Important Things for Times Like These – Glenn Colley

What a great time of life this is. A challenging time for preaching in many ways not that all times or not insome ways but this is rather uniqueisn’t it last decade or so has has hadso many different terms and changes inthis country some of which are greatchallenges to Christianity and we’revery aware of that what I want toadvocate always in our pulpits isbalance make sure that we preach thewhole counsel of God used to be you knowwhen I was a boy preacher that thatyou’d read an advertisement some churchasking about inquiring about a preachercoming you know and they’d say no wedon’t want one that rides all these Ihaven’t heard that in a long time butyou know what it means it meant thatthere were things going on theBrotherhood I don’t we don’t wantsomebody who just talks about the samething all the timewell so it is with the kinds of thingsI’m going to talk about today I’m gonnatalk about half a dozen things as timewill allow which I think are critical toour day and time for our preaching inour teaching and just for our valuesystems having said that I want to urgefirst of all the balance in the pulpitwe must preach the whole counsel of Godyou oughta you’re not you ought to doyou ought to have a fundamental Sundy alot of preachers are doing that nowmakes a great idea just to make surejust to make sure that you’re notmissing any fundamental basic subjectthat you ought to be covering what if wejust declared every month we’re going onfirst Sunday the month both sermonsgoing to be about the nest assess t ofbaptism or the oneness of the church orthe kind of worship that we ought tooffer to God to be acceptable to himbalanced to preaching having said thatthere’s six things I’m going to talkabout today and here’s the first onenumber one I want you to understandconservatism understand conservatism wehear a lot today and sometimescriticisms about using the termconservative or liberal I have noobjection to that provided that we willunderstand fundamentally what we’retalking about conservative is a personwho wants to conserve something orpreserve something what it is is in thisdiscussion it has to do with moorings orvalues to which we have held for a longtime and we want to preserve or conservethose we want to hold on to these widelyheld old values because they’re triedand tested and true liberalism on theother hand is rather the opposite ofthat it predominantly says that that weought to change most everything or atleast everything ought to be subject tochange and that hmm new things arealmost always better along with thiscomes the idea that that freedom is theabsence of rules if you had true freedomnothing and politically they don’tbelieve that with reference tothemselves but the absence of rules andI think about a football game footballgames a lot of fun you know but supposeyou said we’re gonna play this gamewithout rules you’d be interested inthat game the fact is you don’t have agame it all goes away without rulesliberalism is about taking that which isold and getting rid of it no matter whatit is and and doing something newbecause new is almost always better wellwith reference to course to the thingsof God the fundamentals of the faiththat’s a very dangerous philosophy but Iwant to say this every New TestamentChristian is a conservative everyoneit’s by our nature that we’reconservatives and I mean by that well Imean you think about the seed principlepreachers be sure that everybody in yourcongregation understands the seedprinciple remember Luke chapter 8 andverse 11 when Jesus is teaching theparable of the soils the rocky soil thethorny soil the wayside soil the goodsoil and then in giving explanationabout that he said now the seed is theword of God that’s very profound youunderstand the seed principle is thatseed only produces after its kind if youtake watermelon seed and you planted howmany times out of a hundred is it goingto produce watermelon 100 percent of thetime right what if you plant it and whatcomes up is cucumber what are you gonnado you go back to the store and you sayI’ve UI you saw me watermelon seed butwhat came up is cucumber and the man isgonna say I’m sorry you never can tellabout seed yeah there’s nobody’s gonnasay said what so we got some some of thecucumber seed mixed in with thewatermelon seed seed only produces afterits kind now if you take gospel seed andyou plant it in the hearts of honest andgood people like they did and acts thesecond chapter at the birth of thechurch what will it produce christianschristians what else nothing else no youcould mix some man’s doctor and in therewith it if you wanted to and you youcould produce some sort ofdenominational list but if