If the Church Doesn’t Change It Will Die (Don Blackwell)

This morning I want to talk about the subject if the church doesn’t change it will die have you ever heard someone say that I’ve heard people say that over the years and recently I was asked to go and speak on lectureship that was the topic they gave me if the church doesn’t change it will die it is certainly a topic that is worthy of our consideration you know for several years now the word change has has kind of been a buzzword in the Lord’s Church I guess since the late eighties the the early nineties we’ve heard a lot about individuals who hold themselves hope to change agents change any general people they were members of the Lord’s Church who made it their mission to change the Church of Christ and so because of that the word change almost became a byword it it almost became a a bad word was sound conservative rhetoric and the word change almost came became synonymous with liberalism and he got to the point that sound brethren anytime they would hear something that was new or that was different they would oppose it because you know that’s that’s changed that is different we we have to stand against that you know when I first started preaching we didn’t have PowerPoint in fact if we wanted to use a chart like I’m gonna do in some of my sermons this week we had an overhead projector do you remember those we’d have a piece of plastic and if we were going to make a chart what we would do is we would write on that with a wax pencil or something of that nature and then that would be our chart I remember years later when powerpoints started coming along and I was going to Nashville Tennessee to to do a gospel meeting and and I remember calling ahead to see if they had a PowerPoint projector because some churches I almost everybody has it now but in those days some churches had it some churches didn’t and so I remember calling ahead and I was talking to one of the elders and I said brother do y’all have PowerPoint because I’m gonna do a PowerPoint lesson this week and I remember he said to me brother Blackwell we don’t get into that little stuff around here well there’s nothing liberal about PowerPoint there’s nothing why was he opposed or why did he feel that way he felt that way because it was new he felt that way because it was different so I promise to consider at this time in fact I remember when or Charleston when I was preaching are those we have the over overhead to hymnal this the paperless em no and nor Charles and years ago would we introduce now I remember some of the Brethren they’re saying that’s liberal we can’t have that and I thought if we hold it here it’s it’s sound but if we put it on the walls or that doesn’t make any sense why did they think that why did they feel that because it was new because it was different and so it’s worthy for us to consider this topic today if the church doesn’t change it will die is that a true statement the answer is yes and no now I want you to hang on because I don’t want you to go into panic mode hearing that I want you to keep listening because we’re going to develop this point this morning if the church doesn’t change it will die we’re going to cover three points in this lesson number one we’re going to cover areas that the church cannot change number two we’re going to cover some areas that the church must change and then number three we’re going to talk about some areas that the church can change it that are a record of judgment now I’m going to begin this morning with some areas that the church cannot change now what I’m going to do is this I’m first going to make a general statement and then I’m going to get more specific the general statement is this we cannot change anything that is doctrine we can’t change anything that has document that’s the general statement now let me get more specific with that ribbon when we talk about change the Word of God doesn’t change John chapter 12 and verse 48 jesus said he that rejecteth me and receiveth not my words hath one that judgeth him the word that I have spoken the same shall judge him in the last day jesus said the message that he spoke in his lifetime 2000 years ago is going to be the very same message that’s going to judge us on the name it’s not gonna change it’s gonna be the same one and so if it’s not gonna change we better not try to change it because it’s not gonna work the Bible says in Matthew 24:35 jesus said heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away the gospel is not going to change the Lord is very very serious about this also descriptor eating this morning Galatians chapter 1 adversity if someone does try to change it how’s the word feel about that what’s the Lord going to do about that he says but though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that would she ever see let him be accursed the Lord said I’m that serious you try to change the message of the gospel you try to change anything doctrinal you get the curse of heaven you cannot change it generally speaking we can’t change anything that has doctrinal now let’s be more specific about that number one we cannot change the concept of the one church I preached about twelve years of my preaching career in the Carolinas in North and South Carolina and I guess during all of the years that I was living in the Carolinas there was a man who was up the road from us in Charlotte North Carolina isn’t that his name was Jeff Lowery Jeff preached for the Providence Road Church of Christ in Charlotte North Carolina Jeff was and is an individual that considers himself to be a change agent he is the person who makes the statement if the church doesn’t change it will die he is a leader he is an activist who is seeking to change the Church of Christ and he’s