What Does the Bible Say About Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage?

Our topic tonight is marriage and divorce and remarriage and I want to begin tonight by setting this on the table just to make sure we’re all on the same page who gets to decide what the rules are for marriage divorce and remarriage and why does he get to decide this and I want to begin with you brother saying tonight as we begin if someone were to ask you well who made you God or why do you have the right to tell me what to do is like and marry who I can’t marry you I can divorce when I can divorce what would you say to them in response to that question who gets to decide this subject it’s the foundation of everything that we’re talking about we were created by God placed here on earth by God instructed by our Father Jehovah God and told of a home after this earthly sojourn that is ours if we adjust our lives and live according to the parameters there are things that we cannot do there are things that we must do and thus God having spoken to us he has already established what is right what is wrong what must be done and we must in this holy word abide by that which includes marriage divorce and remarriage God established marriage in the very beginning in Genesis chapter 1 and two and three we read about that creation that first home and God put the parameters of that and what is an acceptable marriage from the very beginning so he said it’s God’s invention and so since marriage is authored by God brother blackwell doesn’t that mean he has the right to legislate what constitutes a scriptural marriage and what constitutes scriptural divorce and remarriage absolutely he does and and I’m glad you started off this way because this is a very emotionally packed question for people and it’s a question that when you talk about this oftentimes people will say this doesn’t seem right to me it doesn’t feel right to me but in Matthew 19 when Jesus was asked the question can a man put away his wife for every cause Jesus did not say well it seems to me or he did not say what will it feels he asked him have you not read he went back to the beginning and said to answer this question we have to go to the source of authority God is the designer of marriage and so we can’t let our emotions cloud this issue we have to go back and see what does God say about this you know we often think about what’s fair what’s not right what’s fair to us but it’s through our eyes and Isaiah 55 tells us we can’t put our minds around God and his thoughts and what he has declared as being best for us right we didn’t invent marriage it’s not our organization our institution and so since God is the author of it he has the right to discuss what is right and wrong and others who may debate it for hours really are always going to end up having to admit no it’s not my institution and so God is the one who ultimately decides it and I want to let everyone know that’s watching tonight we’re not a governing body of the Churches of Christ on this program we’re three gospel preachers who are interested in finding out what God’s Word says about this subject or any subject and for those who might want to call in and ask a question or make a comment please understand that we’re going to be going to this book right here and giving you a thus saith the Lord we won’t be telling you what our opinion is about this out of the other because on the day of judge that would be worthless and we have no authority to speak on our own opinion on this matter anyway because marriage isn’t ours it belongs to God the marriage bed is undefiled but it’s his he is the one who authored it and instituted it and we need to keep that in mind well let’s talk about this subject of marriage and divorce and remarriage brother Don when it comes to divorced it’s obviously not something any of us want to ever have to experience did Jesus ever give a scriptural reason that one could end the marriage of that they’re involved in yes in fact Matthew night Matthew chapter 19 is the text that we always go to I think it’s one of the most straightforward in clear text in the Bible it’s interesting in Matthew 19 when the Jews came trying to trap Jesus and they asked him can a man divorce his wife for any reason Jesus initial answer was no that God joined a man and a woman together but then he goes on he said that he says originally that was not God’s intent God’s intent was for a man and a woman to remain married then he does go on and he gives one exception to the rule the rule is stay married the one exception to the rule he gives in matthew chapter 19 verse 9 and that is for fornication if fornication has occurred a man can put his wife away if she has cheated on him she has committed fornication the innocent can put the guilty party away for that reason fornication in fact that is the only exception that is given in the Bible a lot of times people want to bring up lots of other difficult situations right and certainly your heart goes out to people who are in these difficult situations but the only passage that the Lord gave the only exception the Lord gave is Matthew chapter 19 and verse 9 I want to read it as we begin because I know we’re going to refer back to this many times jesus said and I say unto you whosoever shall put away his wife except it be for fornication and shall marry another committeth adultery and whoever and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery and so he said if a man divorces his wife and marries another and the reason is not fornication then he is living in a state of adultery in that second marriage right and the first phrase and I say unto you is significant because if the words of Christ are going to judge us in the last day and John 12:48 says that they will then the fact that he says this is not like what the latest Gallup poll says or what some preacher said it’s what Jesus came right out and said I’m glad you mention something about the the general rule because it reminds me when I was at freed-hardeman going to school there they had sign above the gymnasium door on one entrance that said no food and drink in the gymnasium and then at the other door it said no food and drink in the gymnasium and then next to it was an exception except during ball games and I thought about Luke 16:18 which