Evidence for the Bible: Pilate Inscription – Kyle Butt

The last few days of Jesus’s life they were the most tragic of any in human history a ruthless men and women mocked him spit on hit him and amidst all this violence there stood one man who had the power to stop all the torture one man who could call off the Roman soldiers and save Christ from being crucified his name Pontius Pilate the Roman official who governed the area of Judea at the time of Christ’s death the story of the crucifixion can hardly be told without mentioning the name of this Roman official who sentenced Christ to death even though Pilate knew he was innocent but although the Bible mentions pilots on several occasions his name couldn’t be found among the archaeological evidence for hundreds of years no stone inscriptions or other physical evidence could be produced to support the idea that a man named Pilate had anything to do with either Jesus or Judea you know because of this many people Mock the Bible they claimed that creative Bible writers concocted Pilate from their own fertile imagination I mean after all if Pilate were such a prominent leader with every some kind of archaeological evidence to verify his existence yet again the critics were silenced in 1961 when an Italian archaeological team working at the city of Caesarea found a stone tablet it measured about 32 inches high by 27 inches wide by about 8 inches thick and on this stone slab it’s now known as the pilot inscription where the remains of this very simple title Pontius Pilate prefect of Judea almost the exact same title as the one given to Pilate in Luke chapter 3 verse 1 this then became yet another fine to remind us that the more we uncover the past the more we uncover the truth the Bible is indeed the Word of God.

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