Nature of God (Don Blackwell)

Good morning it is good to see everyone here today it is always good to be together on the first day of the week if you’re visiting we are thankful that you are here we hope you’ll stay around after the services that we can meet you and greet you we will meet again tonight at six o’clock and we hope that you will rejoin us at that time as we continue our Lord’s Day worship together I have been accused today of being Johnny Cash the man in black I have been accused of being a priest and I have been accused of being a mobster well if you’ve heard me sing you know I’m not Johnny Cash if you’ve heard me preach you know I’m not a priest I guess that only leaves one other option but really I was out of clothes after the lectureship this week everything I have is in in the cleaners and so that’s the real reason have an announcement we want to make before we get into the sermon this morning we have one individual who has met with the elders and is desiring to place membership with us ELISA parks is wanting to worship and be a part of the South Haven congregation I do not see Alyssa is ELISA here if you’re here will you stand up so we can see you here she is over here all right we want you you can be seated thank you very much we want you to know who she is and identify her so that you can welcome her to the family here at South Haven and we’re very glad that she has desired to be a part of the church here the week before the lectureship I was invited to speak in Decatur Alabama and they were having a summer series on Tuesday nights they’ve been going through the book of Ephesians and they’d been doing the ones in that particular chapter and the assignment that I had was one God and Father of all and so I want to share that lesson with you today now of course that is taken from Ephesians chapter 4 I want to read this and we’re going to launch our study from here Ephesians chapter 4 and verse 4 we just read it in the scripture reading the Bible says there is one body and there is one spirit just as you were called to one hope that belongs to your calling one Lord one faith one baptism listen to verse six this is the key here for our lesson one God and Father of all who is above all and through you all and in you all but notice that the Bible says that there is one god and father of all when they first gave me that assignment I thought well that’d be an easy one but then I started working on it and I thought this is a challenging topic how am I going to approach this how am I going to break this lesson down and so what I decided to do was this I’m just going to break it into the three parts of what it says point number one is one God point number two is and father and point number three is of all that’s the three points we’re going to cover today one God and Father of all that’s the outline let’s do the first one point number one is one God ladies and gentlemen the Bible is filled with verses hundreds a thousands of verses that teach that there is one God let me give you just a few of these Deuteronomy chapter 6 and verse 4 says hear o Israel the Lord our God is one Lord Isaiah chapter 45 and verse 5 I am the Lord there is none else beside me there is no God beside me first corinthians 8 and verse 6 Paul told the Corinthians but to us there is but one God first Timothy 2 and verse 5 for there is one God and one mediator between God and men the man Jesus Christ James chapter 2 and verse 19 says you believe that there is one God you do well the devil’s even believe and tremble we could go on and on and on with passages in the Bible that teach that there is one God now you say we get that we understand that but you see where this gets confusing to people is when you start talking about the Trinity you say there’s one god but then you mention the Trinity now the word Trinity is not a concept that appears in the Bible or the word actually doesn’t appear in the Bible the concept does Trinity if you will look at it Trinity means try unity try unity Trinity it means three-in-one that is the concept of the Trinity now somebody says I’ve always heard that concept but but I don’t know what it is what do you mean by Trinity Trinity can be defined as follows God eternally exists in three persons God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit each person is fully God and yet there is one God now again the word Trinity doesn’t appear in the but the concept of the Trinity appears throughout the Bible and fent in fact the very first verse of the Bible shows the Trinity the Bible says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth now you may say well where is the Trinity in that verse the word God in this particular verse in the beginning God in the Hebrew the word is Elohim what is interesting here is the word Elohim is a plural where it’s not a singular word it is a plural word it is a word Elohim appears thousands of times in the Old Testament it’s a plural word in the beginning God in the plural created the heavens and the earth it’s very interesting that a book such as the Bible that over and over and over again stresses the concept that there is one god when the very first verse of the Bible opens with the word for God that is in the plural form you keep reading in Genesis chapter 1 and you get to verse 26 and the Bible says God said let us make man in our image after our likeness who is the us let us make man in our image when God said let us make man he’s not talking about the Angels who’s he talking about he’s talking about the Elohim all three members of the Godhead were present in the creation Genesis 1 in verse 1 says God God the Father was involved in the creation Genesis 1 in verse 2 the Holy Spirit moved over the face of the waters the Holy Spirit was involved in the creation Colossians chapter 1 and verse 16 says everything was made by Jesus Christ and without him was not anything made that was made God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit were involved in the creation they are the