Were There Churches of Christ in the Middle Ages?

Does anyone have good evidence the Churches of Christ existed during the Middle Ages?

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7 Responses

  1. The Church of Christ may not have existed as you are thinking, but the church has existed since the day of Pentecost. The word translated church in the New Testament is εκκλησια – “called out”. In this time period the word was used for a group of people gathering for a religious purpose. The Christian’s purpose was gathering together to worship in spirit and truth according to John 4:24. There have been people who gather together and worship according to the spirit of worship set by God and the truth in His Word since Peter’s first public sermon in Acts 2. Yes we began calling it the Church of Christ in the 1800’s or whenever but the purpose is still the same. We strive to worship God according to the spirit of love that He demands of us and the truth contained in His word.

  2. >Does anyone have good evidence the Churches of Christ existed during the Middle Ages?

    I don’t.

    But… does it matter? A church today that claims to be the same organization that Jesus built, either is, or isn’t, based on whether they obey the teachings of Jesus. Not if they can trace their congregation-to-congregation lineage back to the 1st century.

    Just like Paul was an apostle, selected by Jesus directly, not by the other apostles, so too a church is Jesus’ church if they do and teach what he taught.

    If a whole ward of Mormons collectively rejected the teachings of Joseph Smith, embraced the New Testament as their authority and began obeying the teachings in it, then that would be a congregation of the church of Christ, even if they had never been taught by an existing member of the church of Christ.

  3. Nope. It didn’t exist as we know it – as a group trying to restore NT Christianity with autonomous congregations, five acts of worship, Lords supper every week, etc. some try to show some kind of lineage back but it is make-believe.

  4. Your “evaluation” lacks any reason or evidence. There are no references or citations to back it up and it doesn’t address the question of where the COC was during that time.

    The truth is that the COC didn’t exist until the 1800s as a split with Presbyterians and Baptists in the US. It further divided from there to create the Disciples of Christ, the Christian Church, and inspired/influenced Mormons (looking at Sidney Rigdon’s time as a preacher under Campbell before joining Joseph Smith).

    The COC isn’t the first century church.

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