not shy about telling you that he’s a man who would say if the church doesn’t change it’s gonna die the problem is Jeff trying to change the wrong things on one occasion I went and met with Jeff and I expressed to him how troubled I was by his desire to change the Church of our Lord and this is what he said to me he said look if changing the color of the carpet will bring more people to the Lord that I’m for changing the color of the carpet but you see the problem was that’s not what I was talking about and he knew that’s not what I’ve said if changing the color of the carpet would bring people and I change the color of the carpet but that’s not when Jeff was pushing for he wasn’t out trying to get corrugations changed color the carpet he was out trying to get them to change things that are doctrinal number one we cannot change the concept of the one Church now there is a movement amongst the Lord’s people in some places to be quote more inclusive they say that we need to view denominational people as rhetoric we need to embrace them we need to fellowship them in fact listen to this quote from Jeff waddling himself he said I really want you to get used to dealing with a lot of Christians because in spite of what some of my brothers think I think there’s going to be a ton of folks that God’s gonna give grace and mercy to I don’t think it will be a small crowd he was preaching about John chapter 17 where jesus prayed that all the disciples would be one jeff said this he said there are two odd things about the lord’s request that all of them may be one say it with me if you will but they all may be one the problem is when we say the word we what if we were at a gathering where the people sitting next to you did not go to a Church of Christ now they believed in Jesus they love the Lord but they’re not fellowshipping in a building that says Church of Christ on it free up your mind for that bizarre possibility in quote you see he’s saying we need to be more inclusive we just need to accept people who believe rather the problem with that is we don’t have the right to change the concept of the one Church in Matthew 16:18 jesus promised upon this rock I will build my church that is singular it belongs to him and Ephesians chapter one 22 and 23 we are told that the Church of Christ is the body of Christ the church is the body Ephesians 4 forces there’s one body the church is the body of there is one body then there is one church now what if somebody said well done what we want to do is this we know there’s one church but we want to kind of have splinters because different people have different views and different beliefs and so we agree with one church but we’re going to have this set of beliefs but we’ll be part of the one church and we’re going to hold this Center beliefs and we’ll be part of the one Church and you know we’re going to would that be okay listen what the Bible says to that first Corinthians chapter 1 verse 10 says I beseech you brethren this is of the Apostle Paul speaking I beseech you brethren I thank you brethren by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing that you’d be perfectly joined together in the same mind and the same judgment Paul said the church should be teaching the same thing we should be of the same by the same judgment that’s not what you see in the denominational world these are things God has set in place we don’t have the right to change it we can’t change the one church number two we’re being specific now we don’t have the right to change the plan of salvation now oftentimes I guess in 25 years I’ve been preaching at the end of early every single sermon I would give the gospel plan of salvation you need to hear believe repent confess and be baptized that’s how we summarized it that’s what the Bible teaches but some are saying we shouldn’t do that some will say we need to be more broad than that listen to this quote from Jeff walling as he professes himself to be a leader amongst the change movement he says Jesus doesn’t say that the obedient may be saved Jesus doesn’t say that the Church of Christ errs maybe one jesus prays for those who believe in him I tell you what in order to preach the text we can’t get into this lesson without appreciating the fact that Jesus asked that we would throw a calf rope around all of those who just believed in him he said we’ve got to stop being so intolerant jesus said just believing is enough the problem is Galatians 3 verse 27 tells us baptism is what puts a man into Christ he said we don’t need to be worried about baptism mark 16:15 and 16 says that baptism is necessary in order to be saved he said we don’t need to worry about that second Timothy chapter 2 verse 10 tells us that the place wherein we have salvation is the body of Christ Galatians 3:27 baptism is what Flitz us into that place Saget Peter 3:21 baptism does now also save us he said we don’t need to worry about that see we can’t change these things the works and if you change it you’re gonna have to curse from heaven number three we can’t change the organization of the church now God has said that his church is to be governed by elders who lead deacons who serve preachers who preach these elders must meet the qualifications laid out in first Timothy chapter three times chapter one we cannot add to these congregate to these qualifications sometimes I’m afraid if we add to them sometimes I’m afraid weak we make more qualifications we make it stricter than God is sometimes we’re more relaxed on these these quality figure we can’t do that that either because we’re saying we can’t add to the word we can’t take away from the work when it comes to the leaders in the church we can add to the qualifications we can’t take away from the qualification a woman cannot