us of Genesis chapter 1 and verse 26 now you may sew it on we know this everybody knows that there’s God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit everybody knows that there is one God so who has a problem with this well ancient Israel certainly had a problem with this my family has been reading through the Old Testament in chronological order and I have been impressed how over and over impressed in a negative way how over and over and over again Israel worships idols it boggles my mind how someone can take a hunk of gold and sit down and fashion it like a cow and then fall down before it and say oh you’re my god I don’t get it but they did it constantly I want to show you some pictures here this is a picture you know a couple of years ago mark teske and I went to India and I took this picture on my iPhone I was astounded and it made me think of Old Testament idolatry if you see at the back you see this large statue I don’t know how well you can see this but at the base of the statue just taller than the man’s foot there’s a man standing there you can see how big this statue is at the base of the stairs there’s a place where you can burn incense hit Hinduism is very prominent in India and these are some of the idol gods of the Hindu religion if we keep going here here is the cow that is a sacred animal this is next to the larger statue here is on the other side of it you can see some of the other gods and these are people that are placing offerings in front of it it’s very interesting when we walked up to it that rats scattered because they place food around this and and the rat is also a sacred animal in the Hindu religion and so they burn incense in fact this is the place where you can come and burn incense and then you walk up this to where the idol is and people placed their offering and it was very very strange to me Hinduism doesn’t get the concept of one God ancient Israel did not get the concept of one God in fact the Lord mocks this if particularly in the Book of Isaiah you read chapter 40 you read chapter 44 the Lord is ridiculing and mocking this and he says a silversmith goes out and and he cuts down a tree and he takes some of the wood and he said he goes back to his house and and he’s cold and so he chops up part of the wood and he builds a fire and he warms himself over it he says then he says I’m hungry and so he takes a part of the wood and and he cooks over it and he makes his food and then he takes another part of the wood and he carves it and he overlays it with gold and he nails it to the ground so that it won’t fall over on its face and and then he falls down before it and he says deliver me for you are my god the Lord said it’s ridiculous he cooks over it and and he warms himself over then he says you are my god in one of the Q sessions we had recently the last one one of the teens turned in a question that said how could Solomon have had a conversation with God and then turn around and worship idols and the answer I gave was the Bible says his wives turned away his hearts after these false gods but the real answer is I don’t know how can you get to where you understand the concept of one God and even talk with him and then fall down and worship these false idol gods I don’t get it who has a problem with the concept of one God ancient Israel certainly did Hinduism certainly did it does who else has a problem the Jehovah’s Witnesses do now the Jehovah’s Witnesses will tell you they believe that there’s one God but they really get hung up when you talk about the Trinity and the three persons of the Godhead in fact they’ll tell you they’re the only ones who believe in the concept of one God they will say there is one God and he is Jehovah God the Father God the Holy Spirit they say he’s not really God he’s just an emanation from the Father God the Son Jesus Christ they say that is blasphemy to call him God they equate him to a created being they say that he is Michael the Archangel now how do you as a Christian when somebody says Jesus Christ is not God how do you answer that you have some verses a child of God ought to be ready to answer this let me give you just a few here Matthew chapter 1 in verse 23 do you remember when Mary was told she was going to have a child Marian and Joseph was made aware of this by the angel they were told they shall call his name Emmanuel which means God with us Jesus Christ was God with us do you remember in John chapter 20 and verse 28 that Thomas we call him doubting Thomas he comes to Jesus and after the resurrection and he said Lord I’ll believe if I can fill the hole in your hand and the hole in your side and jesus said go ahead and so he does he fills the hole and and after he does Thomas says my Lord and my god John 20:28 I studied with the Jehovah’s Witness and I asked him about John 20:28 I said notice Thomas said my Lord and my god Jesus doesn’t rebuke him Jesus says yes you’ve seen and you believe I said what does that mean and he thought for a minute and he said I think he was just it was – euphemism he was so shocked he said my lord and my god it’s ridiculous it’s ridiculous response he didn’t like the implication Jesus Christ is God how about this Colossians 2 and verse 9 listen to this message it’s not one we often go to but it is powerful to teach the deity of Christ it says in him in Christ dwells all of the fullness of the Godhead bodily now focus on that in Jesus Christ dwells all everything that it means to be God is present in Jesus Christ but that’s not enough he stresses it further all of the fullness to the fullest extent everything it means to be God was present in Jesus Christ all of the fullness of the Godhead everything that it means to be a part of the Godhead was embodied in Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is God of course the one that we know so well John chapter 1 and verse 1 in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God I told you recently I preached on the Jehovah’s Witnesses and I told you they don’t like John 