Are Only Members of the Church of Christ Going to Heaven? (B.J. Clarke)


To speak freely is not enjoyed by all peoples of the world this nation under God set the standard of our concept of man we’re going to save this nation this world this country this community I’m so very happy to be here tonight and to worship with you and I just want to say a quick word before I launch into my part of the message of this church and all the folks have been associated with Don and sherry are leaving an impression on a watching world and it is a very good one about what it is to be a Christian have you ever seen such Christian love outpoured as you’re seeing in our great Brotherhood I’m so grateful for it I know the Blackwell’s are and to watch Don and sherry in the way they’re handling this has been a major encouragement as well and I’m certainly appreciative for the fact that like many of you no doubt Tish and I recently while on a trip spent Sunday afternoon watching a video of Don preaching and his clarity of mind his presence his scriptural mastery all of that was still very very much present and I think that he’s going to do more good even than he’s already done and I he’s done a boatload of good for the Lord and I think he’s only just begun to realize the influence that he will have on souls populating heaven and I’m grateful for a church like this that’s so generous to comfort a family in hurt and heartache and to reassure them everything is alright we still have you as our preacher and one of our preachers and we want you to know that you have a family waiting for you to come back home you think that doesn’t mean something to them sure does and when Tish and I had the privilege of going to visit the security guard when he was telling us which way to go said just follow the crowd you’ll find him isn’t that a testament to Christian love and I’m so grateful to be a part of this family very very grateful speaking of the idea of promoting or supporting good works this book I hope you’ll get a copy of it because I just looked through the table of contents and the schedule and these are the very issues you and I running into every day talking to our friends their neighbors co-workers and I need to be ready to give an answer for some of the things that are going to be brought up and this book does a very excellent job of providing information and certainly another book was mentioned here tonight that brother Dwayne McCrory wrote that I was privileged to be one of the individuals to write a recommendation for it and I really mean that when I write that recommendation it’s an easy read it’s an informative read and all of the proceeds go of course to to help Don and Sherri right now in their financial need and I’m grateful for that book and I’m going to be taking it with me on some gospel meetings and letting folks know about it and be promoting both the content of the book and also the cause for which it stands and speaking of that promoting things that help Don and sherry I will confess to you I’ll confess to you tonight I am Rocky and the Don Blackwell Sox okay and I am proud of it in case you over here you don’t believe me and I am grateful that that’s just one more way of helping to help someone and also get something beneficial out of it at the same time we have a wonderful Brotherhood don’t we wonderful Brotherhood now if someone comes up to you tomorrow at work and they say hey don’t you remember the Church of Christ yes is it true I just want to ask you is it true what I’ve heard about you all what’s that and you’re already terrified there about to ask you this question aren’t you at least some folks are is it true that you believe that only members of the Church of Christ are going to heaven is that what you really believe I had a lady tell me some years ago as we were getting ready to have a bring one day at the church where I was preaching she said I’m bringing a visitor but I want you to know this visitor please I’m not asking you to compromise the truth but this visitor has asked a member of the church about whether they have to be a member of the Church of Christ in order to be saved and that member of the church answered affirmatively and I had to do some cleanup and reassure this person that is not true that’s just a big ugly rumor that someone started about us to try to make us look bad and I said is that the way you left that conversation and she assured me that it was and I said well I’d like to talk to you about a different approach to use the next time that gets brought up now there’s the other approach someone asks you do you have to be a member of the Church of Christ in order to be saved and you say well yes it’s like duh how could you not know that I’ve seen that attitude have you now which one is the one we what do we want to run from this question and absolute terror do we want to answer it in harsh and abrasive fashion as if to say well if you don’t like it tough or is there another way to do that and get all the right things said and done that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish tonight in this message and that is to first address some questions that will help you and help me answer this question because it’s not one that we have to run from number one thing that you have to address is who has the authority to answer this question and this is why when someone asks me that question I have gotten in the habit every time of saying you have asked such an important question I would not dare stake your eternal soul or my on my answer to the question I would rather show you something the Lord said about it and would it be all right if I took the time to to answer the question by showing you something Jesus said if they say no it won’t be all right I don’t have time to look up a verse then let me ask you a question what chance would you have to help rescue that person anyway if they’re not even willing to look at one or two