gives the general rule that whosoever putteth away his wife and marry another committeth adultery it doesn’t give an exception in that passage because the general rule is that God doesn’t want that done but Matthew 19 does give the exception and the rather saying what if somebody comes up to you and says but it’s so complicated it’s just so hard to figure out there’s so many different views on it and one eldership i heard about in indiana came back from a conference and they announced to the congregation they said we’ve just come back from a conference there in 8 different positions on this subject in the Brotherhood and we’ve decided we don’t have a position on this subject as an eldership because it’s just too murky for any of us to figure out what would you say to those folks well there must be a decisive fact that we can hold on to in Matthew 19 is that area Matthew 5 also 1st Corinthians 7 Romans 7 all of these the com+ which tell us what God desires and what God has legislated if we want to use that term we haven’t mentioned Malachi 2:16 yet which also emphasizes that God does not want divorce he hates divorce so it’s God desire that there be one man one woman and that is that which constitutes a marriage according to the Bible and they are to stay married but somebody says well it’s too complicated just recently I had a conversation with a good friend and his position is is that Christ’s blood the cleansing power of Christ’s blood is unlimited and thus it can wash away and we can touch that blood either in baptism or in repentance and that that will wash away any sins so again he’s cloud eing the waters but that’s not what God said God said except it be for that one circumstance period no other choice we can understand that right it’s that we do not choose to understand that that eldership can understand that if I were to just guess and that’s nothing more than what I’m doing it would likely be my supposition that that eldership may have some families there that are already involved in a difficult situation that they would have to take a hold off if they took a stand but the fact is God has spoken and we can understand it you know we’ve started the program tonight by showing first the authority for marriage comes from God himself who authored it he has the right to make the rules we’ve talked about the passage that shows the simplicity of this and brother guy in Woods was a well known and loved and respected and one of the last sermons he ever preached I was privileged to hear in which he said sometimes people will come up to me and say brother Woods after all your decades of Bible study what is your analysis of matthew 19:9 and each say I tell them that matthew 19:9 after many years of study i’ve come to conclusion it means this whosoever shall put away his wife except it be for fornication and shall marry another committeth adultery and whoso marrieth her that is put away doth commit adultery they seem to be dissatisfied with his answer and so they said no we were we’re wanting you to exegete it give us draw out the meaning of the text what’s your expert analysis he said alright here it is whosoever shall put away his wife except it be for fornication and shall marry another committeth adultery and whoso marrieth err that has put committed adultery and then he said this I’ll never forget it he said the passage doesn’t need explaining as much as it needs believing and brother Blackwell we started with the truth about this subject but as you well know Satan is always lurking to take the truth God has given and to modify it just like you did in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and it’s saying that word not you shall not surely die so how is Satan what are some of the methods that Satan is used to try to muddy the waters on this subject right here one of the probably most common errors that people have embraced is the idea that baptism washes away all sins and so if you are in and if you are in an unscriptural marriage and then you become a Christian that baptism sanctifies that it washes away that sin and now your you are in a marriage that is acceptable to God you know from the emotional side you can understand why people reach this conclusion if you find yourself in an unscriptural marriage the implications of getting out of it are significant they’re huge they’re going to impact your life and your family and it is going to require a significant a monumental change in your life of sacrifice and so I can see a person reading Matthew 19 and saying it surely it can’t mean that they’re grasping wanting it to mean something else and so when someone comes along and offers another explanation you can see why someone would grasp onto that now there are lots of different explanations or errors that people have put out there to get around this that is one of probably the most common ones I ever hear and that is baptism washes away on scriptural marriages and so if I entered into this marriage before I became a Christian when I became a Christian I was forgiven of that and I can remain in this marriage said well and the response to that is what’s the best response one could give to that the response that I would simply give is it is true that baptism can wash away any sin but any sin that’s going to be forgiven must be repented of right and so if a person says I want to obey the gospel I want to become a Christian well when we cite the steps of the plan of salvation we say he must hear believe repent confess and be baptized and so if he’s living in a sinful situation baptism can forgive that if he will repent no repentance demands stopping that we just read in Matthew 19 a man enters into a second marriage that’s unscriptural he is committing adultery he’s living in a constant sin a constant process of sinning and so if a man were a thief and he said well I was baptized and so I was forgiven of that and I’m going to continue to steal everyone would say that’s that’s not correct if a man is a homosexual and he’s engaging in homosexuality and he said well I’m a Christian now I’m forgiven I’m going to continue being a homosexual we understand that doesn’t work and this is in the same category a person who’s in an unscriptural marriage is living in a sin if they don’t stop it indicates they never repented in the first place