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in the beginning was matter and matter begat the amoeba if there is no god that is the series of events that is forced on a person you see you would have to suggest that the cosmos is all that there is all that there was or all that there ever will be you would have to say that there’s no intelligent supernatural creator who brings life into existence and so you would have to say that somewhere in the distant past life arose from nonliving chemicals now there’s a very serious scientific problem with this it breaks one of the most fundamental biological laws known to humankind the law of biogenesis the law of biogenesis is very simple to understand by all means life Genesis means beginning the law of biogenesis simply says that life comes from previously existing life of its own kind in our material natural world the for years people didn’t think that that was the case and so they naturally thought you could just get non living chemicals to produce life and they had examples for that in fact what they called scientific examples they said sure enough if you will take a stake and place it on your kitchen counter in the middle of the summer and come back in maybe a week or two do you know what you’ll find oh you’ll find maggots that have spontaneously generated on that steak and that was supposedly evidence of life coming from non living chemicals they said that’s not all if you were to take some old sweaty rags and you were to wrap them with some wheat and put them in the corner of a barn and come back in a month or so you would have spontaneously generated mice and sometimes rats from the chemical properties of the air and the rags and the wheat well several scientists were studying this and they thought hold on just a second we’re not sure that these chemical processes are bringing about life and they did some experiments in fact are very famous experiments and virtually every biology textbook that you will ever read one of them is by a man named Francisco ready or Francisco Reedy you spell his name are EDI his experiment was very very simple he simply took some meat put it in a jar several jars actually and he put those jars to one side and he didn’t cover them or put anything on top of the jars and the other group of jars he put meat in the bottom of those and hermetically sealed airtight these jars on this side and then he watched he watched as flies flew into the meat that was uncovered and they tried to fly into the meat that was covered and they couldn’t and maggots formed on the uncovered meat maggots did not form on the covered meat and so he said I think flies are producing maggots now the naysayers of his experiment said hold on just a second your problem is you didn’t let air get into the meat in the sealed jars and that’s what it takes for spontaneous generation to occur air to get into the meat and so he said well let’s try it again put some jars over here with meat in the bottom and no seal put some jars in the middle with meat in the bottom and gauze like netting substance on the top and then put the sealed jars with meat over here flies landed on the sealed jars couldn’t get in flies landed on the netting that was on top of the middle jars and maggots formed on the netting but not in the meat and then over here the maggots formed on the meat in the unsealed jars so in 1660 really said I think that flies are producing maggots I don’t think that they are spontaneously generating and everybody said and we think you’re right but then basically when they asked him what about other forms of life can they spontaneously generate he said yeah just not maggots well that idea continued for about another 200 years until the mid 1860s in the mid 1860s a man came along that you’re probably very familiar with even though you might not know that you are if you were to go to your refrigerator in the morning and pull out a gallon of milk or apple juice on the side of it you would read that it’s pasteurized what does it mean that milk is pasteurized well it means that there’s a process called pasteurization that was named for a scientist named Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur proved once and for all that life doesn’t spontaneously generate from non living chemicals in fact in 1860 1868 or so around that time passed sure did some experiments where he would put meat broth or hay broth in the bottom of a flask and he would boil it and then in the 1860s they had microscopes and they would zoom in on that broth and they would see that before he boiled it there were millions of swimming microscopic organisms after he boiled it it killed all of those microscopic organisms well the interesting thing about this particular experiment was that those flasks had a special s-shaped curve so air could get back into the broth but that special s shape was designed to catch all microscopic organisms as they went through the neck man it was very effective it did some of those flasks he would keep for over a year and then break the neck off the air would go back unhindered to the meat broth and microscopic organisms would form Reidy pass your other scientists who did experiments like this proved once and for all that life cannot does not come from non living chemicals in fact evolutionist Martin Moe correctly commented that a century of sensational discoveries in the biological sciences has taught us that life arises only from life even the eminent evolutionist Georg Gaylord Simpson observed that there is no serious doubt that biogenesis is the rule that life comes only from other life that a cell the unit of life is always and exclusively the product or offspring of another cell now that puts people who don’t believe in God in a very serious quandary if this material universe is all that there is and all that there was and all that there ever will be and life somehow in the beginning came from nonliving chemicals and yet every single scientific experiment ever done in the biological sciences proves that can’t be the case then what’s the alternative well the alternative is that there was a super natural intelligent being at the beginning who brought life into existence now what you’ll hear from the atheistic evolutionary teaching is that we just haven’t found how life came from nonliving chemicals we think it did we suggest it had – like George Wald said back in 1950 he said to make an organism demands the right substances in the right proportions and in the right arrangement we do not think that anything more is needed but that is problem enough one has only to contemplate the magnitude of this task to concede that the spontaneous generation of a living organism is impossible yet here we are you see he says hey this isn’t possible yet we’re here so it must have happened in the past so we’ve got to find out how it did happen and yet here’s the problem it’s not that science hasn’t found the answer yet it’s that science has found the answer and the answer is that spontaneous generation is impossible in nature it’s not as if one day we’re going to find the answer as if we do a million more experiments it’s still out there we’re just in a system or situation of doubt right now I know listen every single scientific experiment in biology ever done proves that life cannot spontaneously generate from non living chemicals about 50 years after Wald made his statement Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine in their book biology wrote that Louis Pasteur convinced other scientists that the hypothesis of spontaneous generation was not correct in other words pasture showed that all living things come from other living things this change in thinking represented a major shift in the way scientists viewed living things made your shift indeed if that statement is true and scientifically it’s one of the most valid scientific statements ever made atheism cannot be true and in the beginning God is the real scientific answer you
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