verses of Scripture now I just want a yes or no from you I just want to yes or no from you I so Allah yes or no from me means nothing for this reason jesus said in john 12:48 the word that he spoke will judge men in the last day not my words and the judgment of God is according to truth according to Romans two and verse two and my truth is not the truth my truth is the word which is truth John 17:17 and that’s not really my truth that’s the god-breathed truth can we look at a passage of Scripture the first thing you have to do is address who has the authority to answer this question and this is not a question that we’re asking and answering on the basis of a public poll it is based on what the Bible comes right out and says so when someone asks is it true that you believe Jesus is only going to save those who are members of the Church of Christ I always start there you’ve asked an important question and I don’t want to give you my thing so on it I’d rather show you something jesus said would that be all right and once they’ve given me that permission I like to start in Matthew 7 for this reason it lays down at least a basic template for whether all religious folks are going to be saved or not saved and this is what we need from the lips of our Lord did he ever answer any questions or address any issues regarding who’s going to heaven and who not did Jesus ever address who is going to heaven who is not in the religious world yes or no yes and so let me ask you to look at it with me in Matthew chapter 7 and you’ll notice that in verse number 21 jesus said now this isn’t BJ Clarke talking this is the inspired Word of God recording Jesus speaking in the Sermon on the Mount not everyone that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven and then I may pause at this point and ask the person with whom I’m studying and I like to usually ask them to read the verse can we read Matthew 7:21 and I want to hear their voice read these words out loud not everyone that says unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but does he ever tell us in the verse who is going to heaven but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven and so I will sometimes allow the person with whom I’m studying to read Matthew 7:21 and then I will ask them this question in a very loving way based on what and Jesus just said are there some folks who will call Jesus Lord and believe he is the Lord who will not enter into the kingdom of heaven and what is the obvious answer if you believe Jesus told the truth in Matthew 7:21 then true or false Jesus taught that some people who believe he is the Lord will not go to heaven will not enter into the kingdom of heaven is that true or is that false it’s true he said it not everyone that says to me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven and to prove this even further look at verse 22 Manny will say he’s already said in this chapter by the way that the man are going down the broad way that leads to destruction and the few are going down the narrow path that leads to eternal life and so he comes back to this concept of the many and he says in verse 22 many will say to me in that day Lord Lord stop these aren’t atheists they believe he’s the Lord these are not Jews who denied the Messiahship of Jesus Christ these are not casual nominal believers in Jesus who aren’t willing to put any time or effort into the religious beliefs that they have because the folks depicted in verse 22 who call him Lord say have we not prophesied in thy name literally preached in your net have we been preaching for you on your behalf they claimed that they would have cast out devils and they certainly say in thy name we’ve done many wonderful works that sounds like religious folk to me who are so convicted that Jesus is the Lord they’re preaching about it and they’re living like he’s the Lord to the point that they say Jesus Christ is the one he is the one who can save us and they’ve done many wonderful works on his behalf would you zoom in on verse 23 and then will I profess unto them stop who does the them point back to the word them in verse 23 points back to what group the folks who call him Lord who preached in his name who’ve been involved in religious activities those are the very folks that Jesus says in verse 23 then will I profess unto them I watch this never knew you can I ask you something did they think he would know them did they think they knew him yes and yet what does Jesus say he will tell these religious minded folk who believed he’s the Lord I never knew you well how is that possible they’ve done some of his will so how could he not have known them and this takes me back to that story of preachers have been telling all these years and we keep telling it because it makes an effective point about the father who leaves his will to his boys upon his demise he wants his sons to do the following to honor his will number one boys I want you to build a fence at this spot on the property and the boys looked that over and they think there’s no better place for a fence on this entire farm than right there on that spot that father picked out father was a genius that’s exactly where that fence ought to go and that’s where we’re building one father’s willsez number two I want you to build a barn at this spot on the property and the brothers look at each other and say can you think of a more brilliant place to put a barn than right there that’s genius that’s where the barn needs to be built we completely concur that that is exactly where a barn needs to be father was so bright boys I want you to dig a well at this spot on the property the father was smart but rather did do you think that’s the best spot for that well no I really don’t I really don’t think that’s the best spot for that well I agree with you so you know what where do you think the better spot for it is I think we ought to build the well here you know what I agree