as they remain in it they’re continuing that sin and so the only way they can be forgiven is they’ve got to stop that and then repent of it and the Lord will forgive them of that yes for this is a live called in program and you might be watching for the first time and not be aware of that so let me tell you that if you’d like to call the program the number is six six two eight seven four five five zero eight six six two eight seven four five five zero eight and we do have a caller on the line brother Patton McIntosh is the assistant director with the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver and their extensions program and he’s done a lot of mission work and you can’t Ukraine excuse me in Nigeria and he teaches a couple of classes in the graduate program at Bear Valley a graduate of the brown trade school of preaching in 1989 and also has an m.div from average University brother a Macintosh shoe are you on the line with us so good to have you tonight I know it’s a gospel preacher you’ve had to deal with this subject in local work I know you’ve had to deal with it in the classroom as you’ve taught in schools of preaching if you will give us some of the clearest and insights that you think we have to keep in mind as we address this emotionally volatile issue well it is an emotional issue it is a highly volatile issue but has been indicated it’s an issue that is very easily cleared up through the Scriptures if we just approach the Scriptures in a proper fashion teaching it at brown trail now I’m teaching first Corinthians this quarter and we’re going to be dealing for about three days with the first pitch in chapter 7 because of the issues and because of the nature of the culture and the church today regarding these things well McIntosh perhaps our viewers may not be aware of the argument that some make from 1st Corinthians 7 we began tonight by noticing matthew 19:9 says there’s one exception and that is fornication but some have suggested that know the desertion would also be a legitimate reason for divorcing your mate and remarrying based on their understanding of 1st Corinthians 7 and verse 15 which says brother sister is not under bondage in such cases what would you help them understand about the meaning of that text and why it doesn’t mean what they claim it means mean what they claim it means because you would have a direct contradiction in Scripture and what would negate inspiration right if there is a single contradiction in Scripture than inspiration did not occur Christ very clearly indicated that there was only one exception and that was fornication when you look at the concept with that Paul was dealing yes if if I’m say for example I’m married and my wife chooses to leave and she gives me almost made them it’s it’s many of the church then I’m to let her go in that situation and she’s only the part that’s the case because I have never been so bound to that marriage to lose my face over it or to violate a very clear scripture in that regard so my understanding of that passage is that I am not so bound to the marriage so as to sacrifice my okay brother Blackwell as we keep brother Macintosh on the line and discussed this with brother Sain and brother Blackwell some have argued well it says bondage they’re in first corinthians 7 and verse 15 were not under bondage and so they argue it must be the marriage bond is there any evidence to the contrary that our viewers need to consider you know there’s several things I think we can bring out here number one this the basis of this argument is if a person’s spouse abandons them then they’re not under bondage that means they are free to remarry is that a proper interpretation if you look just a few verses prior to this in 1st Corinthians chapter 7 he describes a situation like this listen to what he says in verse 10 now to the married I command yet not i but the lord a wife has not to depart from her husband she is not to abandon her husband but even if she does depart let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband and then he says and a husband is not to divorce his wife and so he describes a situation where a spouse abandons you what do you do with that he says she cannot remarry and he is not to divorce his wife and so the idea that not under bondage means that you’re no longer bound you can remarry he’s already said that’s not what it means in the prior verses also when you look at this and you discuss what do what does it mean that you’re not under bondage this is an interesting reading this is another version but listen how this this is how the ESV reads but if the unbelieving partner separates let it be so in such cases the brother or sister is not enslaved God has called you to peace what it means is if you are the under if you’re unbelieving spouse says to you you quit this Christianity stuff or I’m leaving you’re not a slave to them you are not obligated to do what they said in order to maintain your marriage you be faithful to Christ this word bondage is never used with reference to the marriage bond right and so if this is the case in 1st Corinthians 7 it’s an exception to the rule right we’ve got a hundred and thirty three cases of the word dulu being used for slave or servant or bondage and never once it refers to the marriage bond unless assist this is the exception brother McIntosh you teach first Corinthians is there a word for the marriage bond in the immediate vicinity of this text that shows that Paul knew that word existed and could have used it in verse 15 if he’d wanted to that it’s clearly a case as I indicated earlier that to pay one position within another in clear contradiction with one another right Paul in Jesus fact didn’t Paul say brother McIntosh the things that he wrote were the commandments of the Lord first Corinthians 14 thirty Seconds actly and what Paul was doing there was he was indicating there were things that Christ dealt with and things that he has dealt with there are several different scenarios on a consideration right and what Paul was addressing was something that Christ did not specifically address was saying he’s not giving his opinion in that regard right right the same is also with us and I want him to interact with you too brother McIntosh okay we’re the same we talked about this it doesn’t mean you’re