Leading With Scripture (Hiram Kemp)

A man by the name of Chris purse he wrote for folk Forbes magazine in November of 2018 and he talked about the five problems that we have with leadership today the leadership crisis is what he called it the first one he the first problem Chris pointed out of his article is he said we focus on outcomes instead of causes that is we don’t really care how we get there or how we get to the point that we desire we just want to get to the end result and we don’t look at all of the things that contribute to us reaching our final destination the second thing mr. purse said is that we view organizations as machines you may have used this terminology before it will run like a well-oiled machine or this company runs like a well-oiled machine where the truth is companies don’t run like machines so to speak they’re made up of people and there are different personalities and complexities involved with that and to view the church or an organization as a machine sometimes creates problems third thing he said as we get out in front with our egos leaders have a problem today because sometimes there’s an ego issue and we’re not humble enough to pour into the people that we serve we spend more time investing in our own egos the fourth problem he pointed out was self-awareness we struggle to be aware of who we truly are and because of that our leadership suffers we can’t be all that we truly should be and then the fifth problem is we adore activity as long as the person is busy or at least we think as long as the person is busy and doing a bunch of things we don’t really worry about the quality of what they’re doing so long as we were busy we feel like we’re successful you know what made Jesus the best leader that there ever was is that Jesus got all of those things right all the things we struggle with concerning leadership Jesus got them right Jesus knew that while outcomes were important the process that led to those outcomes were equally important and so Jesus would say things like where your treasure is where your heart is there with your treasure be also or vice versa love the Lord your God with all of your heart soul mind and strength Jesus taught in mark 12 see Jesus knew where we ended up was important but the road that we took to get there was equally valid Jesus taught his disciples that the church would work in a smooth fashion but it’s not an oiled machine it is a place where people have failings and tumblings and because of that Matthew 18:21 through 22 he taught Peter and the others you continuously forgive so long as people seek it Jesus was well aware of his mission and he said in John 9 and verse 4 I must perform the works that are set before me while his day the night comes when no man can work I’m telling you the problems we struggle with with leadership Jesus didn’t have but then there’s a second problem that’s leadership on the one hand but the second issue that we face and we’re going to talk about how we can sort of thwart this in our lesson is the problem of Scripture there’s a problem with the way that we handle Scripture and our familiarity with it I think the problems work hand in hand the problems we have with the leadership are because we’re sometimes not as familiar with Scripture as we should be and so in Hosea chapter 4 in verse 6 the Prophet says my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge because you reject the knowledge I reject you that you will not be a priest to me seeing you forgotten the law of your God and Jesus is showdown with the Sadducees in Matthew 22 and verse 29 he said you do err not knowing the scriptures neither the power of God it was an interpretation issue they didn’t know the Bible and we’re not so far removed from that problem today either are we albert Mohler wrote an article in 2016 and he called it the scandal of biblical illiteracy and he talked about the fact that Krita he said this is a Christian problem it’s how he starts the article and he says listen we don’t know our Bibles as well as we should he’s talking about Christian leaders he says we don’t know the Bible and we’re not as familiar with Scripture as we should be and so he drew up some numbers from a survey 12% of adults that were surveyed believed that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife another group in that same pool of individuals that were surveyed they struggled to name all of the Apostles didn’t know all of the Gospels and 50% of high school seniors who were surveyed believed Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife you see there’s a problem with our handle of Scripture do we really know LifeWay research ran a similar survey what they found is Americans love the Bible they just don’t have time to read it some of the reasons people gave for not reading the Bible was you know I’m not really into reading you know I’ve read it before and I’m familiar enough with it I don’t need to revisit those truths or sometimes a person might say the Bible is just complex it’s hard for me to under and I’m just struggling to get a handle on Scripture flavor equally in his book on leadership he said the storage of qualified leaders and Churches of Christ is her greatest hindrance to growth you won’t outgrow your leaders you just think about this topic leading with Scripture and the problem is twofold we need leaders we also need leaders that can lead according to the scriptures and do we really have a handle on what the Bible says about this and what the Bible teaches about leaders when I say bad leaders in Scripture who do you think about I mean