with you so let’s build the well in the best spot for it right here well their fathers will left them three stipulations and I’m asking you tonight in how many of the three stipulations that their father gave them were they willing to submit to his will and it’s a trick question in some ways because usually the immediate answer that comes to our minds is but focus on the word submit why were the boys willing to build the fence at the spot selected by their father because they just so happen to believe that was the best spot for the fence why were the boys willing to build the barn where Father’s will said to build it that’s where they thought the barn ought to go the first time their will and their fathers will clashed what did they do they left their father’s will behind and did their own now let me ask you a question when it comes to the will my father are there some religious folks out there and for that matter starting behind me and coming forward are there some of us in here tonight that will follow this will in the areas in which we agree or happen to agree with it but the first time his will says don’t do this and we want to do that don’t wear this and we want to wear that don’t say this and we want to say that don’t watch this and we want to want you I could keep going but I don’t need to you understand the point are there times when we are very selective about which part of this will we are willing to observe yes or no yes and so now what Jesus Christ taught this principle if you really love me you’ll keep my my Commandments I don’t know who wrote this I never did write down the source of it but I’ve always remembered it and I oft repeated it says if I believe in the Bible only the things with which I agree it’s not really the Bible I believe it’s me if I believe in the Bible only the things with which I agree it’s not really the Bible I believe in it’s me and the first time God’s will and mine clash I win that can’t be denied jesus said take up your cross so there’s some religious minded folk who do what the Lord says do to a point but then they draw the line and they make up their own rules and so we want to ask these questions after having read Matthew 7:21 2:23 here the questions that we want our student to answer or to ask him that we need to address ourselves number one and for those of you following him the book and I’m not following the book just word for word but for those of you following in the book on page 47 this question is one you could ask after reading Matthew 7:21 223 according to Jesus in this text will everyone who calls him Lord be saved to enter the kingdom of heaven and then give them some time to really dwell on it and if they can read words and are honest hearted they’re going to see the plain statement not everyone that says Lord Lord shall – according to Jesus will many religious minded folks be astonished to learn on the day of judgment that Jesus did not know them approvingly what’s the answer yes and you’re helping them to see that wait a minute there are some religious folks that aren’t going to make it so it’s not so ungodly to suggest that some religious folks may not be going to heaven because that’s what Jesus said and we are honoring his will when we acknowledge that some religious minded folks aren’t going to go to heaven and then here’s question number 4 according to Jesus if the people of Matthew 7 watch this question according to Jesus if the people of Matthew 7 22 and 23 had done the will of the Father in heaven would they have been going to heaven yes or no have your stops think about this Jesus doesn’t just say it’s not everyone that says Lord Lord that’s not going he comes right out and tells us who is going of those who are accountable who needs salvation by the blood of Christ he that doeth the will of Father which is in heaven that’s who’s going to heaven show me a man that’s doing the will of the Father in heaven I’ll show you a man that’s going to heaven but at this point someone may interject we can’t understand the will of God but in Ephesians 3 and verse 4 he says when you read you may understand in Ephesians 5:17 wherefore be not unwise but understanding what the will of the Lord is and so we see plainly the observation that we can understand it and so then I like to say to those people if if one Bible study is not enough and we need to go further I’ll say look would you agree based on what we just read from Ephesians that we need to both understand what the will of the Lord is yes when would be a good time in your busy schedule for us to set down together and study what that will is with Tuesday or Thursday be better or which narrow it start narrowing it down and be decisive and loving at the same time this is now the book of authority if they don’t believe that you’re going to have to start there obviously and teach them why this book should be respected and revered but once this book is received as the common Authority now you’re ready to start asking asking and answering these questions number one how many churches did Jesus promise to build and you turn to Matthew 16 and you read verse 18 and you see where Jesus said upon this rock I will build my church and by the way it’s an impressive sight to see visually if you visit Caesarea Philippi and you see this rocky ledge that goes on in both directions if you were to take the distance going in both directions it would equal about a mile Jesus walked sixteen miles one way to that spot to ask whom do men say that I the Son of Man and their various answers given and then he said but whom say ye that I am and Peter confessed that he was the Christ the Son of the Living God next thing you know you find Jesus saying upon this rock this bedrock of truth that I am the son of God you just confessed me to be I will build my what church and friends if I say to you tonight upon this pulpit I will lay my watch and after services you come up and take