serve as an elder in the Lord’s Church there must always be two elders in the Lord’s Church we can’t decide that the leadership is going to be evangelistic oversight you know some churches that they don’t have elder the preacher runs the show you know he’s the the lead man they call it evangelistic outside that that is the Evangelist has it that’s not scriptural either we can’t change that we can’t change the worship of the church John 4:24 God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and according to the truth the King James says in in truth that means according to the truth of God’s Word that worship consists of five acts singing preaching prayer giving and the Lord’s Supper we must protect the Lord’s Supper every first day of the week Acts chapter 20 and verse 7 we cannot change that there are people today who are trying to change that there has been a tremendous push in recent times for people who are trying to change the music of the church God as for a cappella that is singing only let me read you a gift while he’s in Memphis gif says my commitment is to God’s Word for that reason I don’t go around the country preaching against instrumental music I go around the country preaching for praise and sing and preaching and teaching because some things really aren’t very important you see what he says he says instrumental beats I’m not gonna talk about that that’s not that important God doesn’t care about that he said we’ve got to change that we don’t change we’re gonna die that’s what he’s saying incidentally he loves praise teams in fact the Providence Road congregation where he was had two services one that was for the old stodgy members where they had acapella and then one where they had guitars and instruments and the the more contemporary service we don’t have the right to change what God has asked for he’s asked for singing and only singing we can’t change that you see what has happened is some people have decided we’re going to do what pleases people and they’ve missed the focus it’s not about pleasing people people say more people will like this more people will come but it’s not about pleasing people we’ve missed the focus the focus is pleasing God we don’t have a right to change the role of women in the church you know there is a trend these days to bring into email preachers it’s a direct violation for Stephanie chapter 2 in verse 12 I suffer not a woman to teach nor to usurp authority over the man but to remain in silence I’m going to read you this news excerpt this is from May the 9th 2018 that’s just a few months ago my main man named Steve Gardner he says seven of the twelve of national and regional colleges affiliated with Churches of Christ no longer exclude women from actively serving in Chapter worship services when the assembly includes both men and women and then it goes on to break the fact if you want the article I’ll give it to you he breaks down which schools allow women which schools do not allow women and it’s getting to the point he says 7 out of the 12 that identify as Church of Christ schools now allow women to lead in the presence of men brethren we don’t have the right to change that now somebody says well culturally if we don’t change we’re going to we don’t have the right to change that it doesn’t matter what the culture doesn’t we can’t change it we don’t have to right to change rivers in worship we are being told in our society today you ought to dress down dressing up that that doesn’t draw people dressing up is is offensive if you would dress down that appeals to people you’ll draw more people people will like that I suspect they will but it’s not about the people it’s about presenting ourselves to God number five we don’t have to right now don’t you listen to me on this we don’t have the right to change morality now I’m gonna give you some subcategories of this number one we don’t have the right to change modesty never ever we’ve gone a long way down this road already many kind of congregations are the Lord’s people don’t preach on modesty some when they do preach on it they preach very apologetically some when they preach on it they Creek so generically that nobody is you know you can stand in the pulpit forever and say you ought to be modest and you know what no one will ever disagree with you about that you know why because first 52 and verse 9 says women are born themselves in modest apparel but when you begin to explain what that means that’s when you’re going to get trumps over some some preachers don’t do that some congregations have so redefined modesty that they are hard-pressed to tell the difference in a Christian and the world I know of a congregation worked for 40 years they had gospel preachers who were solid who taught the truth on modesty they were very specific they got a new preacher who came along and he didn’t preach for you modesty he just did preach about it and what happened is the congregation began to drift and what happened was one person told me that the stance of their preacher and his wife was you can go out to the beach where everyone is mostly nude as long as your hearts right and I said could you go out to a completely nude beach if your heart is right why not if you can go to an 80% nude beach if your heart was right why can’t you go to a completely nude beach if your heart there’s no main sermon but brother we have rapidly changed now that’s our work we have rapidly changed with regard to this I don’t know why 452 Knights still says the same thing Matthew 5:28 still says the same thing that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart we’re gonna be judged by these things I tell you the reason we’ve changed even sound churches have changed and it’s because society has been pulling us we’ve been