The Order of Worship Controversy in the Church of Christ

Evangelist Ronny Wade’s sermon from the 2012 Mid-Missouri Bible Study in Columbia, Missouri. This sermon considers the controversy over Acts 2:42 and some of the history of this debate in the church of Christ.

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30 Responses

  1. I just left the so called Church of Christ. I have been a MEMBER for 60 years since birth. Only after bible study daily on my own without any ones opinion, have I now understood that the SO CALLED Church of Christ in America is nothing but a CULT. and, these people will shame you until you kill yourself if you go against them…..trust me!!!!…..do not allow them to do this to you. just read daily without any persons help and see what you find…it will not be this cult. thinkabout this one thing; everyone but them are going to go to hell ??? ask them, they are proud to tell you why they believe this. AGAIN; do not allow this cult to hurt you !!! Call me if you need help.2812322234

  2. ATTENTION: A generation of preachers between the Civil War and 1900 polluted a segment of the Christian Church and formed the churches of Christ. If you were hurt by these people, I challenge you to visit your local Christian Church or Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). They practice the same form of baptism and weekly communion without all of the legalistic games described in this video.

  3. I have been raised in the church of Christ and Ronnie is a friend of our family Ronnie we are praying for you in your hard times . I appreciate this for others in the Bible it says to use one loaf of unleavened bread and one cup of the fruit of the vine. The loaf is his body and the fruit of the vine is his blood. I hope people learn the truth from this great preaching.

  4. Much verbiage to prove not much.. A lot of assumed thinking about not much. Long wind usually notes no substance and a hard to prove idea. Worshiping God has little to do with his sermon.. It has more to do with being a Pharisee and their leaven, so sad.

  5. When I was a child at Christmas I never cared how my presents were wrapped. I’m sure God isn’t therefore concerned about how his worship is presented to him. This religion robs the life out of Christianity by nit picking.

  6. Did I just hear you wrong? The title led me to believe you were church of Christ…. ???? I grew up there and
    if you are, your statement that you don't believe in the second coming (can't sing songs…) is what you do
    believe, you are certainly NOT church of Christ I grew up in. People are getting the wrong view of C of C
    from posts like this. If your "sermon" was all I ever heard, I'd say "nope!" as well…. so sad! Guess all I can
    say is, I'll pray for you…. Disinformation abounds!!!!

  7. I knew not believe you just made that statement there dumper scriptures and I can't remember all of them but they all basically see the same thing that in the last day what will happen is what is described in Scripture is the destruction of Earth Jesus Will descend that means he's coming back and then he will collect everyone and we will go off to judgment that is the summary of what the scripture say for you to make a comment like that that proves that you don't know what you're talking about

  8. Throwing a big words and what you're saying and therein lies the problem speaking plain English we don't need three and four syllable words the King James and the problem with it is that was developed by the then intelligent literary of the time that understood more than the average populace and it was compiled at the request and the Order of King James with the intention of Great Britain breaking away from the Roman Catholic church and the King James within create his own church the church of England as we know today is the British Episcopal Church the Episcopalian and that was the foundation for the creation of this new denomination
    The problem is just that the compilers did not intend for anyone to be able to understand it hence they use a lot of three and four syllable words with the basically saying you'll never be able to understand it will tell you what it means and you just do what we say placing themselves above the scripture itself which is wrong
    The verse dressed in his righteousness is simply a metaphor we are have put on Christ that's basically what he is saying
    Nitpick at lyrics of the song that people have written is to be ultra-conservative and you got remember these lyrics poems Rhymes have you want to put them we're not available the first century most of these are 19th century songs dressed in his righteousness alone is not an affirmation or to try and prove a scripture itself that is absolutely ridiculous if you have a personal problem with that problem but for you to sit there and say that because you're going to have to prove that and there's no way for you to do that

  9. That comment is totally irrelevant. Have anything to do with the writing of Corinthians because it's clear that the letters to Corinth happened during Paul's Journeys when he was not at Corinth he had to complete the letters and send them off by messenger and then there were two letters at First Corinthians in the 14th chapter there's no way that Luke would have anything to do with that and he would have not even known of its existence until he went to a local work that had a copy of the letter to Corinth so how does it erroneous comment by someone that doesn't understand the scripture

  10. Somebody going to have a problem with and it needs to be understood is that you can planning of information by Luke to what he's writing acts had to go in interview the people that he did not have any contact with after Acts 2 when Peter and everybody went their own ways where the work would take them he would have to go back and interview and then compile that information and then finally finishing all of this information at the end of the book interviewing Paul much later in his life and a lot of terminology that is used the book is written through interview dictation Paul was describing the things that he went through where he taught what the Holy Spirit told him to do and where to go and Lucas the one putting pin the paper crude methodologies for writing in the first century it was parchment it was very time-consuming process to make parchment usually out of animal hide and Luke being educated as Paul was would know how to write

  11. Heard that one cup argument before and it involves a complete misunderstanding of the passage when the scripture says he took the cup it's simply referring to the Greek meaning vessel or container and then poured it into other containers and then gave it to the Apostle that's basically what it's talking about it remember this is probably wouldn't vessel kind of like a picture and then ported into wooden cups
    The technology for the modern communion trays is clearly of the twentieth century most of it knocked out of 10 would be a either a sterling silver or a nickel or a brass a metal tray that has holes in it for plastic cups to be put into and then the liquid is put into the plastic cups they're making emphasis are the words instead of the actions that are happening it's unintelligent

  12. There is something to point out that when Campbell is Stone all of their teachings and everything all they had to go on was the King James and it really wasn't until the 20th century when printing was you know across the board all over the country did we able to have all of us a copy of the scripture now over time the King James at its flaws have the translational inaccuracies have been well-documented

  13. The problem of the Assumption of Acts 2 in the end of it is not specifically talking about the worship service and matter fact you have to skip ahead a couple of chapters when Paul and Barnabas journey to antioc and then they identified the first Christians and when they were called that was in Antioch and Paul and Barnabas spent a great number of days a significant amount of time among that congregation working with them in the teachings that is described in the end of Acts 2

  14. Typical for anyone to believe when they study their own history that Martin Stoner Alexander Campbell even though they denounced a faith only Doctrine War ever truly Christians they may have preached the truth but they themselves were never Christians that I think is a big point that you have to make if you're going to bring that up

  15. Why no one has commented on the fact that we need to talk about 1st Corinthians 14 and the summary of the chapter that talks about basically the order of service is that one thing precedes each other in an order I will talking about the first century where the scripture had not been compiled into a uniform to book and translated into inscribed into a language that the entire planet can understand so obviously there's going to be some differences
    The issue of the church building really have to go back to the middle of the 20th century where the big real estate boom was happening and people were having worship for their homes and the zoning laws had changed and so did the building codes and for the fire code and most of the continental United States if your house is too small you cannot have a congregation in your home because of the fire dangers and what have you so the codes are created what they called is religious or church property that can be zoned for that purpose hence a church building
    And there are those out there but leave out the importance would have talks about 1st Corinthians 11 believe that they can have a fellowship hall or a cafeteria or something like that and have meals within the building itself and you need to reread 1st Corinthians 11 when it basically says Let each of you eat meals at your own home because when you come together to eat meals it is not to take the Lord's Supper the scriptures are clear

  16. are we really talking order of worship…how many songs…..geez !!maybe we could spend our time talking about things that actually matter….how about feeding the poor, taking care of the orphans.this guy is a waste of time

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