enslaved the Bible does use the terminology of us being servants or slaves of Christ so is the passage saying we’re not in so enslaved to our mate in that we would ever be required to give up our service to Christ in order to serve our mates whims and wishes rather than Christ’s whims and wishes certainly so not only our spouse but anyone else for that matter right anything that would come between us and serving God being acceptable in the sight of God must be rejected Matthew 10:28 which speaks about we should not fear even those that can ultimately kill us but fear those that can destroy us spiritually our soul and the same would be applied here as far as 1st Corinthians 7 if indeed those horrendous circumstances prevailed and the spouse says I’m leaving either you give it up I’m gone then we’ve got to Greve be sorrowful wishing that that was not the case even Paul would elsewhere refer to the fact of the reconciliation that hopefully would result after being apart from each other but to come back together that would be God’s desire but still our allegiance must be first and foremost to our Savior right brother Mackintosh I remember studying and correct me if I’m wrong about this that the tense of the verb that’s used here is one which most literally could be translated you have not been in bondage like this in the past you are not now in such bondage and the idea is you never would be in such bondage well that doesn’t that prove this can’t be a reference to the marriage bond exactly we have we are never and have never been so bound to a human relationship right so we find ourselves in contradiction with God’s Word that God is the standard that that relationship is supreme and the others are our favors off that if you will yes sir the tents of that I remember studying the same thing if this terminology did refer to the marriage bond it would be saying you are not now nor have you ever been bound to your spouse and it cannot mean that rather I think everyone accepts that right and I was thinking earlier about that use that Paul has of a little word called deo in Greek for the marriage bond and he uses that in the very vicinity here in first Corinthians chapter 7 verse 27 are you bound unto a wife they says will seek not to be loosed are you loosed from a wife seek not a wife the word he used for bound here is different than the word he used for bondage in verse 15 it’s obvious he’s using one in reference to the marriage bond and the other in reference to you’re not enslaved to your mate to the point of giving them Christ in order to keep your mate with you Vijay you know yours talking originally about how Satan tries to wield such a powerful influence upon and to get us somewhat away from the plan that God established in the very beginning and that’s exactly what this is you look at first Corinthians 7 we can understand what it’s saying it will take just it factually without being skewed without a desire to find a loophole without a desire to try to say okay my child is in that my spouse you know my friend is in that and I’m trying to find a way that it’s okay for them to be married to the one that they’re married to or divorce from whom they wish to be if you take away all of those influencing factors yes we can understand if you just let it speak right exactly well Mackintosh do you have any final comments you’d like to give us no I want to thank you for dealing with this I would mention one thing because if I’m being honest I hang up and listen to your comments for me the true test of applying the truths of marriage divorce and remarriage and when family are involved you know various preachers who once held a sound position on this doctrine right no longer do and as is often the case when one of their daughters are one of the children got involved and they’ve had to adjust their position to maintain some sense of peace of harmony in the family appreciate y’all dealing with this and appreciate y’all well we appreciate you teaching on this subject as a gospel preacher for all these many years brother Blackwell he referred to something that reminds me of a passage back in Deuteronomy 13 where he says if your brother I mean the very son of your mother comes to you and tries to get you to go serve Idol gods or if your own wife tries to get you to do that or someone that’s your best friend tries to get you to do that you don’t do it and you actually have the courage to turn them in for trying to get you to do it doesn’t that teach us the principle that when it comes to God’s truth it has to reign supreme over family considerations yes absolutely and the idea behind this I think is God’s law on marriage is strict it is very strict and sometimes when it hits a person’s own family they will say it can’t really mean that that is too strict when people have that thinking I think it’s good for them to go back and look at the reaction of the Lord’s disciples in Matthew 19 when Jesus laid out the teaching on marriage divorce his disciples said in verse 10 if the case of the man be so with this wife it is good not to marry their reaction was learnt this is very strict in fact they said this is so strict maybe it would be better not to get married in the first place if if it is this strict what’s the point the point is when they heard it they interpreted or this is a very strict law that you have laid down and we have to understand that is the case when a person enters into marriage he is entering into something that is very serious the complications of this are for the rest of his life and then when he makes mistakes he has entered into a situation that he has complicated it and he has if we would do it the way the Lord said in the first place it would all be alright but when we sin and we complicated that’s when the strictness and the difficulties and the consequences come long roads be Jade recently well I say recently not too long ago we had two different families where I preached in Tennessee that came to the decision independent of each other other not knowing of the other studies and both of those couples came to the conclusion that they were in adultery and they said in one of them said especially one couple in my office with tears flowing down their face or with hearts that was broken two small children were involved but they said we