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Family Bible Time (Glenn Colley)

Doing Family Bible Time will end up raising children who know and love the Word of God. church of Christ sermon.
Family Bible Time (Glenn Colley)


• It is a great time to make big decisions when the family is still young because years will just pass very quickly.
• We better be really careful about how we influence or risk discouraging young people who believe in Jesus Christ.

Verses That Encourage
Romans 8:31
1 Cor. 15:58

• God is paying attention to you. He is paying attention to the life you are living, and He will not forget you.
Psalm 27:1

• There are some things that we can do with our children that we know will encourage them and not discourage them.

One of the big decisions that will make a great impact on your family is deciding that every night you are going to have family Bible time or story time.

• Having family Bible time is a profound decision. This will not be easy because everyone is busy. It will be something that you have to do religiously so that it will become a habit and then it will catch on.

Suggestions on How to Do Family Bible Time

Do it daily

Make it a regular practice and be flexible.

Make it informal

It’s going to be on the children’s level. Pick a passage from the scripture and talk through it. Let your children talk through it. You act it out.

Change it up

Your family Bible time should have some variety to it to keep it going. For example, you set these many verses for the family to memorize and make a vacation somewhere as the motivation. Another example is playing games like bible games, guess game, scavenger hunt. Some nights you can do thank you notes. Sit down together, write notes, and give each other notes.

Make a Daddy List

These are the things that you want your children to know when they grow up.

Example, honesty, respecting your parents, the Books of the Bible, the one Church, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, heaven and hell, gender clarity, what to look for in a good husband/wife, when is anger good and bad, sexual purity, etc.

Doing Family Bible Time will end up raising children who know and love the Word of God. What you’re doing is raising your grandchildren’s parents.