the watch of your choice and you start looking around and you say well what do you mean of my choice there’s only one right Jesus didn’t say I’m gonna build my church now you joined the Church of your choice and so Jesus Christ has promised to build one church did the church jesus promised to build ever come into existence go with me to the book of Acts and notice Acts chapter two in Acts chapter two we know something happened on this day that has to do with the church because after preaching the death the burial and resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ and the fact that he’s now at the right hand of God as Lord and Messiah indeed they cried out what shall we do they were told repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins they were told they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit acts 2:38 did anyone do it verse 41 about 3,000 Souls did gladly welcomed this word responded to it and what happened what kept happening verse 47 praising God having favor with all the people and the Lord added to the church singular those who are being saved Jesus you said you were going to build a church is this it well yes this is the one and I know this is elementary and I know that you and I have talked about it so many times before but I want to go back to it I want to ask you if you and I could go back in time and just have a conversation with the folks on Pentecost hey you seem so happy why are you so happy my sins are cleansed by the blood of Christ and I’m now a member of the church from 2019 vantage point someone on the first day of the church’s existence the day of Pentecost has just told us they’re a member of the church singular but we’ve grown up with a church on every street corner just about our church building on every street corner representing all these different churches and so we have a hard time of thinking of just one but on the day of Pentecost they would have had a hard time of thinking of more than one file that away and think about that how many churches on the day of Pentecost did those folks know about that you and I know about that are in our directories how many in fact truth be told if you an hour to say to them hey yeah what’d you say you remember the church which denomination I’m sorry which what I don’t follow you well you said you remember the church which denomination are you I don’t know what that word means whose church are you a member of the church let me ask you this question dear friends could the folks on the day of Pentecost have said we are members of the Church of Christ without referring to a denomination known as the Church of Christ could they have done that yes or no yes because that’s the only church that had come into existence and it belonged to someone it belonged to the one who bled and died for it Jesus and so they would not have been promoting a brand of denomination ilysm if they’d been asked hey what church are you they say I’m a member of the Church of Christ the actual Church of Christ now I’ve told this umpteen times here and in many places where I’ve been privileged to preach but I tell it because it just helps to illustrate to those who may be watching or listening that this is really revolutionary for some folks once they get a hold of this it opens up a lot of vistas of understanding so here I am in Nesbit Mississippi 25 plus years ago now studying with a young couple named Burt and Michelle fuller and I’ve made an observation to them just like I made to you just now that in Acts chapter 2 they were just members of the Lord’s church the church that belong to Christ and they weren’t members of a denominational brand of the Church of Christ or a wing of the Church of Christ we’re just members of the one church that had come into existence that day and that if we do what they did we’ll be what they were just members of the one church and so I started to go on to the next and Michelle say whoa whoa whoa go back go back if I’m hearing you correctly you’re not trying to convert us from our denomination we’ve grown up in to join and transfer membership to your denomination that you’ve grown up in as if your denominations better than our denomination if I’m hearing you correctly when you’re trying to get me and my husband to become members of the Church of Christ you mean that Church of Christ the one that started in acts 2 that’s the Church of Christ you’re trying to get us to be a part of what would you have said in response it’s the only one I want anything to do with the Lord’s Church yes and Michelle said shall we go to the pond and they had a pond on their property it was early April I said we can go to the pond we can go to the heated Baptistery on the road you choose they chose the heated baptistry behind me and I was okay with that here’s what I remember filling out their baptismal certificate that night I said hey if somebody asks you tomorrow what did you do last night what would you say to them I said well we tell them that we were saved I said what if they said oh really great which denomination I love their answer they said we’d tell them in a nice way and I love that part too we found out last night that we could be a member of the church that belongs to Christ without joining any denomination is that still true tonight you better believe it is the seed of the kingdoms the Word of God Luke 8:11 when it was planted into the hearts of men in the first century it did not produce many denominations patterned after the doctrines and commandments of men the seed is the word of God Luke 8:11 and when this same seed is sown into the hearts of men and women today as it was on Pentecost and folks respond positively to its invitation do they become members of a church yes or no yes which one the same one the folks on Pentecost became members of the church that belongs to Jesus Christ now here’s where I’d like to close out with some principles and I’m sure these