just think about what the Bible says about individuals that let God’s people who do you think about when I say give me some bad leaders in Scripture I think about Aaron you know the first high priest in Israel Aaron had a lot of problems he was often manipulated by the people and he builds that golden calf in Exodus 32 and when Moses comes down from the mountain confronts him he doesn’t fess up and own up to it like a good leader would Aaron says in Exodus 32 you know these people Moses that they’re set on mischief but what about the period of the judges what a terrible time of leadership though there were 15 individuals that got used on occasion they’re not really known for their you know holy lives that they live the period of the judges is a dark time in fact the two verses that are most famous in the book of Judges judges 17:6 and the last verse in the book there was no king in Israel and every man did what what was right in his own eyes and who can forget King Saul though he started out good the old King James says when they got ready to anoint Saul as the King he hid among the stuff but in 1st Samuel 13 14 and 15 repeatedly Saul struggles to fess up to his mistakes and as he’s confronted by Samuel he finds excuses surely as the people’s fault he intended to do what God wanted him to do he just never really got around to doing it and Samuel tells him to obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken then the fat of rams I’m telling you so struggle with the leadership and what about Ahab those surrounded by good prophets like mckaela and Elijah and though given second and third chances by his God he failed to be all that he should and his life ends in 1st Kings 22 with the dogs licking up his blood after he’s killed in battle at ramoth-gilead I’m telling you scripture shows us that there are some bad leaders what about good ones when I say good leaders who do you think about I’m sure you would say Jesus Christ is at the top of the list but I mean who else besides Jesus Christ I don’t think there’s any doubt about who’s in second place in Scripture for great leadership that would be Moses in Exodus 33 and Deuteronomy 34 we’re told no one knew God like Moses face to face he spoke with God like a man speaks with his friend Moses was a great leader or you think about individuals like Samuel or like Joshua who would take up the reins after Moses in Joshua chapter 1 and verse 8 he had the law of God in his heart who can forget Josiah that great restoration is as he found the book of the law in first Kings 22 and led the people out of idolatry and back to the heart of God and men like Ezra and Nehemiah who after the captivity got God’s people back on track I want to talk about four things with you and then we’re going to end this lesson this morning ways that we can lead with Scripture today areas where we need to focus on this and then the lesson will be yours for areas where we need to lead with Scripture and if time allows we’ll make some practical points at the end number one we need to lead with Scripture in our own lives turn your Bible to Psalm 1 Psalm 1 the first place we need to start before we can help anybody else is we need to be those individuals who would lead with Scripture or allow our own lives to be led with Scripture before we can think about helping anybody else the blessed man is described in Psalm 1 as blessed is the band that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly nor stands in the way of sinners nor sits in the seat of the scornful but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law that is in God’s law he meditates day and night he’ll be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth his fruit in his season his leaf also shall not wither and whatever he does will prosper but the ungodly are not so they’re like the chaff which the wind drives away therefore the ungodly won’t stand in the judgment nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous the Lord knows the way of the righteous but the way of the ungodly will perish listen in our lives if we’re going to be leaders and you’re at southern summit you want to hear these lessons you want to be a better leader it starts with our own lives first I know you heard though the survey statistics about people that struggle with Scripture and sometimes this is true about those of us that would call ourselves leader we struggle to handle the scriptures are right and to let our own lives be led by what we find what we find in Scripture and Psalm 1 says what separates the blessed person it says the light is in the law of the Lord I mean he really wants to get to the Bible and study it what did Jesus say about the Bible man shall not live by bread alone you know people try to prove Jesus wrong about that every day Jesus says you can’t live without it people say I’ll show you I can I don’t have to study my Bible we need the spirit of job in job 23:12 I desire the words of your mouth more than my necessary food you’re a leader you say I’m a preacher I’m an elder I’m a leader in the church I teach a Bible class our our own lives lay it by the scriptures as I survey the audience and sort of get a mean or average of the age range this next statistic may not mean much to you but there was one conducted where they found that 21 percent of the people they serve a play about six or seven hours of fortnight everyday maybe you don’t play for at night do you know about fortnight in another study they found that 50% of these folks that they survey play the game the video game fortnight for 21 hours a day somebody does