drifting that way it’s got nothing to do with the Word of God changing because it hasn’t next we can’t change with regard to drinking plane did a great lesson for us at the power lectures this this year dealing with social drinking when I was growing up in the Lord’s Church I never remember hearing anyone defending social drinking but I’m sure there were people I just don’t ever remember it but now it’s extremely common it’s coming out of Christian colleges it is getting to be that a large number of Brotherhood and institutions and churches of the profess to be Churches of Christ are saying it’s okay to drink socially but Ephesians 5:18 still says be not drunk with wine wherein is excess but be filled with the spirit the phrase be not drunk with wine in the Greek is the Greek word with gusto it’s an insectivore literally it translates this way do not begin the process of getting drunk with wine now when you take the first drink you have begun the process of getting drunk with wine you have violated Ephesians chapter 5 in verse 18 next we can’t change with regard to homosexuality now you may say we’re not changing on that gredin let me tell you something this is a battle that is about to get big in the Lord’s Church with the widespread support of the US especially amongst the Millennials in in another 20 years and I promise you this is one to be huge issue in fact did you see the article that came out just about a week ago about Lipscomb University did you ever see that Lipscomb University it said this last month it said it’s the time of the article which was written by the newspaper at Lipscomb University said Lipscomb University students celebrate National Coming Out Day they had support from some of the faculty the school allowed this to happen they profess to be a Church of Christ school when my daughter Macy was at Dean was that free Harvard University in 2015 and they passed this the Supreme Court said that a man could marry a man the homosexual marriage law a woman can marry a woman I was talking to Macy on the phone and she said that there’s a lot of support among students at free heart of it from a sexual language and I said surely ah Macy surely got it free Hartman she said that I’m here I am telling you I was talking later to brother Winkler Dan Winkler and I said my daughter said there was a lot of support for this at freed-hardeman you’re an instructor there teacher there is that true buddy so you know that that’s true Reb I’m telling you this is going to be a battle in Churches of Christ and it’s not gonna be long we have got to be prepared for this we don’t have the right to change on this next we don’t have the right to change with regard to entertainment when I was preparing this lesson I did a google search I searched the phrase most popular TV programs of 2018 I found a list of the top 20 the number one program listed as the most popular TV program in America for 2018 is a program on HBO for Game of Thrones I’ve never seen it but anyway I looked it up on a common sense Mediacom and it did a review of it incidentally that’s a good side if you want to look up a program and see about it commonsense Mediacom because it will break the program into seven categories positive messages positive role models violence sex language consumerism drinking drugs and smoking and they rank each category from one to five this is what I found about the popular program in America right now it said positive messages zero not present positive role models zero not present violence five top of the scale six five and then it gave this note it’s an extensive male and female nudity sex is graphically portrayed adultery prostitution consensual incest between adults and sexual bargaining or cleans the sex is sometimes pornographic there’s gay sex lesbian sex and sensual sex violent sex under language gave it a four and it said that the F word is used frequently rather that’s the most popular program in America right now Christians don’t have the right to change with regard to entertainment but sometimes we’re drifting because society gets a hold where God hasn’t changed but society changes and we get caught up in the street moment alright let me change you see those are things that cannot change we cannot change anything that is doctrinal now the second one is things that must change the reason I want to talk about this one is sometimes in the Lord’s Church we get so caught in tradition that we don’t want to change things that are not matters with us at the Lord we don’t want to change things just because that’s the way we’ve always done it I want to talk about some things that must change number one we must change our methods I grew up in the North Charleston Church in Charleston South Carolina when I grew up there we used the jewel Miller filmstrips you remember those my family was converted with the old joe miller filmstrips when i moved back there in 2005 to be their preacher in our library we still had the jewel Miller films I’m not talking about the VHS they I’m talk about the film strips and we had these little projectors that we carried around so we still had all these projectors we have all of these film strips and I told the rather you know we can get rid of those now I remember some people say no somebody’s gonna use them right nobody’s going to use those we need to update our benefits I remember we had a map in our library it was Moses’s journeys it was a feed chutes rapid you flip this big piece of paper it was old all in fact I think it might have been the map that Moses used when he was traveling in the way I’m kidding about that but literally it was the map that we used in the 70s and 80s when I was a kid there I don’t need one like that I mean the map that we used in the 70s and 80s and we