you just takethe seed that was planted there all it’sgoing to produce is members of the NewTestament church they’re just gonna beChristians what if what if you took thatsame seed and you plant it in Jerusalemand Judea Samaria of the most other mostparts of the world what will it producewhat if you kept it for 2,000 years andyou bring it over to your planet and USof a what will it produce the answer issame thing because that’s the one thingthat’s in that seed seed only producesafter its kind and you you became aChristian because of this reality beingfirst Peter 1:23 being born again not ofcorruptible seedI was talking to buy a watermelon saidyou can’t keep it 2,000 years in a rotthat’s not true about gospel seed so youwere born again with seed that doesn’trot it’s not corruptible being bornagain not of corruptible seed but ofincorruptible by the Word of God whichlives and abides forever now appreciateplease with me this point then who doyou think you are well I mean well whatare you what are you what are you calledby you say Christian why max 11:26 thedisciples were called Christians firstin Antioch do you know what you areyou’re a conservative what do youbelieve about worship well we believe atleast in reference to our music that weshould have congregational acappellareciprocal singing why divisions 5:19Colossians 3:16 you know what you areyou’re a conservative what about Lordsupperleavened bread and fruit of the vinylfirst day of the week why firstCorinthians chapter 11 X 20 and verse 7that’s what they did and so that’s whatwe do and what we’re doing by our verynature is conserving those principlesand it’s not you say it’s an applicableto other parts of your life listen ifyou’re a Christian there is no facet ofyour life left unaffected by the factthat you follow King Jesus is that atrue statement you’re a conservativethat’s what you’re about that means thatwe are conserving and holding on to thevalues moorings and principles of ourLord Jesus Christ and nothing is moreimportant than that the second thing thedanger of shifting middle by middle Imean that which we consider to be normalor the norm that which we consider to bethe right thing but I want you to beimpressed with the fact that very oftenthe circumstances around us can be soegregious or so Lotso moving and what’son the far right may move what’s on thefar left may move and suddenly whathappens is the norm the middle may shiftitself and we don’t even know itit can happen some things that areperhaps rather small I mean sometimesI’ll go to a congregation and preach andbless their hearts I don’t have a goodsong leader they don’t have a man whowho’s ever been trained in song leadinghe he does the best he can god bless himbut he but he he can’t do too much of itbut if that’s all they’ve got let metell you what’s gonna happen is thathe’ll raise up a generation of boys andand they’re gonna imitate him and sowhereas at one time the man who wouldget in front of the congregation to leadwould know how to carry a tune and tocarry the congregation and do a good jobwell in that congregation the middle isshifted that’s why we have last twoleaders Roy right okay we can we cantrain them up and and the middle isshifted well that happens in referenceto other things I think it’s four it’s agreat concern in reference to our elderships listen to this whole preacherhere’s what happens is that is that youhave a an eldership and if therevery strong if they are bored theyconstitute much of just a Board ofDirectors instead of what I like to callkitchen table elders the real McCoy youknow shepherds but what if they’re justthe Board of Directors that’s just howthey’ve always done it and and you justraise up a couple of generations it canbecome perennial can’t it the way that’sjust what we do in this church that’sjust what we’ve always done and what’shappened I would urge to you it’s ashifting middle what should be themiddle what would be the middle isn’tbecause over time we’ve shiftedthat’s why ladies and gentlemen in ourcongregation right now we better makesure that no generation of our boysgrows up without having a class orclasses taught by a wise old man aboutwhat the Bible says real elders are youmay not be able to fix it today but youcan fix it in the future don’t you bedying and going to heaven without fixingthis in your congregation and we do thatby grooming these young men that’s whatwe’ve got to do why because see themiddle has to stay the middle now totake your ticket couple illustrationshere we are in first Corinthians chapter1 well back up a second yeah you thinkabout you think about Corinth and howwicked it was historically establishedyou understand that the society was antiChristianity you won’t