charts would be familiar to folks here either in meetings that I’ve preached in certain places or here in this local pulpit from years ago but they just work and that’s why I keep coming back to them don’t flatter myself to think everyone believes or remembers everything I’ve ever said or preached anyway I want you to check it out from the Word of God even if you have heard it before but I want to show you some principles here that I hope will be helpful to us must one be a member of the church of Christ in order to be saved and go to heaven what do we mean by the term Church of Christ we mean the actual church of which Christ is the Saviour and you know it’s really a house I know that because in 1st Timothy chapter 3 and verse 15 the Bible says that Paul wrote Timothy and said I want you to know how you ought to behave thyself in the house of God which is which is what the Church of the Living God okay now can I ask you this question is one house as good as another is one house as good as another not necessarily didn’t Jesus tell its story about two houses and the Sermon on the Mount right on the heels of these verses by the way didn’t Jesus talk about which house you’re going to be in are you going to be in the house built on the rock in which the streams may be vehemently against that house the wind can’t shake it because it’s founded on a rock or there’s the house built on the bare dirt and the storms come and wash it away it has no foundation here is the point that I’m making was one house as good as another in the story of the two builders yes or no no one house wasn’t as good as the other wasn’t well isn’t the house the church yes so is one Church necessarily as good as another no and you know the Bible is its own best interpreter and it gives us some of the the greatest examples that you and I can go by and they’re so simple and people can still get a hold of them today I’d rather live in the house built on the rock than the one that’s built on the shifting sands of the doctrines and commandments of men so the house on the rock it was better than the house on the sand and one could be saved living in that house from the storm because it was founded upon a rock now here’s where it really gets interesting when it comes to answering this question has God ever ever confine salvation to just one location has God in his character ever confined salvation to one place yes or no Noah come here please we’d like to have a little conversation there’s a rumor going around the rumor is that you believe that when this flood comes you say is coming that only you and the people on board that boat will be saved Noah is it true that you believe that only you and the people aboard that Ark will be saved is that true is that what you believe can I ask you what Noah would have said in response to that if you’ve been asked well do you have to be on that boat to be saved you know people think arrogance is narrow be narrow about anything and having a narrow view of something without any broadening but listen when it comes to if God made the way narrow I’ll show you arrogance arrogance would be to take the narrow way that God made and try to broaden it into an eight-lane superhighway based on our own whims and wishes that would be arrogance so Noah do we really have to board that Ark in order to be saved here’s here’s arrogance well know there might be other ways that’s one way you could be saved from the flood but if you want to say the flood prayer and ask God to hold you in his divine hand above the flood waters until they subside and the earth dries that’s your perfect right and if you know let’s find there there might be other ways to be safe I’m gonna ask you a question how many ways did God reveal to Noah to be saved from the flood how many it’s not a dirty word how many ways did God reveal to Noah that men could be saved from the flood how many can I hear you say it out loud how many one how many places did God reveal to Noah that men could be saved from the flood could I hear you say it one more time one that is not BJ Clarke’s view that is scripture in Genesis chapter 6 and I want to show you a New Testament reference to how this was the place the one place of safety if you’ll go to first Peter chapter 3 in that very famous text right before we get to verse 21 which affirms that baptism does also now save us what do we read we read of the long-suffering of God yes he’s merciful can a merciful long-suffering God ever put salvation in just one place when once the long-suffering of God waited God didn’t want to punish these people he waited in the days of Noah hoping that they would respond to his preaching of righteousness which 2nd Peter 2:5 calls him a preacher of righteousness and notice verse number 20 while the ark was of preparing now in the King James Version right after that what is the next phrase that occurs in 1st Peter 3 and verse 20 where in few not out but in wherein few that is eight souls were saved by water when the flood came in Noah’s day where the majority of folks lost or saved sadly they were lost friends did God can find salvation to one location in Noah’s day yes so please realize God is capable of doing that very thing now I want to show you that sometimes when we start analyzing this we think well no one church is as good as another wait a minute a house the church is a house and would it have been safer to be in the house appointed by God or safer to be in your own house or to be looking for a house in the to get into and find safety look there was one place and that needs to be kept in mind now here’s has God ever can find salvation to one plan of salvation has he ever said this is the one and only way you can be saved go with me to Exodus 12 I want to show you something here that is the Old Testament was written for our what for our learning and what do we learn from this passage in the tenth plague there was one way that man could