I have a job huh yeah maybe fortnight’s not sure thing maybe it’s something else maybe a social media or maybe a sports or whatever it might be but the point is the devil doesn’t really care what tool he uses to Crouch out the Word of God or choke it out in our lives so that we don’t study it if we’re going to be God’s person if we’re going to be a leader our own lives need to be directed by the Scriptures I need to get the Word of God in my own heart first before I can try to teach this to others and this is far from just a rote memorization of the word or being able to say I can regurgitate information it means that my life is so transformed by the Word of God that is simply bubbles forth our lives led by the scriptures our own personal lives are we the individuals that are saying I want my life to be shaped by Scripture we need to ingest God’s Word that means we need to take it in sometimes the Bible describes the Word of God is milk and places like first Peter 2 and verse 2 Jeremiah 15:16 Jeremiah says his words were found and I did eat them and they were the rejoicing of my heart that is I need to take it in how are you doing with this Bible intake we’re at the beginning of a new year and some people have a they say I want to read through the Bible in a year well that’s great I don’t know the Bible doesn’t say you have to read it in a year but we need to find different ways to take the Scriptures in in our own lives whether that’s listening to it on audio whether that’s reading it you have it on tablets and phones the Word of God is so accessible today that it eludes us we can read it at any time and so we don’t read it at all I need to ingest the Word of God I need to digest the Word of God after I’ve read the Word of God I need to allow the troops to turn in my mind we talked about meditation and in the Old Testament this idea of meditating on the word is simply to mumble the words you’ve done this with songs you don’t really know the words you’ve heard part of the song and the next time it comes on you sort of start mumble in the words until you can really get a handle on it and get what’s being said I need to do this with the Word of God 2nd Timothy 2:15 study the old King James says or give every effort to show myself approved a workman that doesn’t need to be ashamed one that can rightly handle or rightly divide the word of truth not only do I need to ingest it and digest it I need to reflect the word of God in my life far from being perfect or sinless people that lead with Scripture first in our own lives we need to be people that take the admonition seriously that people are watching us James 3 and verse 1 is a verse that we should probably take a look at James 3 and verse 1 there’s an admonition for those that would lead or teach in Scripture and James cautions people not I mean we say we need leaders we have southern summit and different lecture ships and we tell people to come out of be leaders and James sort of cautions against that he says be not many masters or let not many of you be teachers knowing that we receive the greater condemnation we need to realize in our lives once we’ve taken in the Word of God we need to be those that reflected in the way that we live again I’m not talking about being blameless or I mean being perfect I just mean to say when we make mistakes we fess up the fact that we’ve spent so much time with God’s Word it should make a difference in our lives where the Pharisees good guys are bad I guess that’s a trick question right Matthew 23 Jesus says all things that the Pharisees tell you to do observe it and do it but don’t do after their works because they say and they don’t do they bind heavy burdens on men’s and that they can’t carry themselves I’m telling you they were good students of the Bible they just didn’t practice it and as those that would lead with Scripture in our own lives we need to make sure that we practice the things that we preach and that we teach others that we hold ourselves to the same standard what a shame to know Greek Hebrew Latin what Paul ate on his first missionary journey for breakfast and not be any better as people what if we of all people in the world that should be kind and gentle and peaceful and loving as those of us they get to spend the most time with God’s Word you say I study the Bible so many hours a day I exegete this passage I know all of these things does it make a difference in our lives how many people do we know that have walked away from the faith walked away from Christianity because somebody they looked up to let them down spiritually now you might respond to that and say well they had their faith in the wrong person surely if their faith was in Christ I would have never been the case and you might be right but you know Paul and his co-workers took this serious and first Thessalonians 2 and verse 10 Paul says among you Thessalonians we behaved ourselves wholly and justly and blameless we want it to be an example to you if we’re going to leave with Scripture we need to start with our own lives and be the type of people that say you know what the way that I behave is going to be influenced by the scriptures and I’m going to start with me first I’m going to read the Bible not simply because I have a sermon to prepare or a Bible class to teach or because I need to check off something on the list I love your law like the psalmist says and it’s gonna make a difference the first point leading with Scripture starts in our own lives number two leading with Scripture starts as we would lead our homes by Scripture now I know there are