talk about a hardplace to livetalk about hedonism debauchery you’retalking about Corinth it was a miserableplace no it looks to me that what youwould do if you live like that is youwould have to amend the kind ofpreaching that you do what I’m saying toyou is that the shifting middle canapply to our doctrines and we got to bereal careful about that and I understandthatPaul said I became all things to all menthat I might save some I understand thatwhat we’re going to do is to take peoplewhere they are and we’re going to workwith them that’s really beside my pointwhat I’m saying is that what we hold toas that as the truth must not shift itmust be rooted and grounded in the Wordof God now I mean this in a practicalway so Corinth with the placeto me like that when Paul wrote the wellin her first Corinthians he wrote thisepistle what he would do of course is tosoften in some way you’d soften it sothat it would be more applicable to theculture around but you know what that isnot what happened so you got first KarenCorinthians chapter 1 in verse 10 nowlisten I want you to speak the samething that there be no divisions amongyou that should be perfectly joinedtogether in the same mind in the samejudgment get to chapter 5 now don’t youunderstand what we’ve got in Corinth ispedophilia look understand we gothomosexuality we’ve got debauchery don’tyou know that this is a place ofhedonism and the culture has accepted itwhat do you reckon Paul would writesurely he would soften I would amend themessage the middle has to shift to fitthe culture the answer is no so he’s gota man living with his father’s wife Iwant you to withdraw yourselves from himwhy because of little leaven leavens thewhole lump you cannot let the middleshift you’ve got to hold to what is trueno matter see our job is not to bringGod down the culture is to bring cultureup to God so 1st Corinthians 6 and verse9 he said be not deceived neitherfornicators nor idolaters nor adulterersnor homosexuals sodomites thievescovetous drunkards extortioners shallinherit the kingdom of God and such weresome of you you know what he’s saying inessence don’t you let the middle shipsame things true about Creteyou remember Crete in the book of Titusyou just just do just Google Crete sometime historic Crete and you’d beimpressed with me about how amazinglywicked they were and you know seems tome like what you want to do Paul thisyou encourage that young preacher Titusbut he’s got to he’s got to soften themessage to fit the culture her you gotto do that the most politicallyincorrect verse of the whole Biblesurely is this one here’s thedescription of the cretians Titus 1:12cretians are always liars evil beastslazy gluttonsthat’s pretty stirring but not asstirring is the next line by inspirationthe Apostle says that’s true how aboutthat what do you do in a culture likethat I’m telling you that we need thisbecause of the changing culture inAmerica right now where is this thinggoing I don’t know but I can tell youthis our puppets have to stay sound whatwe’ve got to do is to hold to what’sright and you say should we havefundamental sund’ys yeah there’s a sensein which won’t have fun from thefundamental Sundays every week make surewe’re holding them you know what wecannot we cannot let the craziness ofthe worldliness of the society changethe middle what is rightI’m telling you that increase so youhave this this Paul says this is truebut are you appreciating the fact thatthis is chapter 2 and chapter 1 he sayshere the qualifications of the eldersand I’m telling it’s the sameessentially it’s first Timothy chapter 3I mean it is it’s it’s the kind of manyou got to have go ahead and wrap yourmind around how they found them in Creteand I got some ideas about that we cantalk about it later but the point that Iwant to make is this the second thing isthat we got to be real careful in timeslike these about a shifting middlenumber three the great gay danger to thechurch the great danger now I’ve saidfor some time now and I’m not a prophetbut I believe that that the altar onwhich we will lose ultimately ourreligious freedoms as Christians is thealtar of homosexual rights I thinkthat’s how it’s going to come down Idon’t know that but I do know that wecan’t seem to live in the same worldtogether because they can’t be satisfiedwith the fact that we’re not enemieswe’re not going to persecute them we’renot going to physically harm them but wecan never ever ever ever ever say thatwhat they’re doing is right we can’t dothat no matter what we can’t we can’tperform their wedding ceremonies we cannever and will never ever ever do thatand that I think that galls the agendaand the agenda cannot bear that and forthat reason I think that