learn from that verse Paul said if I’ve done anything worthy of death really Paul inspired apostle acknowledging that they are some things worthy of death you talk about a powerful verse that says Christians in America and other places capital punishment is okay think about that and think about that blends into and and how we should consider that in the protection of the home importation of the church let’s think about that what about Matthew chapter 7 verse 12 read that verse how we’re to treat others and consider that in line with self-defense what about Matthew chapter 22 verse 39 also how to treat others consider that verse what about first Timothy chapter 5 verse eight that we are to protect okay look at that verse but if anyone does not provide for his own provide and especially for those of his household he has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel an unbeliever he’s worse than an infidel if he does not provide for his own especially those in his household you know we think of provisions of food shelter and clothing well what about personal safety you against the rapist or the murderer you’re just gonna throw your hands up and not defend your daughter your wife your mother what about for you no we’re at the meeting house the church is assembled and something like that takes place rather than we have a right to defend protect and I believe it would be wrong not to for someone not to provide for his own that’s and I know in the context what Paul is speaking about their widows but it does it just doesn’t stop there brethren we can provide for our church family as weld the family of God and if we don’t I believe its we’re worse than an unbeliever an infidel you know in Matthew chapter 24 verse 43 what Jesus said consider that verse you know in Genesis chapter 9 verse six I believe there’s a timeless moral principle there the Bible says whoever sheds man’s blood by man his blood shall be shed for in the image of God he made them brethren I believe that’s a a timeless moral principle that we can stand upon you know well brother Sutton what are you suggesting I’m suggesting that you go to your your local police department or your sheriff’s office if elders are the leadership of the church is going to consider things that we’re talking about a security team or maybe how to respond to something medical go to them ask them if they have someone within their agency that has some experience in this some expertise let them come out and meet with you you go to them a lot of police departments and Sheriff’s Office welcome those type invitations most of them that I know would love and come to speak with you they should talk to you and I know that they’ll talk to you about your state law and what governs your concealed carrying if y’all do if your congregation does decide to have a armed security team they will talk about that or they should you know I can only share with you what we did at our congregation a couple of years ago and we got with our insurance company and they made some suggestions and we wrote those suggestions down and they welcomed our phone call we actually wind up buying a little bit more coverage maybe it was even a million dollars more coverage and it was like it was just an add-on and it was not even a hundred dollars a year more but there’ll be you know those that that’s what we did we also looked at some crime prevention type techniques you know we had our we looked at our building we looked at our doors and our windows the you know maybe if we had glass at a certain place and we didn’t want glass we wanted solid doors we looked at her locks we’ve considered cameras we considered arming our men we considered training and we did those things in line with our sitting with our state law with those crime prevention techniques that’s the any of us can can pull up online and research those things but especially when you get to know your local law enforcement get with them become familiar with them and once you if you do decide to do that document all of this document all of your training put it in good form our insurance company wanted us to to document all this and we certainly did and we we have a file on each one of our team members that’s what they suggested and that’s certainly we wanted to do that as well but you I suggest that you you check with your local law enforcement and they can help you start in that right direction but I also get with your insurance company as we’ve talked about consider congregational training something needs to be said of the congregation and how they should respond whether it be an unruly person an intoxicated person someone that’s armed because it’s very important what they do whether it is to hide whether it is to flee or whether it is to fight those are decisions that each congregation needs to make and someone’s standing in this position or any other position can’t say that to do this under every circumstance because every circumstance is different but that still doesn’t prohibit us from training and talking about these things and running scenarios and working with your team on how to respond because training is certainly important again this is this can come from your local law enforcement agency in your city and your state you know studies have shown that and I I brought these these three little buildings these the church meeting buildings and we know this is not the church we know and acts 2:47 that the Bible says that praising God and having favor with all the people that the Lord added to the church daily he wasn’t adding to a church building as we say the church is us churches men and women made up of a body of believers we know that but allow these buildings to these meeting places you know a lot of the congregations that’s out there and studies have shown this congregations have no training you know that’s congregation number one congregation number two has a little bit of training and maybe they’ve talked about it a little bit brethren about 70 percent once one particular studies showed this is where 70 percent of the religious world is at and then you have the twenty five or thirty percent right over here that has some organized training and has a plan in place and they’ve done everything that they know to do to raise the level of protection up you know brethren the only bar out there is our state law that says what we can and cannot do but brethren what we need to do is to raise that way we we can’t go below our state law but we can certainly go above it way above our state law with training and documentation and you know even have a bottle lesson a sermon from your preacher that talks about the Christian in self-defense from a biblical that we need to do that and we certainly can again I’d like to close with this please remember that anything that I’ve said today that you do not need to consider anything of this as law for your location my comments and thoughts are only to assist you in getting you to think the possibility about the possibility of starting a security team something that will aid the congregation in being safer during the worship and the Bible study and the other meeting times of the church at your location thank you I appreciate you and may God bless you

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