other lessons on this program that deal with this and I’m not going to hit on any of those things specifically but just in a general way we need to appreciate that our homes need to be a layout with Scripture look at Psalm 127 Psalm 127 I know that the inscriptions above these Psalms aren’t inspired but they are ancient and if they are correct or if they’re anyway accurate the one that’s above Psalm 127 is most informative because it says that it’s a song a song either about Solomon or to Solomon if anybody knew about the great things that could be in a person’s home if it was lettuce with Solomon I mean if anybody could reap the benefits of being raised in a home that was spirit led you think about Solomon and what David sent to him is David laid down and he told him in first Kings to you make sure that you keep the charge of the Lord your God and all of his commandments and walk in those ways Solomon would know what that was like but if anybody knew how horrible home could be and how destroyed a home could be that wasn’t led by Scripture surely it was also Solomon as Solomon turned away from God at the end of his life and was led away by his pagan wives if anybody knew the heartbreak that could be one’s own if he didn’t have his home let by scripture surely it was King Solomon and so he writes except the Lord builds the house they labor in vain that build it except the Lord keep the city the watchman waits but in vain is vain for you to rise up early and sit up late to eat the bread of Sorrows because God gives his beloved sleep low children are a heritage of the Lord the fruit of the womb his reward as arrows in the hand of a mighty man so are the children of the youth you see Solomon gets this if he is the writer of this Psalm that the home is where this all begins for us our homes need to be such as are led by Scripture that means in our homes the book of God is what we use to determine success is where we got our families by what God has said in his word and we realized what Solomon says in the beginning verse of this song unless the Lord builds the house we labor in vain what does that verse mean except to say we are not inherently wise enough to lead our homes without God’s help we’re not smart enough to figure out how this ought to work without God I remember what Jesus said in John 15:5 without me you can do nothing you believe that you believe that about your home about your family that you can’t figure this out without God and you need his help we can work really hard and we can have a lot of things financially and otherwise in place but are we really successful without God there’s one prophet one time and it says that they sold much and they brought in little Haggai chapter one they earn wages to put it into a bag with holes families can be that way we can work hard we can be involved in a lot of extracurricular things take a lot of vacations make a lot of memories I’m telling you Psalm 127 and verse 1 says we do all those things in vain without God except the Lord builds the house though we labor and work hard he says we do it in vain it’s vain for you to rise up early and sit up late a good indication of whether or not our homes are being lit by God might be what’s said in verse 2 he gives his beloved sleep how exhausted are we and I know this verse isn’t suggesting that we just be lazy and sit around and do nothing but just think about our homes if we’re pulled in every direction all the time and everybody’s exhausted and we never have time for inner tranquility and peace you see people that have their homes lamp by Scripture are those that go out yes they do their work they do their part but in the end they simply trust that the Lord is right the Lord will provide for them and they’re okay with that God gives his people and inner peace and interests that the individuals in that home they can all enjoy God gives his beloved sleep people that have their homes led by Scripture they can cast their cares on the Lord and they know though our society says it smite and grit and human ingenuity and wisdom that’s not true unless the Lord builds our house we labor in vain this has to be true for every member of the family the Bible has a lot to say about the individual roles and our family and just if each person doesn’t do their part there’s a heavy consequence that is laid beside that I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this but husbands and wives and children the Bible will say now this is your responsibility as a husband and if you don’t do it and then there’s a heavy consequence or it may say now as a wife this is your responsibility and if you don’t do this there’s a heavy consequence and the same things true with children let me show you what I mean look at first Peter chapter 3 this first one’s about husbands first Peter chapter 3 and verse 7 our homes need to be led by Scripture because if we fail to do it there’ll be a hefty consequence behind it verse 7 Peter says likewise husband’s dwell with them that is your wives according to knowledge giving honor to the wife as to the weaker vessel being heirs together of the grace of life now here’s the consequence he tells them honor them dwell them as the weaker vessel what if you don’t do that your prayers might be hindered man says I’m leading my house according to Scripture not treating his wife properly of all the things that may be hindering his prayers he never thinks about this one though Peter says here’s your responsibility and here’s the consequence what about a wife look at Titus chapter 2 Titus chapter 2 and we’ll start in about