BJ Clarke Does God Care About Our Worship 10/13/2019 AM

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One Response

  1. Dear brother Clark, the lesson was so full of love and passion for the love of God the AUTHOR and Finisher of our Faith. As a child of the 50ies and sixties. My mother did not work outside of home and she stressed the love and importance of God in our life. For this I am so thankful. My Bible family were real people not some cartoon. My Sunday school teachers helped imprint that on me then about 25 I was a Sunday school teacher 1st -3rd graders. My biggest deal was to get the child to fall in love with the Boy Who became the Man Jesus Christ then you menteach us hou to live.out the rest of our life without growing weary in well doing. How many times is it mentioned that He went about doing good. If your busy doing good you wont have time to be involved in all the garbage of the world and before you know it, this Christianity becomes a way of life. You know what the Bible says – we read the same Book and we know how it is gonna end! Unless the days be cut short the very elect would be decieved!

    Sorry I did not reply to the previous e-mail forgive me that wrong but life's issues mess one up every time.

    Our Lord had no place to lay his head and He told us so and that it would bd rough but that the rewards are out of this world!
    AGAPE TO the SAINTS there from the saints that are of


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