want to go to heaven more than we want a marriage that’s not pleasing to God and is it not the case that when we look at this subject such a hot-button issue that if we reach down to the depths of our soul to look at God what do you want right I will do it I will conform my life to it I will adhere to it I love you I want to go to heaven more than anything else this couple ended up separating they felt like they had to hard decision Oh certainly break our heart those children yes saw them just recently loved and hugged on them but their mom and dad set an example of this is supreme and oh my god is gonna rule my life I can’t help but believe that that is more important than even that family the four of them living together yeah absolutely it reminds me of the statement you were referring to her the Apostles the disciples said well that’s so strict Jesus went on to say well some are made eunuchs by men but some make themselves that way for the kingdom of heaven say when you’re describing such a couple that said basically we will do without the privileges of marriage and its relationship physically in order to please God and to be able to go to heaven someday and that’s marvelous this is a lie of calling program eight seven four five five zero eight the prefix would be six six two eight seven four five five zero eight we’d love to have you call in if you’ve got to call them we do have another caller at this time brother Wesley Simon’s who’s the preacher and elder at the Stoney Creek Church of Christ and also directs the tri-city school of preaching and Christian development and was the producer of the arise to truth radio program that I listened to for so many years when I was first cutting my eyeteeth as a gospel preacher brother Simon’s it’s good to have you on the broadcast thank you it’s good to be on brother Simon so some folks say that look Matthew Mark Luke and John do not apply to us because well that was all before the cross of Jesus Christ and we’re under the Testament the New Testament and that didn’t come into force until after Christ died but he said what he said about marriage while he was still alive matthew 19:9 and so how do you help someone who makes the argument that says Christians aren’t even under the law of Christ when it comes to marriage divorce and remarriage okay BJ there’s a argument one argument that says that Matthew Mark Luke and John were part of the Old Testament well if that’s true you think about what a ridiculous position that puts Guardian because Matthew Mark Luke and John would have been written somewhere around 50 to about 55 ad so after Jesus Christ died and knelt the old log of the Cross Colossians 2:14 through 16 he decided oh by the way I need to add four more books to that and so now we got Matthew Mark Luke and John well we know that matthew 19:9 did not apply to the Mosaic law patience why ever called the coin was talk to mitting adultery they were be stoned to death and so we know it was a part of the Old Testament not only that when you think about what about Matthew Mark Luke and John – what age do they apply well in Matthew chapter 18 if you got out with your brother go to him privately that doesn’t work take two or three witnesses if that doesn’t work tell it to the church so there’s something that applies to the Christian age not only that you got John 3:3 through 5 being born again now when when does not apply told brother Billingsley this in brother Billy’s we said well that’s a prophecy of the new age just a well let’s just look at matthew 19:9 then there’s a prophecy of the new age so PJ it won’t work to try to get rid of Matthew Mark Luke and John and for our viewers who may not be aware of it there’s a brother by the name of Dan Billingsley who started taking this erroneous position and advocating and promoting it and he’s had several debates and brother Simons has been among those to show the truth on this subject what if they say well though the the books were written after the death of Christ on the cross and his resurrection the establishment of the church jesus said the words while he was still under the Old Testament in what if they try to make the argument well therefore because he said it before the New Testament came into being doesn’t matter when Matthew Mark Luke and John wrote it he still said it under the Old Testament then what would you say well a lot of things that Jesus said under while he was living under Old Testament law we don’t deny that that he did live under Old Testament law Galatians 4:4 while it’s true he said some things those teachings many of which applied to the New Testament eight such as I used a moment ago Matthew chapter 18 right and John 3:3 through five what are we going to do with mark 16 15 and 16 what we’re going to do with Matthew 28:18 through the rest of the chapter see all of that applies to the Christian age yes sir and so there’s such a thing as anticipate or E legislation that the Lord is giving right that’s right yes sir well brother Simon if you’ll stay on the line with us I want our panelists brother Blackwell and brother sane to have a chance to also speak and talk with you brother Don as you think about this idea that Matthew Mark Luke and John are not a part of the New Testament it’s amazing that that doctrine still persists when the Bible is so clear on it why do you think that people have such a hard time seeing the plain truth on this subject I think it’s because people are desperately looking for some way around this and when they hear it maybe it’s perhaps one of the less common of these things and they hear it and they think yes there there’s one that I can take hold of you know you were talking about the Lord laying these things down in anticipation preparation for the law that would go into effect you know it’s not hard to understand every law is laid out in advance and it has a date and which is going to go into effect that takes place in our country we are told you know the Congress typically will vote on something and they’ll say if the first of this next year it will go into effect this is not something that’s foreign to us this is this is the natural process of laws and as I was going to bring up brother Simon’s so beat me to it the Great Commission is part of the Gospels if the Gospels are part of the Old Testament