Social Drinking – GBN LIVE #23

Alcohol is involved in 50% of spouse abuse cases, 38% of child abuse cases and 65% of drowning’s. 54% of those in jail for violent crimes and 49% of those convicted for murder (or attempted murder) had been drinking when they committed those crimes. Drinking alcohol has been the cause of a great deal of evil in this world. Despite these things, there are those who seek to defend its use. Amazingly, some of these people are Christians. The real question is “What does God have to say about it?” Tonight we will be discussing the topic, Social Drinking. We hope that you will join in by calling GBNLive tonight at 8pm Eastern | 5pm Pacific.

B.J. Clarke will host the program. Randy Collum and Gary Colley will join him on the panel to answer your questions from a biblical perspective.

The Gospel Broadcasting Network is a non-profit organization that is fully-funded and supported by the churches of Christ. Find out more about us on www.gbntv.org.

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