be spared from this plague if he was the firstborn it had firstborn what was the one way watch it verse three he tell the house of Israel all the congregation of Israel in the tenth day stop does that mean the ninth would be just as good maybe the fifteenth will be just as good as the tenth no tenth day means what tenth day was one day as good as another no tenth day of this month was one month as good as another know how many months were there when this plan of salvation would be available inoperative how many months was one month just as good as now one month one day out of that month the tenth day and then watch they shall take to them every man a lamb is one lamb as good as another look at verse five your lamb shall be without blemish a blemished lamb not as good can’t be spared by blemished lamb and then it needs to be a male but any male no a male of the first year one gender wasn’t as good as another one age for the lamb was not as good as another it needs to be of the first year and then notice if you will please the Bible says in verse six you keep it till the fourteenth day of the same month what if I’m so anxious to do what God says want to do it on the 12th if you’re anxious to do what God says you’ll do it on the 14th day because that’s what God says if you’re anxious to do what God says you won’t try to put it off till the 17th thinking that will fit your schedule best you realize this is a Salvation issue it’s urgent if I don’t do this my firstborn will die or I as a firstborn will die okay now what kill it in the evening was one time of day to kill it as good as another no you kill it in the evening all right then what strike the blood is one place to put the blood as good as another no you strike it on the two side posts and on the upper doorpost of the house wherein you eat the Passover and when I see the blood I’ll pass over you now what if we call Moses and Aaron aside and say well are you saying the only way our firstborn can be saved as if they on the tenth day of this month take a male lamb of the first year without blemish and they keep it until the fourteenth day of this same month they kill it in the evening and they strike its blood on the two side posts and on the upper doorpost of the house wherein they eat the Passover are you saying that’s the only way we can be spared from the tenth plague what would the right answer have been God is saying God is saying that I’m only revealing to you what God has revealed to us and so that’s what God wants do you know what I love about Genesis 622 and Noah Noah did according to all that God commanded him so did he do you know what I love about Exodus 12 28 the children of Israel went away and did as the Lord had commanded Moses and Aaron so did they so when you and I do what God says to what if someone had said you know Moses Aaron you’re very narrow-minded legalist is what you are I tell you what I’m gonna do I know my God and he’s powerful and I tell you what I’m gonna do as an errand I’m gonna cuddle my house together get my family together including my firstborn and here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna pray the first-born prayer and we’re going to call on God and say this to him God you are so powerful I don’t have to smear blood anywhere for your power to be able to save a man from dying and so God by virtue of this prayer save our firstborn save them now dear God amen amen would that have worked would it have worked why because God can’t save firstborn people by virtue of prayer if he wants to why would it not have worked because it didn’t match what God says oh the will of my father which is in heaven is not doing it when I agree with it it’s doing it even when I may not understand why I need to do it that way and finally you’ll notice we get to this third example that we want to leave with you and that is the Battle of Jericho and Rahab household rehab do you want to live yeah you want your family to live yeah now here’s the deal when we come into the land you can look me up check me out on this this Joshua 2 about verses 10 and following when we come into the land you bind this line of scarlet does it have to be scarlet isn’t one color as good as another a rope is a rope as a rope as a rope scarlet cord hanging from the same window you led us down by one window wasn’t as good as another and when we see that our soldiers will know the house that has the scarlet cord hanging from that specific window you leave your hands off of it so Rahab you bring your family home to your place you bring them to your house picture this conversation just for the sake of picturing it why do we have to come to your house what makes it better than ours I’m not saying it’s better inherently better the only reason I’m inviting you to come to my house that’s the god designated place for anyone my family to be saved it’s not better in and of itself it’s better because that’s the location of the scarlet cord and that’s the location of the window that God specified and so I want you to come to my house to honor God’s will to do the will of the Father in heaven now as you go to Joshua 6 I want you to see how this all unfolded in Joshua chapter 6 and verse 22 this is what the Bible says Joshua had told the two men that had spied out the country you go into one house is as good as another I don’t care what choice you go into you’ll find no dough there was one specific place go into the harlots house and bring out the woman all that she has just like you promised swear unto her the young men that were spies went in and brought out and this is where Hollywood would cut to a commercial make you wait to see who was coming out you don’t have to wait here’s here they come here comes Rahab wait that’s her daddy that’s her father her mother her brethren all that she had they brought out all her kindred and left them outside the camp of Israel had they gone to the one place where salvation