then the command to carry the New Testament law and all of the world is not applicable and that makes no sense whatsoever well the saying I know you have a tender heart and I love that’s one of the things I love about you so I know that you can relate to what I’m about to say and brother Simon’s I know you’ve dealt with this and your local work as a preacher as an elder perhaps and that is some people that you just grow so fond of and then you find out they’re in this situation I remember a couple in particular that they were on fire she had quit her job at the fitness a place because she said I’m not going to wear the things they want me to wear there because I think they’re too provocative and immodest and so she was making great strides one Sunday I just mentioned matthew 19:9 quoted it in passing didn’t stop to comment on it just quoted it and he came to me afterwards and he said if what you said today and your sermon is true then I think I might be living in adultery and I said well let’s hope that’s not the case but I’ll come to your house this afternoon and I did and when I talked to them and discovered they were in this situation I went home and I told my wife I said this must be where it starts for some preachers because emotionally as much as I love this couple I wanted to honestly find a way to make it okay for them but there was no way I could change the Word of God presumed to do that how do you handle it when people start saying well you the Lord would never expect a couple to break up and to break up a family when children are involved I want to hear from you brother sane and then from brother Simons our caller what would you say as many thoughts have come flooding to my mind the Lord has told us initially that being a child of his being a follower of his is going to be difficult gonna be sure it’s that straight and narrow in other words if we do not love our parents less than him we cannot be his disciple unless we love our children less than him we cannot unless we’re willing to deny ourselves take up the cross and follow him so our Lord has very clearly the find what is required of us in order to be a Christian walking the heavenly journey here odd toward heaven on earth in this earthly journey and to get there when we come to that particular place though when a couple comes and maybe ultimately realizes come to that realization all we can do is try to empathy Clee sympathize hurt with them but encourage them to make the right decisions that way that it’s right that cannot be wrong and can guarantee that Heaven’s going to be their home one of the two couples I referred to a few moments ago there was a little bit question in their mind as to whether or not it was adulterous or not but the man himself took the initiative and said I want to make sure she gets to heaven I want to get to heaven myself and I must make that decision well that’s all we can do is plead that they will love the Lord so much that they will be willing to do that I had an elder some years ago his wife had passed away it become acquainted with another lady there in the church the lady had explicitly told me and many others multiple times in fact I have no right to ever marry I was married previously I did not divorce him for the right reason and yet with a changing of time this elder looked at the scripture and Allies tried to come to the realization he adopted the position of all men are not amenable to the gospel of Christ the law of Christ and thus she during that particular time was not amenable to the law thus it did not apply to her in us in other words that was his loophole I tried to plead with him I tried to implore him to love the Lord enough to accept the parameters that he is established right and unless they do then they’re not going to please the father that’s very good and I appreciate your comments so brother Simon’s are there any passages in the Bible that would show us people that were surely married and they broke off those marriages even though children were involved anything that our viewers could consider well in the book of Ezra after God told the children of Israel they could not marry the people in the land but some of them did and they were told by inspiration to put those wives away so we know that God will endorse that but in the case of Herod married to her odious John the Baptist lost his head over this subject by telling Herod you’ve on ear unlawfully got your brother Philips wife that won’t be viewing audience to realize that one can have another person’s wife the Bible says so now since we’re talking about lawful and unlawful BJ I would like to give four true or false questions that every gospel preacher every elder needs to memorize yes and I use these in marriage counseling and I let people counsel themselves by use answering these questions number one true false only God can join two people together lawfully that’s true number two God always joins two people together in harmony with his marriage laws that’s true number three only God can just join two people lawfully that’s true number four God always dis joins two people in harmony with his divorce law now once we get people to see that BJ’s yes sir didn’t they say well unless this person over here because I couldn’t get along with him then I said well let’s go back to the question that you answer you said that only God to disjoin two people lawfully and then you agreed that he always disjoints two people in harmony with his divorce law now did he destroy you and your mate that’s what I need to know and boy you’re talking about powerful I start to open well and you’re letting the Bible speak for itself too and having to make any decisions you’re letting God’s Word do that which is great and we we appreciate your call we have another caller on the line but we do appreciate your call brother Simon’s thank you for these excellent insights okay thank you yes sir yes sir we have another caller Linda Hurst is on the line with us Linda welcome to the program are you there Linda are you there well while we’re waiting on Linda let’s go okay hello hello welcome to gbr alive glad you’re here thank you thank you I have two questions one is if the couples Christians otherwise get divorced because of fornication and then after they get divorced they decide that they really