If God Exists, Why Doesn’t He Simply Appear to Every Person on Earth?

Sometimes people wonder why God doesn’t just appear to everyone on earth and prove in person that he exists.

Why doesn’t He show himself to each generation of humanity so that everyone on earth can see and hear Him and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is real after all according to the Bible the Lord appeared to Abraham to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty and he spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend so why doesn’t he do the same for everyone else Christians freely admit that there are many specific things that we don’t know about the eternal omnipotent omniscient creator of the universe including why he does or does not do certain things there’s no way to know the mind of God unless he chooses to reveal some of his ways to us so has God specifically revealed why he hasn’t appeared to every human being in the history of the world to prove his existence to them the fact is God doesn’t expressly address this question in the Bible but he does reveal enough to us about himself and his creation to know a few things beginning with the fact that even if God did directly appear to and speak with every person on earth not everyone would believe in him after all God revealed himself to mankind in the first century as Jesus of Nazareth speaking like no man ever spoke in working all manner of miracles including walking on water healing the blind and reattaching severed body parts with the touch of his hand even though Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and came back from the dead himself many still did not believe in him they rejected him despite the fact that he God appeared to them face to face sadly not only would many continue in their unbelief if God actually did appear to them many more would reject his authority over them even if they acknowledged his existence Judas was among the closest friends and disciples of Jesus yet he was a thief who eventually betrayed the Lord one might argue that Judas never believed which would only further validate our first point but if he truly believed in Jesus as the Son of God then he ultimately chose money over the master he chose sin over the Savior he was not and will not be the last who make such choices make no mistake about it in no way does acknowledging God’s existence directly translate into loving him and submitting to his will in fact in his debate with my colleague Kyle but a few years ago atheist Dan Barker demonstrated such rebelliousness you’re telling me that God you love and admire has consigned us to eternal torture and I would say to that God have you created hell you go to hell if you want to system if you want to torture me forever fine you through what a big macho man you are you do not have my respect it seems many people wouldn’t believe in God even if he did appear to them many others might come to believe that he exists yet they would still reject his authority over them and choose sin over the Savior finally consider that God has already given every accountable person on earth an adequate amount of evidence to come to a knowledge of his existence the very reality of a material universe testifies to the existence of a creator for every house is built by someone but he who built all things is God according to Romans 1 and verse 20 since the time of Adam and Eve mankind has been given the opportunity to see how the things that are made testify quite clearly on behalf of a powerful invisible creator as the psalmist said the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork day unto day uttereth knowledge there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard their line has gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world so why doesn’t God appear to every person on earth to prove that he exists the short answer is because he as the sovereign ruler of the universe chooses not to we may not know all of God’s reasons for why he chooses not to appear personally to every human being on the earth throughout every generation but in no way does such a decision on his part prove that he doesn’t exist or that he’s unkind and unfair the fact is God has always given man adequate evidence for his existence so much so that any person who refuses to acknowledge his existence is without excuse if you would like to learn more about the evidence for the existence of God be sure to visit apologetics press org where you will find a wealth of information on this subject and much more you.

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