The Church of the Bible

Speaker: B.J. Clarke from the Memphis school of preaching.

B.J. Clarke earned a B.S. in Bible and an M.A. in New Testament text from Freed- Hardeman University. B. J. Clarke delivered his first sermon at age 9. Since then he has preached in numerous youth rallies, gospel meetings, and lectureships in 25 states. In 2006, he became a member of the faculty at the Memphis School of Preaching, where he is now serving as the director of the school under the oversight of the eldership at the Forest Hill Church of Christ.

“The Memphis School of Preaching”


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Sermon Notes

Notes on popular sermons delivered once a week.


11 Responses

  1. The God of the Bible did not start any Church, so what god has started yours? The name "Church" is a false translated name of blasphemy started first by the mother of all Churches the Catholic Church (REV.17:3b). God only Started His Ekklesia to keep His Saints united to overcome the gates of hell, which purpose of Ekklesia, is nothing like any church in the entire world. See this web site http://www.ekklesiabible.com .

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