loved each other and maybe they should have forgiven whichever one it was biblically okay for them to remarry okay let me take that question to brother Blackwell here and let him address that from a biblical standpoint okay the way I understand the question is you have a man and a woman who were married they decided to divorce and then they want to remarry each other is that the correct question correct okay of course it was mentioned earlier Malachi 2:16 God hates divorce God’s ideal situation is for a marriage to remain intact now the question is once they’re divorced can they remarry each other I would say that would be ideal that would be what God would desire now listen to this I’m gonna go back to Matthew 19 and I say unto you whosoever shall put away his wife except it be for fornication and shall marry another commits adultery now the phrase another is key there he is saying that a man has divorced his wife and he marries some other person he enters into a situation that’s not scriptural that’s not what you have if a person comes back and reunites with their original spouse and I in fact I think what you have is what is ideal and what God is would desire and that is you have put that home back together excellent did you have another question yes what’s your other you have another question yes if a couple that Christians realize that if they become a Christian they are not to be married because they’ve been married before but one of them’s health is really bad and they know they can’t live together as husband and wife the one spouse needs to take care of the other they decide to live in the same home separately so that they can take care of this person as of now the one person died can they stay there together like that not live as husband okay the same it this type of question indicates the ramifications and all of the different avenues of thought my reaction would be that certainly we can care for one another we are to provide for one another help one another edify one another love one another all of the one another passages and as long as they’re not living together as husband and wife as long as their reputation per se is not being influenced or detrimental from the standpoint of what God would have us as children of God to be certainly in that condition health wise to take care of one another I see nothing wrong with that at all we’re not talking about marriage we’re not talking about sexually being involved but rather just helping one another in that in that decline condition alright that answer your questions I know a couple that’s not Christians and she knows what to do to become a Christian but she won’t because she her husband is a Japan she know she needs to be there for him so she won’t they don’t serve after church but she won’t become a Christian because she needs to be there with him and do everything for him so that’s that’s the other side of the point we certainly appreciate the idea that someone would to take care of someone who’s ailing and the ideal situation I suppose would be for them to find a way to do it without their reputation being questioned as far as you know the situation that’s what brother Sain was referring to a moment ago but there’s nothing that says someone can’t show benevolence to another human being rather black let you have any thoughts on this you know thinking about what she’s saying there you’ve got if I understand the situation right you’ve got two people who the law says they’re married but they’re not really married they’re not scripturally married and they’re wanting to remain in that situation because they there’s care that needs to be given one to another brother Simon says something when he was on the phone a moment ago that I think was key and that is God is the one who does the joining in a marriage relationship Matthew 19:6 what God has joined together let not man put asunder if God hasn’t joined you together you’re really not married and so this couple though they the law of the land says they’re married in the eyes of God they are not married and so if they’re thinking we’re going to remain in this relationship because of health reasons they need to understand they’re really not in that relationship they’re really not married in the eyes of God it’s just something that’s in a sense of farce that the people in the world recognize and if you’ve got Christians who are in that situation and they want to remain in it for that reason and they may might even make excuses and say well we won’t be together sexually as a husband and a wife they need to understand they are damaging their reputation in that sense and they cannot continuing that because God has not joined them you know I think it’s some interesting in Matthew 19 the same chapter that discusses marriage and divorce right shortly after that he discusses the rich young ruler and of course what was required of the rich young ruler was to go and sell all that he had and to give to the poor and follow the Lord the rich young ruler thought that this was a requirement that was just too heavy I don’t think this is coincidental that these two things occur so close to each other because though it is a different commandment a different thing that’s being considered the implications of the or the same right it wouldn’t preclude someone providing for someone’s medical care but you don’t have to live in the same house to do that to get a hospice nurse or someone to come in and provide help and assistance and so the ideal situation would be to look for a place where you could reside and still show you know care as a human being but not be questioned as far as whether you really are still living together as husband and wife or not but that would be the idea all right we have another caller Joe welcome to the program hello Joe are you there welcome to the broadcast tonight thank you appreciate the subject matter it just had a question that perhaps you can answer I would like to know how the laws of Christ regarding marriage divorce early marriage how does that affect those who are sinners and who may not be aware of those laws prior to becoming a prior to marriage and even prior to becoming a member of the church I think so I think I do and you’re asking if I understand correctly what about someone who’s already involved in a situation