verse 3 Paul tells Titus the aged women likewise should be in behavior as becomes holiness not false accusers not given to much wine they should be teachers of good things that they may teach the young women to be sober to love their children to love their husbands to be discreet chaste keepers at home obedient to their husbands now that’s their responsibility what happens if they don’t follow through here’s the consequence the Word of God maybe blaspheme people will get the wrong idea about God based on the way we behave I’m telling you often in Scripture God says to the household this is your responsibility and if you don’t do it here’s the hefty consequence husbands your prayers will be hindered wives the Word of God will be blaspheme they’re spoken against and what about children look at Ephesians chapter 6 Ephesians chapter 6 and we’re familiar with this one in verse 1 children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with promise that it may be well with you and you may live long on there if you see the consequence again honor father mother do what’s right if you don’t there’s a sense in which and I’m not sure about what all this means in verse 3 but it’ll shorten your days our homes need to be such as I relate by scripture listen people that have homes led by Scripture Christians this doesn’t mean that the children aren’t involved in any extracurricular activities it doesn’t mean that the parents don’t have any hobbies or anything like that or that they’re not involved in the community at all on the contrary that’s ways that we can let our light shine we need to be if anybody needs to be involved at least in some way in the public square surely is those of us that wear the name of Christ is not to say that we withdrawn from the world and move out into monasteries but what these verses teach and what this point is attempting to emphasize is this those that have their homes led by Scripture they are those that seek first the kingdom of God in their homes there is no tug-of-war whether or not we’re going to go to the ball game or whether or not we’re gonna go to worship we’re not gonna miss the gospel meeting because we said well I’ve got to study for some tests and I can’t do it on any other night except Wednesday night those decisions are simply made in the spirit of Joshua 24:15 we say as our homes are led by Scripture you can choose whoever you want to serve but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord it is we take up the Deuteronomy 6 parenting manual and we say we’re gonna have our homes lit this way these words which I command you this day will be in your heart you’ll teach them diligently to your children you’ll talk of them when you walk by the way when you sit down when you lie down when you rise up there’ll be as frontlets between your eyes you’ll bind it as a sign on your hand we’re gonna fill our homes with the word of God when we make mistakes will fess up there’ll be places of warmth and love where people are accepted in our homes when mistakes are made parents and children say hey nobody’s perfect we make mistakes we want our homes let by scripture number three we need to have our personal lives led by Scripture we need to have our homes led by Scripture and number three we need to have our congregations led by Scripture now you might say these two things sort of go hand in hand we’ve already talked about this if our personal lives and if our families are led by Scripture surely this is true of the church but this point needs to be emphasized on its own sort of separate and apart as we sometimes say we need to make sure that we emphasize this today churches are sort of viewed as I guess religious community centers where we see who can have the biggest fireworks and cupcakes and who can you know people shop for churches that way they’ll say now what does this church have for my kids or what do you have for me and this sort of deal you know the New Testament church was never that way the New Testament church when you open up your Bible to the book of Acts what Luke reports for us is that the first century church was led by Scripture the church started with a gospel meeting you could say in Acts chapter 2 as Peter stands up with the eleven and they preach the word after those folks are baptized in Acts chapter 2 and verse 41 they continued steadfastly in what the Apostles doctrine fellowship breaking of bread and prayers the first century church was saturated with Scripture and acts 2 is hardly a separate occasion where this the only time this took place just go throughout the book of Acts and search for this phrase the Word of God what Luke is painting a picture of among the other things that Luke is trying to do for Theophilus is he is showing that no matter what the Jewish enemies of the first century church do no matter the persecution even when within a text chapter 5 with an alliance and his wife even when their problems from within there is nothing that is a match for the Word of God and so in Acts chapter 3 they preach the gospel after acts 2 and their numbers increase by the time you get to Acts chapter 4 in verse 4 the word of God goes out and there are 5000 Christians in act 6 the Apostles even tell the Christians in Jerusalem listen we can’t leave the Word of God and serve tables you have to find other men to head up this benevolent work because we’ve got to preach the word Paul spent 18 months and Corinth preaching the word in acts 18 11 and though men like Heron died in Acts chapter 12 verse 24 says the Word of God grew and it multiplied Paul told the elders