it’s just lookthis look remote has been slowed down alittle bit and we had an election butbut I I don’t don’t think that it’s notstill chugging along because of courseit is but that’s not what I came to saywhat I came to say is that is that thegreat threat to Lords church isn’t thatthat large numbers of our folks aregoing to start practicing the sin ofhomosexuality I do not anticipate thathappening I think that you’ll see someof that I think you already are but it’snot large numbers the number is verysmall you understand what Romans 1 saysthis is vile affection and it describesthe practice of homosexuality in somedetail that’s not our greatest threatit’s not where it’s gonna hurt us Mosesfirst 32 who knowing the righteousjudgment of God that those who practicesuch things are deserving of death getthe last line but not only do the samebut also approve of those who practicethem because listen to me we’re raisinga generation right now and culture issaying to them that to oppose gaymarriage to oppose people to practicehomosexuality is equivalent to opposinga man because his skin isn’t the samecolor as yours and that God made a manthis way or that way and those aremorally equivalent by the devil I lovethat and that came right out of John8:44 didn’t it lie and sorrythe truth is it those things aredramatically opposed to a differentdramatically different and what we gotto be preaching in our congregations isthis verse we’ve got to be teaching itto our young people because they’regrowing up in a culture that’s teachingthem the opposite of this and whatthey’re gonna have to understand is thatyou you can be lost practicing this sinlike others but you can also be preppedto be lost because you endorsed it nowone more thing before I leave this whenyou preach about homosexuality andincidentally we don’t hate people whopractice homosexuality we love them wedon’t hate them anymore and we hateanybody who who lived any other setwe want to help them and I tell you whatin 1st Corinthians chapter 6 you’ve hadChristians who had been part of thatlifestyle it’s not new you know it’s notnew don’t you know that the unrighteouswill not inherit the kingdom of God andhe gives this list and and it includeshomosexuals and sodomites and when itgets to the end he says and such weresome of you were past tense so so theyused to practice that but you know sopeople can repent can people repent ofthis sin are you kidding me really okayalright so such were some of you butyou’re washed and you’re sanctifyingyou’re justified in the name of the LordJesus I’m gonna ask a question who toldhim who told him I mean they werepracticing homosexuality they wereliving wrapped up in this lifestyle Idon’t suppose it was much different fromAmerica today practicing the lifestylehow did they figure out that they weresinning against God how did they knowthe answer is the Christians told himyou ready for thatisn’t that the necessary implication ofthis somebody had to tell him somebodytold him as Christians the greatestdanger this is the point that I want tomake with this one the greatest dangerthat the homosexual movement the agendaposes to the Lord’s Church today isn’tthat large numbers of our people aregoing to start practicing homosexualitythe greatest danger the greatest threatto us is that large numbers of ourcongregations are going to startendorsing it and what we got to do is Imean we got to get on this explain itexplain it make him understand Romans 1and verse 32 all right here’s the nextthingChristianity Trump’s color so I’m I’mgetting older in my whole lifetime I’venever seen racial tensions as high asthey are now I never have and Iunderstand about the world and sometimesthe world shocks me that the degree towhich the devil influences people isshocking and it shocks you but but theworld’s gonna act like the world right Imean you just better go ahead and figurethat out the world’s always going to belike the world my concern is the Lord’sChurchnow I don’t have a lot of time I mean Imight just make some observations aboutthis subject isn’t that IR we have inthis room brothers and sisters of colorwe have people in this room or brothersand sisters who are white and I supposeBrown and whatever the church is thefamily of God and you knew you knew Iwas going to say that you knew that butthat’s not all I want to say is thatthere’s an encroachment in some areasfrom the movement the racial movementthe angst the pilfering the– sometimeskilling the aversion to civilauthorities it’s coming into the body ofChrist several things you got toremember some of my but some of mybrothers and sisters of color are afraidnow I’ve been afraid before not verymany times what I can tell you when Iwas I didn’t