1:1 they hate this verse so when they wrote their own translation of the Bible that they call the New World Translation they took it out or they changed it rather it says in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God in the Word was a God lowercase G which would make him equivalent to what we’re seeing in these pictures lowercase God who has a problem with this the Pentecostal Holiness have a problem with this the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a problem with this ancient Israel has a problem with this Hinduism which is a large portion of the world has a problem with this concept of one God but the Bible teaches there is one God three persons here’s the next point there’s a couple more gods that are in that same location where we were here’s the next point and father one God and Father there are three members of the Godhead but there are three different and they are different persons now with reference to the scheme of redemption I want to break this down so we have a concept someone has said that with regard to saving man the scheme of redemption God the Father wrought it Jesus the son bought it the Holy Spirit taught it and if you want a whole sermon you can say the devil fought it and the people sought it but let’s break this down we’re talking about the Godhead God the Father wrought it what do we mean we mean with regard to the scheme of redemption he’s the originator of the plan it was his plan he wrought it and I think one passage is sufficient to make our point for now John chapter 3 and verse 16 says for God the Father so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son what is the implication of the fact that he sent and it’s his son the verse implies that the scheme of redemption was conceived in the mind of God the Father it’s also interesting Isaiah chapter 53 and verse 11 prophecies about Jesus on the cross and it says that God the Father sees the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and it says he shall see the travail of his son and he shall be satisfied what’s the implication of that the implication of that is he was the designer it was his plan he wrought it but then secondly we’ve got Jesus Christ the son he bought it what we mean by that is he is the executioner of the plan he carried it out God the Father had the plan Jesus Christ executed he became the sacrifice envisioned in the mind of God he bought it he paid the price Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 9 says he tasted death for every man revelation 5 and verse 9 says that he redeemed us what his redeemed to mean it means he bought he bought us with his blood well with regard to the Holy Spirit he taught it the father wrought in Jesus Christ bought it the father had the plan Jesus Christ carried it out but still mankind had a role and so the Holy Spirit is the revealer he’s the finisher he is the completer you know before Jesus ascended back into heaven he told his disciples in John chapter 14 and verse 16 he said and I will pray the father and he will send you another the King James says comforter most versions say helper and he will abide with you forever the Spirit of Truth verse 26 says and the helper the Spirit of Truth whom the father will send as the Father’s plan whom the father will send he we’ll teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I have said unto you what’s the point he taught it the father brought it the son bought it and the Holy Spirit taught it now I want to change gears a little bit we’re looking at the point and father one God and Father when you hear the word father what do you think about I normally I think about family I’m a father I’ve got three children I’ve got a daughter Maci she’s 22 years old she is married she and her husband Lee just moved to New Orleans he’s going to be going to grad school down there I can tell you all about them I’ve got a daughter Lauren she works with us sometimes in gbn I’ve got a son Brandon he’s 15 years old and he will be 16 this next month in fact I want to show you this picture Brandon probably doesn’t appreciate me showing this picture this is a picture of me and Brandon at about the same age you think we look like I showed this when I was in Decatur Alabama and someone spoke up from the audience and said you look alike but he’s more handsome than you and I said I didn’t ask that question but it’s true anyway now why am i showing you this because I’m proud of my family it was a good excuse to show you a picture my son you know when I was a younger man I didn’t really care for children the thought of having children was something I wasn’t interested in but but you get older and you have your own kids something inside of you changes last year I did Macy’s wedding and and a few of you were there and I cried like a baby I got so embarrassed and and she was leaving and it was sad I remember when Lee came and met with me and asked if he could marry Macy and we love Lee but I was very torn up and sad about it and Macy knew it and so she came to me and she said dad don’t think that you’re losing a daughter think that you’re gaining a son and I said I don’t want a son I said I said I already have one son if I wanted another way to have another but what what was the point the point was this was family you know I’ve got the idea that if I ask some of the grandparents in here tell me about your grandbaby would you like to do it ha you ask a grandparent that you better take so I see some heads – over here nodding your head she wants to tell right now see people are proud of their family you asked I go do gospel meetings and I ask someone about their their children and they’ll start telling me about that why because people are proud of their family now I want you to ponder the fact that God is called our Father there are significance in that there is family significance in that Galatians chapter 4 and verse 5 says that we have been redeemed so that we might receive listen to this phrase adoption as sons and because you are sons