at Ephesus in acts 20 and verse 32 the Word of God can sanctify you and build you up listen the first century church was one led by scripture if we seek to follow their footsteps as restoration is people that want to go back to the Bible lead people back to the Bible our congregations need to be the same way it takes them more for a church to be scriptural or the New Testament church than to just simply have a scriptural designation outside the building I know that the term Church of Christ is a scriptural one and I’m good with that Romans 16:16 but I’m telling you it takes them more to be of Christ than to simply have that sign outside the better how do you determine whether or not a group of people are of Christ it deals with this idea is the congregation are these individuals led by what you find in Scripture are they about that second Timothy 4 and verse 2 do they preach the word the man that stands up to deliver lessons in the Bible classes does any man speak he should speak as the Oracles of God we need to call our congregations back to this idea I teach Bible class on occasion and I like a good discussion in Bible class you know when there’s no discussion kind of like preaching sometimes it’s like getting a root canal you know you’re just sitting there watching the clock hoping to get through I like good discussion but our Bible classes should never be reduced to simply well what does this brother think about it and then after him well what do you think about it and then after that what does she think about it you know can God get a word and you know we can have a term and call it Bible class maybe you’ve been in these everything is discussed but the Bible we’re just having a good time I’m telling you that is not a congregation that is being led by Scripture what does the Bible say more than what brother so-and-so said in his commentary in the 1950s it is important what the Bible says we often say to other religious individuals never mind your religious leaders let’s get back to the scriptures we need to do the same and be honest sometimes what brother so-and-so said in this publication 50 years ago Trump’s what Paul and Peter and what Jesus said and we need to get into the mirror of Scripture and say are we really being led by the scriptures a congregation that’s led by Scripture is going to do a few things you’re gonna have a scriptural setup where you have qualified men you’re going to have elders deacons and all the saints Philippians 1 and verse 1 that’s what Paul had a congregation that is led by the scriptures there’s going to be a group of people that worship the right way in spirit and in truth and they won’t emphasize one more than the other that is though they may have the five elements or avenues of worship as we sometimes say these people are going to put their all into what they do for God because John 4 verse 24 says just because you do the right things if you don’t have the right attitude God will not accept that a congregation that is led by the Scriptures is one where the people will be led by the Scriptures out of their building and into the communities into their community where they can make a difference and they can do something with the truths of the lessons that they hear their lives are shaped and changed by what they hear congregations that are led by the scriptures are places where we do away with this sort of proxy Christianity where the preacher is the hired hand to do all of the work and he simply does everything for everybody you know congregations that are led by the scriptures they say now he’s going to dispense to us the Word of God but he can’t visit for me any more than he can sweep down the Lord’s Supper for me he can’t study the Bible for me you know why God gave churches elders and deacons and preachers so that we can be equipped to do the work look at Ephesians chapter 4 in verse 11 and notice what Paul says about this Ephesians 4 and verse 11 why do we have these offices as we sometimes say anyway and it is because Saints need to be equipped to do the work of the ministry not so that these individuals can do the ministry for the Saints in Ephesians 4 in verse 11 after speaking of the unity that we have he says Jesus left some things behind he gave some apostles some prophets some evangelists some pastors and teachers and sometimes people say this is pastors that teach why did he do that for the perfecting of the Saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ till we all come to the unity of the faith of the knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ the purpose is to bring our congregations to spiritual maturity how do I know if my congregation spiritually mature we live by the scriptures well the question would be in Reverse how many people are equipped for ministry how many people in a moment’s notice you say well we’ve got a spiritual congregation we’re led by the scriptures the preacher is sick who’s going to lead the Divo tonight do we have men that can do that you say well I’ve been a Christian 3040 years can you get up and just say can you give us a ten-minute lesson about something in the New Testament Paul says that’s why you have elders and pastors and teeth that’s why God put those things in place to equip the members to be able to do the work of ministry those are congregations led by the scriptures you know the sign outside may say this church belongs to Christ but if we’re not spiritually maturing then are we really belonging to them if we’re let by scripture our congregations there’ll be places that are known for their love john 