like it I don’t like it forany of my brothers and sisters you couldargue you know you could you coulddispute whether or not all of the fearis justified or not justified that’sreally beside the point they’re afraidand we love them they’re us they are uswhat I want to remind you is that wemust keep racism out of the church inall of its forms all of its forms andwhat happens is sometimes thephilosophies of the world in referenceto this subject are trying to pushthemselves into the church I’m so veryopposed to that it cannot produceanything but division listen to thiswhole preacher when you go to the NewTestament you’ll find differences inculture I want you to consider thosepassages in your mind roll them aroundin your mind right now can you think ofpassages that are relative to cultureand and differences coming together inthe body called the church what aboutActs chapter six and you got theseHellenistic widows are being neglectedwhy are they being neglected I don’tknow it sure looks suspicious to medoesn’t it to you I meanthey’re hella nests there they’re Jewsthat have have adopted Grecian languagein the Greek culture and now you havethese regular regular old Jews and youhave these Hellenistic Jews and theyobey the gospel they come together inthe Lord’s bodyand at this point some of the Grecianwidows are being neglected and what doyou do about it I’ll tell you what we’regonna do we’re gonna demand reparationsmean that’s not what they didwhat they did was to say this in riotyou call seven men wise men full of theHoly Spirit to see to this matter andyou take care of this because it isn’tright for these widows to be neglectedwhen you find differences in culturesthat clash in the church the there is novehicle in the New Testament foranything that looks like reparations tosay in the history of the church wesometimes had difficulty with people whowere racist well that’s truebut we had people in the past and wehave people now who were wrapped up invarious different kinds of sin not justthat right and the point I want to makeis that you you what would you do aboutthe how do you fix the past you couldsay to this generation which is by andlarge not guilty of this you could sayyou need to apologize for history whowould do that there is no person in theLord’s Church who would have theauthority to do that you say would maybesome quotas you’ll divide the church maybe some sort of reparations you there’sno vehicle in the new test of you tofinally man the book of Philemon andhere at sisig did the church ever facesocial inequitiesso did interface social and justices tryslavering on for size but that’s not youknow what and I ain’t come to talk aboutso I came to talk about what the churchdid about it so askers because this iswhere we are so what does the church doabout it that’s the question and I’msaying to you that you go to look at alayman and Onesimus the slave isbaptized by the Apostle Paul and Paulsends him back to Philemon in the churchmeets in Philemon’s house and what doeshe saywell Nesmith says Paul said if you’llpay me this much I’ll come backthat’s not the goal the objective wasthat we’re brothers now you know what hesaid to Onesimus you be his brother knowwhat he said too fine a man the samething I expect the next Lord’s Day thatthat church that met in the house ofPhilemon don’t you suppose that Onesimusand Philemon set side by side wouldn’tsurprise me a bitif Philemon didn’t serve the Lord’sSupper to Onesimus the next lord’s daythat’s the goal now you listen youlisten to me the goal according to theNew Testament is color blindness that’sthat is the objective I’m telling youthe church is not the problemthe church is the solution but it’sabout colorblindness and I would assureyou that my own purse is anecdotal but Igo around the country and preach indifferent congregations and I can tellyou right now what I’m seeing is notracism but I’m seeing as brothers andsisters who love each other and they andthey’re colorblind and praise God forthat because that’s the biblical way youthink I can prove that yeah I can proveitGalatians 3 we’re all the 26 you’re allthe children of God no you don’tunderstand I’m a hell honest yeah I’m aGentileI became agenda everybody in this roomyou know we’re all we’re all GentileChristians aren’t we yeah I tell youwhat it makes me plenty mad that theJews went one time they remain to us andI want some satisfaction right wait aminute wait wait wait wait wait this isthe church and the gold I know thatwe’re not perfect and I know thatthey’re always gonna be you know what weget a man like the like Peter Galatians2 who he refused to eat with theGentiles when the Jews came man what areyou supposed to be all to do about him Isay we