By Walking in the Spirit an Not in the Flesh – BJ Clarke

B.J. Clarke, a Faithful Gospel Preacher, teaches us how we can walk properly with God.

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Sermon Notes

Notes on popular sermons delivered once a week.


5 Responses

  1. Brother Clark, your gospel preaching astounds me to no end. Some bring joy, some brings tears but they all bring glory to God and in reality that's what our duty is. See I was born in 1950, baptized 1961 by a grad student from D.L.C. He preach Acts 2: and indeed I was pricked to my heart as were the people on the day of Pentecost. Peter told them how they killed the son of God and the people at the cross said "Let His blood be upon us and our children forever, so at age 11 then I knew that made me guilty of His blood too and I wanted to know what must I do to be saved from this guilty verdict. I am 69 now and I have even a deeper love for Him. He has been my Friend, my Mentor, my Shepherd, my comforter at times no human comfort was accepted. My All… He let me wonder all over that mountain and let me know, praise God, if I was wondering to far! Yes indeed, David was right when he penned "The Lord is my Shepherd," for I have not wanted either!

    I told my age because I saw the time when the Church of Christ people could talk scripture…We knew our bible. We knew drinking was wrong, homosexuality- wrong and all the other sins that we can't defeat or don't want defeated. One thing I remember was when I was a kid, you know how the elders and deacons stand in the foyer and talk and greet people? Well I heard them talking about the ERA they said "If that passes, it will open a whole new can of worms. I had no idea what they meant then and now fifty yrs later every thing is equally right to do. Who are we gonna beg to help us? when the next twin towers happens when our government is so busy trying to find out who is sleeping with who and wasting precious time tieing up government officials so some people think they can make better judgement calls than God…America land that I love
    ..United we stand…
    Don't sell us out. Don't get refused entrance to the Promise Land because we did not sanctify God before the people. This Christian Life is serious business but I love God and would have it no other way. If we love the Man, we wiil love His Plan and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. I pray as female that I Have not overstep my bounds in the hierarchy of Christianity.

  2. Walking in the Spirit requires staying in the new covenant of Jesus. Acts 2-Revelation 22 Israel walked in the flesh before the Cross because they were in a fleshly born into Kingdom. John 6:3-6 Mathew 21:43 Most people never ever figure it out

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