The Best Quotes From Polishing the Pulpit 2019

“If you make your political decisions based on selfishness [such as a free cell phone or a tax break], you are not loving your neighbor.” -Matt Vega [Link]

“The way that God talks to us is by the Bible, the way we talk to Him is Prayer” – Glenn Colley [Link]

“We need to realize that God did not put us on this earth to be happy.” – Don Blackwell [Link]

“Do you live to convey the word through your words?” – Mike Vestal [Link]

“We need to love with an agenda: that they might be saved.” – Hiram Kemp [Link]

“While many would’ve known the name of the rich man, nobody would’ve known the name of Lazarus. Most wouldn’t have even known he was alive. But Jesus knew his name.” – Kirk Brothers [Link]

“At this moment, Jesus feels the pain of your temptations as He did His own.” – Dan Winkler [Link]

“Jesus ate with sinners. He didn’t sin with sinners.” – Hiram Kemp [Link]

“God is not asking you to make a sacrifice, he’s asking you to be a sacrifice!” – Wes Hazel [Link]

Great parenting advice: “[A child’s] experience at church and their experience at home should be seamless.” – Ed DeBerry [Link]

“When the Kingdom becomes the most important in our lives… we will save souls.” – Victor Eskew [Link]

“Jesus is at God’s side, but is on our side.” – Dan Winkler [Link]

“When a nation puts Christian principles first, the nation is blessed” – Kyle Gilpin [Link]

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