do the same thing that theApostle Paul did while we get in hisface and say you know what this is wrongand we’re not gonna do it because it’sungodly do you understand that we’re notgonna go there that’s what we should doyou’re all the children of God by faithin Christ Jesus for as many of you ashave been baptized into Christ have puton Christ there’s neither Jew nor Greekas a big statement back then folks as abig ol statementreally can you live with that there isneither Jew nor Greek what do you meanwhat about my heritage what about whatabout my past what about my peoplelisten for the rest of your life youmake sure that anytime you reference mypeople you’re talking about Christiansthose are your people those are yourpeople whoever they are or wherever theyhappened to be on this planet yourpeople are Christians and when theApostle Paul in 2nd Timothy chapter 4says I fought a good fight I finishedthe course I’ve kept the faith he wasn’ttalking about civil disobedience thatwasn’t the fight he’s talking aboutsomething a lot higher than that do youyou be sure that you build your hope inJesus Christ not only every driftingsaying I don’t think treasure land oreven ethnicity you know what theobjective isas the escalations three goes on we’reall one in Christ Jesus I’m so glad forthat because we’re it not that way andwhat makes me think that I would beaccepted I somebody said to me last weeksaid brother Carly you know ha in thechurchwe’re not brown or black or white we’reall red do you understand what do youmeant don’t you it’s the blood that’swhere I want to be god help us that’swhere I want to be number fiveChristian’s have to be willing to bepersecuted for their faithnow what I’m suggesting in this one isfour times like these that it will beprudent for us to be teaching our youngpeople a Christianity that includespersecution that’s nothing I want tosend them home scared every week that’snot my point and it’s not my point thatthat I think we ought to ride this hobbyeither but I think that what we shoulddo is to be including those passages ofScripture to inform those kids thatreally America for the last couplehundred years is somewhat of an anomalyisn’t it I mean just assume because Ithink I grew up in America I’m so gladand I grew up in religious freedomgrowing up it never occurred to me thatwe but might be persecuted for our faithof the preachers might be imprisoned forwhat they were preaching it’s nothappening now but I’m getting to where Ican rather imagine it now I’ve seen thefaces of people who would do it if theycould get away with it and there’srather a lot of them what are you gonnado about it I’ll tell you what we’regonna do about what better do is tostart teaching again I don’t I don’twant to I want to preach a balanced dietin the pulpit I want us all to do thatwe cannot leave off something elsethat’s important while we dwell on anyof these things but we better beteaching that the New Testament churchunderstood persecution it was part ofChristianity they hated him and thenthey’re gonna hate us too in Actschapter 2 they insulted them publiclydon’t listen to them they’re drunkalright three and four they put them injail would you be a Christian you may ifit meant going to jail would you go tojail for him may we need to be teachingour kids that this is where we came fromwe came from a persecuted people chapterfive they beat a Christian like youwouldn’t beat an animal right chapterseven they threw rocks at Stephen untilhe died why because he was preachingJesus Christthat’s why that’s where we came fromthat’s who you are this is an anomalythis is this is an exception to the ruleand thank God for that and aren’t wevery blessed and may he bless us withthis kind of freedom for a long longtimeI do not know I do not know the innerchambers of the heart of my god I knowthat he works in the governments of menand I plan to live my life by faith I’mjust gonna trust it I’m gonna pray tohim I’m gonna love him and serve him andI’m gonna teach my kids the Christianitysometimes means persecution and here’show we behave in times of persecutionhere’s how we act because here’s howthey you say you’d like to be called aChristian wife that’s what they werecalledwell you better go back and restore justhow they acted in other ways – and inreference to persecution we may need topull this out and use it all right onemore we’ve got to be familiar with IslamI’m gonna I don’t do this often I’mgonna recommend a book to you if you donot have it I want you to get it on thissubject it’s Dave Miller’s book calledKoran unveiled it’s the best book I’veever seen on this subject it’s writtenanything Miller writes is on a scholarlylevel but this is written in a way thatyou and