God has sent the spirit of his son into our hearts crying Abba Father the word Abba means father he’s saying father father listen to verse 7 so that you are no longer slaves but sons and if sons then an heir we have an inheritance why because he’s my father I Missa he says I used to be a slave but he has invited me he has made me a part of his family you know when I become a part of God’s family and I’m one of God’s children that brings me into a very special relationship have you ever thought about the fact that as a son of God Jesus Christ is my brother they say man what are you talking about now listen to this Matthew chapter 12 and verse 46 the Bible says while Jesus was talking to the multitudes behold his mother and brother stood outside seeking to speak with him then one said to him look your mother and your brothers are outside seeking to speak with you but he answered and said unto them who is my mother who are my brothers and he stretched out his hand toward his disciples and he said here is my mother and my brothers whoever does the will of my father who is in heaven he is my brother and my sister and my mother what’s the point listen to me our true family is not those who share our blood but those who have been washed in the blood and Jesus Christ is our brother now he’s a natural-born son we were different in that sense he’s a natural-born son I’m an adopted son and have you thought about the fact we have angels in our family job chapter 38 and verse 7 talks about when God created the world and the Bible says that the Angels shouted with joy but the Bible doesn’t call an Angels in that verse it calls them son of God the sons of God shouted with joy I’m a son of God they’re sons of God we have angels in our family and as a son as a child of God I have special privileges you know last year when Macy got married I paid for the wedding which was expensive and I gave her a car and I paid for her college why did I do that I don’t go around buying people cars I don’t go around paying for people’s wood I did that because I’m a father you see our children have special privileges there’s a there’s a relationship there that has benefits associated with it same with God listen to this Matthew 7 and verse 9 the Lord says what man is there among you if his son asks for bread will he give him a stone or if he asks for a fish will he give him a serpent a snake if ye then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your father that’s the point how much more will your Father give good gifts to them that ask you know when a man becomes a Christian he now has special blessings that he didn’t have before now one of those blessings is is prayer did you realize that prayer is a blessing that you only have as God’s children people who are not as children will pray but he doesn’t hear them he doesn’t answer them first Peter 3:12 the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open under their prayers listen to this first John 5 and verse 12 says whoever has the son has life that is you’re a baptized believer you are a son of God whoever does not have the son does not have life and this is the confidence that we have toward him if we ask anything according to his will if we who those who have the son those who are baptized believers who were children of God if we ask anything of his will he hears us and if we know that he hears us whatsoever we asked we have the requests that we have asked of him whether this is a powerful verse it says that as a son of God I have the ear of the God of the universe he listens to me he answers me why because he is my father you go to the next point one god and father of all when I was a kid I used to sing the song I asked Paul specially to leave this morning Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world red and yellow black and white they are precious in a sight Jesus loves the little children of the world but you know we live in a world today that is very racially divided our nation right now is is all stirred up about this issue the news media stirring the pot talk radio is throwing fuel on the flame our president has not helped matters because he’s stirring up strife between African Americans and police officers you know just a couple of weeks ago there is the the black lives matter movement here in Memphis where they stopped to traffic out here and for a period of time of where the cars couldn’t get by what’s the point the point is that racial tensions are higher right now in our country than they have been in a long time now what should a Christians response be to this rather than I think there is something key force in the phrase one God and Father of all I remember years ago maybe 20 years ago maybe more than that I was preaching for congregation in the deep south Alabama and the subject of racism came up in Bible class there was an older woman in the class maybe in her late 70s maybe 80s she had a problem with racism toward black people and she spoke up in class and she says something like this as I remember it she said Don we were raised this way you don’t just get over that ponder that for a minute we were raised this way you don’t get over that ladies and gentlemen racism is not a training issue it is a heart issue I too grew up in the deep south in South Carolina in the 1970s and racism was strong I could tell you stories about it I want to do two things right now for the remainder of this sermon I want to give you two points number one I want to give you some general truths about racism in the Bible and then number two I want to give you some biblical principles that will help eradicate racism number one some general truths about racism in the Bible here’s the first one racism is not a new thing you know I think we have the concept we think about slavery and we think about black lightning and we think that is racism races not new you know in John chapter 4 Jesus enters the city of Samaria and he approaches a well and he asked a woman there to get him a drink of water and John 4 and