13:34 through 35 Jesus says among other things that identify his people by this will all men know that you’re my disciples if you have love one toward another our congregation simply devoid of love we’re more concerned with what’s or who’s right than what’s right we don’t care about people if we’re going to be God’s church if we’re gonna be God’s people if we’re going to be led by Scripture we’re gonna do this the first century church did this and they changed the world they changed the world because they were really those that practice what they’re pre what they preached and then the last thing if we’re going to be led by Scripture will be led by Scripture and our communities and the people that we reach out to will speak the truth in love and will correct people lovingly Ephesians 4:15 Paul talks about this having conversations having dialogue with people about gospel realizing that people are different and yes we need to go out and preach the gospel to every creature but that means different things at least in context to different people there’s no one-size-fits-all formula where you just give them this book and they’re sure to convert if we’re led by Scripture we learn like Jesus how to deal with different people he didn’t address Nicodemus the same way he addressed a woman at the well he didn’t address the woman at the well the same way he dealt with the kids we learned to reach people right where they are Jude would describe it as snatching some people out of the fire and being gentle with others saving them with compassion we learned the wisdom that it takes to do that being led by the Scriptures is a place in which in our communities we’re known for what’s right we’re known for being good people and what’s being called a post-christian America this makes a big difference I know that people are antagonistic toward Christianity but the Bible still teaches that if we are the right kind of people God can make even our enemies to be at peace with those proverbs 16:7 sometimes we wears a badge of honor that everybody hates the Christians and that may be because their antagonist ik to God’s truth but it also may be because we brought it on ourselves by the way that we behave it didn’t last long but the first century Church in acts 2 and verse 47 praise God and had favor with who all the people I know shortly after that that was persecution but I just mean to say for a period of time they were accepted among the people as those that were benevolent as those that were kind and people said about those folks I want to be a part of something like that how do they do that all of those people get along if we’re Lampang scripture will have a similar impact in the places in which we dwell a few practical things and then we’ll quit this is what we should expect as people that are led by Scripture as God’s leaders if we’re going to be those that lead God’s people and are led by Scripture expect number one to be misunderstood you should just expect Jesus was misunderstood they said he has a demon they accused him of blasphemy on one occasion they called the Apostle Paul crazy expect to be misunderstood when we stand for truth when we love our enemies expect that everybody won’t appreciate that and expect simply to be misunderstood if you’re going to be a leader just go ahead and accept that already and say I’m gonna be led by what the Bible says and not by popular culture if we’re gonna be those individuals that are led by Scripture we should be humble it’s not really about us is it it’s not our show is God’s show we Fijians for in verse two with all lowliness and meekness and long-suffering we should be humble people people that say you know what my ego is crucified with Christ and it’s all about whatever will bring on his glory whatever will exalt Jesus Christ that’s what I want to do if we’re going to be those individuals that are led by Scripture as God’s leaders we need to be known for being loving people individuals that love first John 4 says how can we claim to love God who we haven’t seen if we won’t even love those individuals who we see all the time I know what the Forbes report says there’s a leadership crisis but we can we can change it we can make a difference if in our toolbox for leadership we don’t have a copy of God’s Word then we’re gonna be we’re gonna be in trouble as we try to lead I want to read you a quote from John Wesley and what he said about the Bible and I think this applies to our lesson about leadership as God’s people leading by the scriptures he says I’m a creature of day passing through the air a few moments hints and I’m no more seen I drop into an unchangeable eternity I want to know one thing the way to heaven how to land safe on that happy Shore God Himself is condescended to teach the way for this very end he came from heaven he’s written it down in a book Oh give me that book at any price give me the book of God I have it here is knowledge enough for me when the people of Israel came back from captivity a said of Ezra Ezra prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord and to do it and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments what a pattern for leadership what a pattern to model ourselves after as we would seek to lead with Scripture seek the law of the Lord that’s personal in our own lives to do it to be those individuals who practice what we preach and then to cover the world with it as we teach ever about us the law of God we can leave with Scripture God expects us to and we can make a difference thank you

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