have to change our methods we have to avail ourselves of modern methods churches these things need to have a Facebook page you know probably you’re not going to be found in the other pages anymore we need to have a way to digitally record to film to store our sermons we need to constantly re-evaluate our methods you know probably 10 meetings in door-knocking isn’t going to work like it did 50 years ago no every time I say that somebody says well done door knocking works in our area if it does then you should do it that’s that’s the point I’m making you need to evaluate your area and you need to see what works if you say well we tried that in 1970 and it didn’t work well that’s not the right answer you need to re-evaluate your methods at the gospel Broadcasting Network we are an organization that exists with our full purpose being using the latest technology and our disposal to reach people with the gospel now why do we do that because if we try to do it the way we did in the 60s and 70s and 80s we’re not going to reach people especially we’re not going to reach young people but you see how we do it is something God has left to our judgment if we try to do it the way the Apostle Paul did it we’re not going to be as effective God has given us these tools and we change that’s the point that I’m making number two we must change our facilitates now listen to me what I’m talking about have you ever walked into a building and it smelled musty and you went over to the track track and there was a track that talked about the hippie movement in Woodstock you ever seen that I’m exaggerating but just a little bit I remember going into a congregation not that long back and I pulled out a track in their rack it was yellow on the hippie movement and I thought how long has it been so now somebody says done it’s not about building people shouldn’t be coming because of the building I know that and you know that but it is also the case that an old musty building will deter feet in our goal is to be effective we don’t want to do things that are going to deter people we also have to keep in mind that we’re reaching out to people in the world and they don’t know any better you say well the building shouldn’t be effective they don’t know any better they’re gonna Christians we want to make this thing appealing to reach the depth we got to be good stewards I know that I know it’s not about the building I’m not advocating that we go put up a basketball court that’s not what I’m saying I’m saying we need to have a presentation that is appealing not repulsive to people when it comes to the gospel we’ve got to change with regard to that otherwise we’re going to shoot ourselves in the foot number three we need to change with regard to our outreach now what do I mean by that I knew how we communicate I’d rather I’m gonna say some guys think that sometimes makes people mad I’ve been a member of the word church since 1983 so I think I say this was some amount of authority then he’s in the years I had been in the Lord’s Church one thing that I have observed is old habits die hard I have observed that most things that are done in a certain place you know why they’re done that way because that’s the way we’ve always done them that way and so we’re gonna keep doing it that way listen to me we ought to constantly re-evaluate we ourselves and ask is this still the best way should we still be mailing our bulletin or is it time to start emailing it or texting it is it should we still have a call-in system where people calling it the the sync list or should we move on to a text messaging Facebook system and I tell you something we need to be thinking about we need to be thinking about giving you know paper money is rapidly becoming a thing of the past my daughter and son-in-law were visiting wasn’t incidentally my son-in-law was in the Navy so I have no beef with the Navy’s and training to be a Navy pilot but they were visiting with us recently and my daughter Macy made the statement she said that the only reason we even have checks right now is so we can given the contribution otherwise we wouldn’t have them it occurred to us at the gospel Broadcasting Network if we don’t make some changes we’re going to start losing some support we’ve got to get with the program digitally speaking is the day going to come that we’re going to have to pass around a card reader that everyone swipes on Sunday morning for contribution I don’t know maybe we’re gonna have our apps and everyone gets them out and gives on the first thing I don’t know I said that the congregation recently and the preacher afterwards told me he said Don you make me man when you said that I said I did why he said I don’t like that idea I said why not he’s like well it’s different that’s the point isn’t it someone said to me that when wind checks first became popular that in the Lord’s Church there were some that stood against that because it was different and they said well the check is kind of like an IOU you’re not giving you’re giving up I promise to pay you when you cash it and some we’re opposed to checks like because it’s new see here’s the point we have to bind where God has bound but when it comes to things that are cultural and technology related we’ve got to get with the program or we’re gonna hurt ourselves we’ve got to constantly re-evaluate our methods and ask is this still the best way of doing things some things can’t change we better not change the doctrine or the church or the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ or we’re going to lose our souls over that we’ve got to change our methods or we’re going to be missing on conversions but here’s the last point I want to talk about somebody’s that can change so things that are you know matter of judgment