verse 9 the Bible says then the woman of Samaria said to him how is that you being a Jew asked me for a drink of water being a Samaritan woman for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans that is she says what are you doing talking to me Jews don’t normally talk to Samaritans why is that because of race the Jews were a prejudice toward the Samaritans she said this is shocking to me that you’re speaking to me what is it racism in the Bible think about the Book of Jonah you remember God told Jonah to go and preach to Nineveh and he didn’t want to go because they were Gentiles he hated Gentiles it’s racism way back in the Bible the New Testament is filled with racism it’s not new I could give you lots of examples point to a general truth about racism in the Bible is that a person can learn better you know in Acts chapter 10 Peter is having a vision it’s a dream from God and and the dream a sheet is lowered down from heaven and it’s got various types of animals in it that were unclean for the Jews to eat you know there is pork and pigs and and Jews could not eat those and but the voice from God says arise kill and eat and Peter says Lord I can’t do that you know I’ve never done it and it happens again arise kill and eat and Peter says Lord nothing unclean has ever touched my lips and a third time arise kill and eat and Peter says no Lord I can’t do that that’s unclean and the Lord says Peter what I have stated is clean don’t you call unclean about that time some men arrive at the house and they said we have come from Cornelius house Cornelius was a Gentile and you need to come with us so Peter goes with him and he gets to Cornelius house and when he gets there he says this you yourselves know that is that Jews don’t associate with Gentiles but listen what he says but God has shown me that I should not call any person common or unclean that is he said I get it I get the point of the vision acts 10:34 a verse we know so very well he says of a truth I perceive God is no respecter of persons he said I understand it and and so he eats with many visits and he preaches and the Holy Spirit falls on them and they obey the gospel and he baptizes them and so the next chapter Acts chapter 11 he goes back to Jerusalem and some of the Jews start jumping on him and they said Peter what in the world are you doing you went and ate when you preach to the Gentiles you know this is not acceptable and and Peter rehearses what what happened and he said let me tell you God gave me this vision and the Lord said I accept the Gentiles I’m not a respecter of first Peter got it Peter understood it brethren what I’m telling you is this it doesn’t matter how you’ve been raised this is a heart issue and the gospel can change people here’s a third general truth about racism in the Bible people around us people with whom we spend time can feed racism they can make it difficult to to move beyond it now this is very fascinating because over in Galatians chapter 2 there’s an event that we have told about the Apostle Peter now remember Peter accepts the Gentiles he’s the one who says of a truth I perceive God is no respecter of persons he’s the one who defends the Gentiles to the Jews in Acts chapter 11 but you get over to Galatians chapter 2 and Peter has come to visit Antioch and the Antioch Church of Christ is a mixed Church there are Jews and there are Gentiles and when he first gets there he freely mixes with them and he fellowships them and and everybody is the same you know a brother who’s a Gentile doesn’t matter he’s a Christian and he sits next to them and he eats with them and he prays with them and shakes hands and probably jokes with him like he would today like we would today but then the Bible says hey a group of people shows up we don’t know who they were the text says that they were from James they were Jewish Christians Jewish that’s important they were Jewish Christians and when they got there Peter starts acting differently he searched backing away from the Gentiles in the original Greek it’s written in such a way to communicate that he gradually started pulling back from them to the point that he won’t have anything to do with them Brendan this is the Apostle Peter he’s getting caught up in racism when Paul gets there Paul says I was stood him to the face in front of everybody because he was to be blamed he said because this is wrong this is sinful behavior this is the apostle who’s doing this general principles racism’s not new you can’t overcome it the people with whom you spend your time can have an influence on this all right here’s the second point I want to give you some biblical principles that will help eradicate racism for them here’s the first one number one the mystery of the gospel relates to race now when we talk about the mystery of the gospel we that phrase appears a lot in the New Testament fact twenty-seven times you hear the word mystery in the New Testament frequently it is talking about the gospel the mystery of the gospel now is not a mystery anymore in the Old Testament when the prophets are writing about it was a mystery today we know what it is but this is what Paul says Ephesians chapter three and verse six the Apostle Paul is writing he says God has made known to me the mystery which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men but now it has been revealed it’s not a mystery anymore it’s been revealed by the spirit to his holy apostles and prophets what’s the mystery listen to verse six that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs of the same body and partakers of the promise in Christ of the gospel brethren the mystery of the gospel is about race it’s about people of different colors and nationalities and race can be a part of the church it’s Isaiah chapter 2 and verse 2 that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow unto it ponder that the mystery of the gospel is about the fact that God accepts all races it’ll help you eradicate racism number 2 another principle that will help