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Christian Morals in an Immoral Age (Steve Higginbotham)

Christian Morals in an Immoral Age (Steve Higginbotham)


Romans 1:18-32


Background points:

• It seems that the moral fabric of our culture is unraveling at a phase that maybe we have never seen before.

• We have to speak up as God’s people. There has to be a moral voice. And to remain silent and watch it happen around us and not to be a moral voice to those who are seeking the truth, we would be in grave error.

• We live in a time when we are so confused, morally, that we don’t even know what gender is anymore.

• How have we gotten where we are?

• We need to respond in a Christlike way to the agenda of society that goes against the will of God.

• We live in a time when people don’t want to acknowledge God. They are unwilling to submit to His rule and so they have exchanged the truth for a lie. They are indulging themselves in anything and everything imaginable. It’s to the point that those who are trying moral lives are saying, What in the world? How have we got where we are?

“If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?” -Psalm 11:3

• We are living in the time when the foundations of our nation are being destroyed and are crumbling under the immorality and the loss of moral direction.

What are we going to do as righteous people in the face of such blatant, God-abandoned lifestyles?

  1. We can get some perspective. Yeah, times are bad and things are not good, but things can get worse. So be appreciative of the remnants of morality that remain in our culture. Remember that we, too, have sinned and continue to sin occasionally. All have sinned. Before we get too hard on those people that we are talking about today, realize that we used to be in the same boat that they are in now. We need to remember that we were those people, but we’ve been washed and now we are a different person. While we are absolutely opposed to LGBTQ advocacy, we need also to be aware of our own frailties and where we used to be.    
  2. We can stop unintentionally aiding those who are engaged in these matters. Verbiage matters. Our verbiage can ease, can soften the sin that is involved. Rarely you find anybody calling a sin by what is it. Stop aiding those who are engaging in sin by using terms that they have come up with to soften and to ease their conscience. Use the words the Bible gives us. For example, it is not gay; it is homosexual. It’s an abomination in the eyes of God.
  3. We need to stop magnifying other people’s sins while trivializing our own. For example, don’t get on Facebook or social media or to talk to your friends and neighbors and oppose homosexuality and then click out of Facebook and go to your favorite porn site. Is that not hypocrisy? Don’t oppose homosexual marriage and then fail to be opposed to divorce and unscriptural remarriage. We can’t pick and choose the commandments of God that we’re gonna be appalled by. If something is right, we need to stand for it, and if something is wrong we need to stand against it.
  4. We need to make sure that we love the sinner and hate sin. We need to be really careful that in our opposition to some of the things that our culture is upholding that are absolutely unbiblical, we make sure that people can understand that we love the sinner but hate the sin. As a church, we need to make sure that we treat men and women in such a way that they may not accept what we have to say, but they have no way of accusing us of not loving them.

• Don’t get discouraged about the times we live in. There have been worst times than this. Rather remember what your mission is—Go to all the world and preach this gospel.

• I Timothy 4:16, “Give heed to yourself and to your doctrine and continue in them and you’ll not only save yourself but you’ll save others also.