and the reason I added this is I have sometimes heard people say things like this in fact I’ll give you an example I remember when I was in North Carolina I have some folks I said is that Church up at the next town I’m new here I said that Church of the next town are they sound and I remember the response they gave to me they said oh they’re not sound they don’t mean on Sunday night it’s only on Sunday mornings rather they might not be sound but it’s not because of that you see meeting on the Lord’s Day if they meet on Sunday mornings they have done what God requires meeting on Sunday night and Wednesday night well I think it’s good that has become a matter of tradition and it’s to the judgment of the men of the congregation or the elders who oversee the flock there if we say they’re not sound because they don’t need on Sunday night you know what we’re doing we’re sinning we’re binding where God is not bound we got to not do that we’re going to answer to God for doing that we have got to not do that my point that I’m making is this we can’t bind where God has about we can’t loose where God hasn’t loosed now here’s my conclusion to this Jeff Watling said this he said it’s an exciting time to be involved in Church of Christ ministry because things are changing old habits are being questioned all the tradition I mean we’ve got the most sacred of cows being try to through butcher shops all over the country in Churches of Christ where people are willing to pass things that would have been heresy to ask before you know what the sad thing is he is right people are saying things that would have been heresy and still are heresy because they’re trying to change the plan of salvation they’re trying to change the worship they’re trying to put women in leadership roles they’re trying to do things that fall into the category we cannot change but he says this is great I like it it’s exciting let me ask this question one more time is it true that if we don’t change we will die first I don’t believe that I believe that the best way to grow is to be true to the work we need to preach the word without apology in fact I think we need more Hellfire grips don’t preachy I think if we would have more Hellfire did you know Jesus talk more about Hell than anybody else in the New Testament in fact if I ask for a show of hands I bet a bunch of people in this room this morning obey the gospel because they heard a sermon on him for the fear of Hell that motivated you that is scripture Luke 13:3 Jesus said I tell you that but except you repent you shall all likewise perish you know what that is it is motivation to get your life right so that you don’t lose your soul if we would have more straightforward hell fire brimstone preaching and hard work we would have more conversions we’d have more restorations we would have more baptisms is it true that if we don’t change we will die first I don’t believe that secondly even if that were true we still can’t change you know the day might come in fact do you think this is true do you think that the day could come that the FCC of the United States the FCC could tell us a GBN you better stop continuing homosexuality we’re gonna shut you down you think that they could come I think that day could come it might not be that far away what if they were to tell us you’ve got to be all-inclusive or we’re gonna pull you off the air do you think that they could come well I’m telling you that they could come and that day very well may come but here’s the thing if they were to say that to us what should we do should we change or should we keep doing what we’re doing you see we’ve got to keep doing what we’re doing we can’t change even if it means gpn gets shut down and dies we have to keep doing what we’re doing you see the problem is when you hear folks like Jeff while they talk about changing the church they’re not talking about changing the color of the carpet like GF tried to to divert and put up a smoke screen they’re not talking about using modern technology they’re talking about worship they’re talking on reverence they’re talking about morality they’re talking about the one Church and they’re talking about things that God said we cannot change if you’re here this morning and you’re not a Christian one thing that never changes is the gospel plan of salvation you know we sing the song sometimes what can wash away my savings the answer is nothing but the blood of Jesus that’s never changed and it will never change them to their work comes again you can be washed in the blood of Jesus today the same way that they were washed in the blood of Jesus two thousand years ago by obedience to the gospel hearing it believing repenting of your sins confessing your faith in Christ and being baptized in water well in sixth reinforces we are buried with Christ and baptism Christ shed his blood in his devil we were baptized into his death we are washed in his blood and then it says we’re raised to walk in newness of life if you will do those things today you’ll be added to the Lord’s church if you will remain faithful you’ll hear those words well done thou good and faithful servant maybe you hear today you’re ready to do that we’re ready to assist you maybe or hear you say I’ve never heard that I want to have a study listed we will set it up maybe your here is a member of the Lord’s body and you’ve been unfaithful maybe in your attendance maybe in some other way maybe your morality you’ve brought from approach on the body of Christ maybe today more of a pink make your life right we would be honored to go to God and pray on your behalf this morning if you need to respond to the Lord’s invitation won’t you comes together way status and get petitions

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