eradicate racism is the fact that we all came from the same parents now here’s the verse acts 17 of verse 26 says you might want to highlight this underline this that God has made from one blood I highlighted this in my Bible one blood every nation of men that dwell on the face of the planet now what does that mean it means we’re all descendants of the same people we all came from Adam 80 when a person says well you know I don’t like him because of his skin color your your your the name you came from the same parents if we had time in another sermon I will spend some time talking about the genetics of this because sometimes people say we all look so different how could we be from the same parents you know some people are tall some are short some are have straight hair some have kinky hair somehow really dark skin some are really light skin all these differences could we possibly genetically be from the same parents yes and I’ve got a punnett square I lay out and go through the genetics of this and it shows yes exactly what we see in the world could have come from two individuals Adam and Eve when a person says I don’t like him because of the color of his skin you came from the same descent your descendants from the same parents ponder that one blood number three to eradicate racism I want you to appreciate this first Samuel 16:7 says God does not even look at the color of your skin first time you 16:7 for the Lord does not see as man sees now what’s the context samuel was picking the next king after saul and so he comes to the sons of Jesse and any see some of them and they’re big and they’re tall and and he’s thinking oh that’s the next king oh no it’s not him well that’s the Nick no it’s not him and it ends up that’s gonna be David Samuel wasn’t expecting that because apparently he was a smaller man and the Lord makes the point that God does not see as man sees what’s the point we look at people physically and we think well he’s handsome or she’s pretty he is big or look at the color of his skin you know he’s whiter he’s black or he’s red or we look at the outward appearance the Bible says the Lord does not see that brethren that is very significant when this person says I have been raised to be racist you can’t get beyond that the Lord doesn’t even see that when I become one of God’s children I shouldn’t see it listen what he says for the Lord does not see as man sees for man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart I want to look like God looks I want to see like God sees I don’t want to see I wish we could never talk about that again talk about the color of people’s skin God don’t even see that number four you want to eradicate racism I want you to appreciate the fact that there we’ll be all different races in heaven now here’s a scene from heaven Revelation chapter 7 verse 9 John says this and after all these things I looked and I beheld a great multitude which no one could number of all nations of all tried red and yellow black and white of all people of all tongues standing before the throne of the lamb clothed in white robes with palm branches in their hand crying out with a loud voice saying salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and through the lamb red and yellow black and white the Bible says all nations all colors all tongues there in heaven you know the Bible teaches racism can cause a man to lose a soul when you hate a man because of the color of his skin I want you to think about the fact that you were hating someone made in the image of God it goes back to Genesis chapter 1 in verse 26 let us make man in our just white men just black men see the Lord doesn’t even see that human men the Bible says in fact we talk about race and God’s sight there’s only one race and that’s the human race we’re all made in the image of God Matthew 16:26 we know the verse well what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul the Bible says one soul is worth more than a whole world whose soul white man soul black man’s soul that’s what we hear all this stuff today about black lives matter white lives matter blue lives matter I wish we could get to the point that we could appreciate that souls don’t have color you see in God’s eyes we are human beings we’re his children were made in His image and I think when we can get to the point that we don’t have any of those feelings sometimes I’ll hear people say something like this you know I’m not prejudiced he’s a black guy but I still think he’s a pretty good fella you know what you’re prejudiced there’s racism going on there you need to appreciate that God doesn’t see that we shouldn’t see it souls don’t have color there will be all different colors in heaven except they won’t be colors because they’ll be souls you see the point we have one god and father of all maybe you’re here today and you’re in need of obeying the gospel God doesn’t care about your skin color and at the South Haven Church of Christ we don’t either we care about your soul what we care is that you’re an individual made in the image of God and He loves you and you can have salvation through Jesus Christ the Bible teaches to be a child of God you need to hear the gospel you need to believe it repent of your sins confess your faith in Christ and be baptized in water for the remission of your sins maybe you’re here today and you want to do that you have the opportunity now to come forward to make that confession to be immersed in water to be added to the body of Christ to have your sins remitted maybe you’re here today and you say I’ve never heard that I want to study let’s do it let’s set up a study maybe you’re here today as a member of the Lord’s Church and you say I have had sin in my life it’s of a public nature and I want to take care of it publicly and we would count it an honor to go to God and pray for you this morning if you need to respond to the Lord’s invitation won’t you comes together we stand in saying the invitation song

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