and they haven’t heard the gospel yet so they don’t know they’re in a bad situation how would they know okay that they were in a bad situation all right right I guess you could ask how would they know that they’re guilty of any sin prior to hearing the gospel which condemns said rather saying what would you say to this question about whether number one how would they know it number two do they really have to know that something is spelled out to be wrong but to be guilty of wrongdoing well you started down that paragraph of thought when you were speaking about the idea of how would they know any sin how would technique Klee we look at murder lying stealing any type of immorality or the thing that is a violation of God’s law and until we come to a knowledge of the truth and we find that reference many times of how we learn the truth we come to a knowledge of the truth we hear the truth we can understand the truth Ephesians three four remarks about that we can know the truth that sets us free John 8:32 when we come to an understanding of God the Father and this is his will and he has the right to say this is right this is wrong whether we knew that prior to the time of coming initially to an understanding of that we then must conform our lives to that will yes sir to be able to have the benefit of hearing our fathers say well done good and faithful servant at the end of our life here on earth the mansion is waiting for us we must conform to that will including marriage divorce and remarriage honesty integrity I mean every single aspect of it if we say that we’re not amenable to the laws as far as marriage is concerned we’ve got to go and paint that brush fully all over the entire realm as far as the laws of Christ are concerned yes sir BJ like if I could laying off of what the brother Paul has said what he said brought a passage to my mind and it’s first Corinthians chapter six nine and following know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God he says be not deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor abusers of themselves with mankind nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor revilers nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God and so he lists a different list of sins he includes fornication he includes adultery and then in verse 11 he says to the Corinthians and such were some of you he says but you have been washed and sanctified you’re justified in the name of the Lord what’s the point he says here’s a list of sins and some of you who are now Christians were guilty of these things be for you McCain Christians he specifies fornication and he specifies adultery and so they were guilty of violating God’s law on marriage thus adultery prior to becoming Christian so God’s law on marriage applied to them what did they have to do he said they had repented they obeyed the gospel and they were washed and and justified and what brother Paul said specifically that made me think of this is it’s not just adultery but it’s all these other sins the same thing applies absolutely we have the Thomas on the line we have a lot of good calls coming in tonight Thomas so welcome to the broadcast can you turn your television down for us for just a moment Thomas are you there all right we’ll wait Thomas may show up here in just a second this subject is obviously evoked a lot of conversation and a lot of thought our number is six six to eight seven four five five zero eight we’re coming down the final segment of our broadcast tonight but we are glad that you have been calling and we want you to continue to do that remember we’re on the air every Thursday night at this time from 7:00 to 8:00 Central time for gbn live and we’ll cover a lot of different Bible subjects and you can call during those programs as well Thomas do we have you yet yeah I Thomas welcome what’s your thought tonight what do you every day thank you for yeah I’m sorry about that I was still listening to you on the questions you were discussing while ago about the couple living together because of health problems this is was that because were they in an adulterous marriage prior to that time if I remember the caller correctly I don’t know did the caller specify gentlemen do you remember like the scenario maybe I misunderstood but I thought the scenario was here are some people who were in an unscriptural marriage but have remained actually I think there might have been two described one of them was a couple because she said the woman did not want to obey the gospel she knew she was in an unscriptural marriage well no that was that was not the one it was about the man and woman are still living together because of health problems tambien was made that if God did not join that marriage together that God didn’t recognize it but the problem is if they were living in an adulterous relationship God recognized that marriage but that it was an adulterous marriage is that not right of course what I meant when I said he doesn’t recognize it I mean he did not recognize it in the sense that he joined them together he did not recognize it as a valid marriage he recognized it as an adulterous sinful marriage either right thank you for clarifying fabulous yeah oh right this marriage you know might be something that I know we’re off of a land yeah I’m sorry to interrupt you but we have only one minute left in the broadcast and and I’m sorry simply are unable to to continue right now we’ve got to wrap this up but thank you very much for calling and perhaps you can call back another time thank you thank you Tom appreciate it obviously same time God recognized that Herod was married there was a marriage there but it was the wrong marriage and it’s not lawful for thee to have that woman so in other words it it’s recognized that away but it’s not acceptable and you know the Bible does use the term marriage accomodative Leah Jesus tells the woman at the well you’ve had five husbands the one you have now is not yours so Jesus is not saying they were all scriptural husbands he’s using the term accomodative Li we so appreciate your watching the broadcast tonight and we do want you to join us again each week here at 7 p.m. for gbn live until then may God continue to bless you as you study his divine word

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