I can understand it and it willit will educate you in a way thateverybody needs and if your preacherdoesn’t have it go ahead and apologeticspress it’s where you can get hit thebook and read it get the book and giveit to your preacher and and because youneed to can you answer the questionsbecause I’m telling you these are thequestions people today are asking orassertions they’re making about Islamand Christianity I mean you people youpeople have your Bible we have our Quranour Quran says things about violence andtongues sometimes encourages violencebut so does your Bible there are thatsame moral equivalency can can youanswer that you know the Bible does saythings about the ireland’s commands itare we the same we are most certainlynot the same you bear in mind that whatyou have in Islam is a book thefoundation of Islam is a book thebiggest thing that hurts you you knowthe left tries so hard to tell us aboutthis peaceful peaceful religion and it’strue that we see some of the peoplewhose profess Islam and they seempeaceful but the terrible thing is thebook it’s the book what keeps gnawing atyou is the book because it’s violent andit’s not like the Bible it’s true thatGod commanded violence sometimes but itwasn’t open-ended it was carrying outhis punishment against some people whohad rejected him and he used theIsraelites to carry out that punishmentright in Islam it’s open-ended and inIslam what you’ve got you can say wellpeople don’t do it today but the bookteaches conversion by the swordChristianity the New Testament took theplace of that Old Testament thatschoolmaster that tutor to bring us toChrist it’s been 2,000 years since theviolence of the of the Old Testament wascommanded to us I’m rather glad aboutthat I’m glad about that cross I’m gladabout the animal sacrifices big ceasedfor a number of reasons I’m so thankfularen’t you but that’s not true aboutIslam can you answer the question whatsomebody makes the assertion for examplethat that Jehovah and Allah are the sameperson can you respond to that I meannow that’s what they’re saying that’swhat they’re saying out loud they’reasserting that it’s the same personwe’re just we’re going to have in justdifferent ways you know as I that’s notexactly it but it kind of sounds likethat doesn’t it I’m telling you Allah isnot Jehovah he’s not Jehovah Allahaccording to the book is a God whorejects the crucifixion of Jesus Christthat that was something imaginary thatreally didn’t happen people believed itdid but it didn’t and even have theoriesin Islam about about how the crossdidn’t happen but how the thing reallyhow they pulled off the hoax becauseJesus didn’t really die on the cross noware you good with thatoh yeah I know I know the answer to thatin fact the matter is that it the crossis central to everything we are isn’tthe gospel 1st Corinthians 15 the thedeath and the burial and resurrection ofJesus in fact he goes on to say that ifJesus didn’t died he was rose he isrisen again if he didn’t really come outof that grave then what’s theconsequence of that you your faith isvain your preaching is vain you’regetting your sins and those people whoare falling asleep in Jesus wherethey’re perished you’ve set your finalby it all hinges on the death and theresurrection of Jesus everything and itall collapses under this one and there’sa lot more but under the this oneteaching of Islam one teaching don’t yoube telling me that allah and jehovah arethe same jehovah’s god jehovah’s God andhe has a son his name is Jesus who isthe Christ the Anointed One of God andhe died on that old Roman cross and whenpeople are baptized the Bible says inRomans 6 that they’re baptized into hisdeath that’s how we get into Christ myhope is built on that it’s what we’vegot lamentations chapter 3 and 23 saysthe Lord is my portion says my soul whatdo you have that you will always hold onto I mean by that when you finish livinghere what would you take with you andthe answer is you will have a portion aportion the Lord is my portion says mysoul therefore I will hope in him you’vebeen very kind to listen I I just wantto encourage you those of you who arepreaching those of you who areshepherding I want to encourage those ofyou who are not doing either of thosethings but you can use you can offeryour encouragement to those who who dothose things we must have a balancedpulpit to preach and teach the wholecounsel of God but also we must bepractical I mean by that we must bringthe truth to people where we are we mustbe willing to talk about these difficultthings and make sure that people in thepew can discuss them intelligently fromthe scriptures and know what the Biblereally says

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