could be guaranteed them indeed they had it was in the one location known as Rahab’s house now here’s where the invitation is extended I’ve gotten in the habit of using this in fact I know there are folks in this room right now that saw me either draw this out on a napkin during our Bible study or perhaps showed it to them on a slide or iPad or something of that nature because this is just so simple and the reason why I like doing this it lets God do the talking and so when someone asked me is it true that you believe someone has to be a member of the Church of Christ in order to be saved I sometimes will say the Bible will answer your question in three verses and you won’t hear a word from me would you be willing to look at those three verses with me and if they are start with the one on the screen behind me Ephesians 5:23 the Bible says that God has made him the last part of the verse the savior of he is the savior of something he is the savior of what he’s the savior of the body yes so the man the stick figure is outside of the body if Jesus is the savior of the body does the man need to be in the body to be in that which Jesus is the savior of yes or no well sure that’s as simple as anything can be he needs to be in that which Jesus is the savior of and what is that the body but what does Ephesians 4:4 say about that body there is one body just one well I’m offended by the idea that God would ever confine salvation to one location go back and start in the Old Testament you don’t have to go very far to find out that he’s capable of that and sometimes it’s done that okay how many rivers could name and dip in and be cleansed of his leprosy how many one we could keep going but we won’t I want you to notice here’s Ephesians 1:22 and 23 and usually at this point in the Bible study I’ll ask this question these first two verses we looked at true false Jesus is the savior of something yes what is the something that Jesus is the savior of according to the Bible he’s the Savior of what the body and how many bodies are there there’s one body so does this man need to be in just any religious body he can find or does he need to be in the body of Christ the one connected to the head Jesus Christ what does and so this is what’s so important to me and I usually try to ask this question first based on these two verses does this man need to be in the one body of Christ in order to be saved and based on those two verses do you know the answer I almost get 100 percent of the time if this people are just letting the scripture speak yes they’ve just admitted he has to be a member of the body of Christ to be saved now you know why they don’t bat an eye at that sometimes they the phrase body of Christ on the screen doesn’t remind them of the name of a well-known denomination among denominations as they see it their thing they could admit he has to be a member of the body of Christ because they’re not thinking of that is the name they’re thinking of it’s descriptive of what it is it’s the body belonging to Christ would you close with me by noticing this God gave him to be the head over all things to the church which is what does the inspired Word of God say the church is his body so watch what happens if this man has to be a member of the one body of Christ in order to be among those whom Jesus is the savior of and if there’s only one and this man has to be in the one body of Christ and that church is his body what if I change the word body to the word church have I changed the truth of the diagram one bit does he need to be a member of the called out group of people that belong to Christ to be saved yes or no yes and my friends I know we live in a broad-minded religious world and it really gets hard especially when family members that we love start looking for broader ways than scripture affords or offers and we want to keep loving our family but at the same time we have to love our God in its word first and foremost and never deviate therefrom and we need to lovingly try to have this Bible study perhaps with some of the very folks that are in our families grandmas and grandpas moms and dads sons and daughters cousins you name it coworkers we need to be about the business of not caring about what’s politically correct but as I’m sure will be emphasized all week long what’s biblically correct is going to judgment on the last day is Jesus on the day of judgment going to say bring me the latest polls please bring me the latest polls all right it’s a good thing that I didn’t come back 50 years ago because you would be lost right now because the polls back then said homosexuality was a sin but now you’re living in a time when the polls of the it’s it’s good news for you friends I want to ask you a question did this Bible say the same thing 50 years ago about how to be saved and in what church to be saved as it says tonight yes or no then we can’t back away from that no matter what culture is doing around us even if it affects people we know and love and so it’s a privilege to offer the invitation of our Lord Jesus Christ and to invite you to become a part of his one household it’s built on a rock the deity of Christ and you can be in that body and know that you’re among the saved and try to get others to come and be with you there won’t you as you consider your soul salvation do what you need to do some of you may already be saved but do you know in Joshua 2 they were told once you get in Rahab’s house don’t leave it or you’re in danger if you get in the house of God and become a Christian and then you start trying to go out and dabble in the world you are in danger just like Dimas was we beg of you whatever your situation is wants you in view of eternity make sure your recked biblically correct as together we stand and as we sing won’t you please come we’re going to save this nation this world this country this community

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