Area Wide Singing, Tom Holland, March 8, 2013

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9 Responses

  1. Your congregation has the same problem as a lot of congregations have, THEY DON'T WATCH THE SONG LEADER! Other than that I enjoyed your area wide singing and learned some new songs (I am a song leader). The acoustics was great and the singing was fine except for some of the songs a little slow. Keep up the good work and singing of praises to our Lord and Savior!

  2. Thanks the Lord Jesus cause He has given me the chance of sharing the glorious music, after a long time in Saudi Arabia not hearing anything about the church. I would like to know where this church is. I am a born again sister from Kenya

  3. I most certainly love and look up to bro. Tom Holland.  He has done so much good for the brotherhood of Christ through out his many years. We wish him many more years to work in our Lord's Kingdom.

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